ISFP -T Anime Characters (top 11)

The blog is going to first answer the main question of the blog, ‘ what anime characters have an ISFP- T personality type?’ in addition to that, the blog is going to further discuss the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of an ISFP-T personality type.

What anime characters have an ISFP-T personality type?

Here is a list of the famous anime characters that have an ISFP-T personality type.

  • Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto Shippuden
  • Haruka Nanase -Free
  • Ryuko Matoi – Kill la Kill
  • Thorfinn Karlsefni- Vinland Saga
  • Eren Yeager- Attack on the Titian
  • Asahi Azumane- Haikyuu
  • Ojiro Mashirao- My Hero Academia
  • Genya Shinazugawa- Demon Slayer
  • Simon- Gurren Lagann/ the Digger
  • Tatsumi- Akame Ga Kill
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Yajirobe
  • Oolong 
  • Ichigo 
  • Taiga Asaki- Taradora
  • Haru Katou
  • Kanato Sakamaki
  • Yashiro nene
  • Gundham tanaka
  • Tadori yuuji
  • Hyakuya yuichiro
  • Akira- Devilman Crybaby 
  • Blue- Wolf’s Rain
  • Chinatsu- – Yuri Yuri
  • Kallen Kozuki- Code Geass
  • Mirai Kuriyama- kyoukai no Kanata
  • Rin Okaamura- Blue Exorcist
  • Saya Otonashi- Blood+
  • Shina Mashiro – The Pet Girl of Sakuraso
  • Shirou Emiya – Fate Series
  • Yuu Sonoda – Sakura Trick
  • Moses – The Prince of Egypt
  • Groot – The Guardian of the Galaxy
  • Lego Batman -The Lego Movie
  • Violet Parr- The Incredibles
  • Clayface “Batman” The Animated Series

What does the T stand for in ISFP- T personality type?

ISFP-T personality type is one of the 16 personality types of MBTI and the T is also a function like the others and T indicates a Turbulent adventurer. 

It shows that an ISFP with T function, are individuals that are attracted to unique, new, and interesting things.

They are also quite inquisitive and explore their surroundings

The turbulent adventurer sometimes feels like they have no control over their feelings, they are indecisive and usually go through fluctuations of emotions.

What are the characteristics of an ISFP-T character?

They live in a sensual world rich in color. That’s why some of the ISFP-T introverts are usually referred to as “day-dreamers”

They also have strong values even though they do not try to push people to believe in their values or live according to their way of life

ISFP-T have a warm-hearted with a gentle soul, cheerful, nonjudgmental, quiet, and private, always taking care of the others

They also love to socialize with other people even though they frequently retreating into their private selves to take time and reflect

An ISFP-T loves to get themselves involved in somewhat, risky adventures or behaviors like gambling, extreme sports

They thrive in relationships and are very conscious of other people’s emotions through ISFP-T may sometimes withhold their opinions and feelings from their romantic partners 

ISFP-T are very impulsive when it comes to taking in criticisms. Even with this insensitivity, they usually do not want to hold grudges for long. They try as much to avoid conflicts and disagreements

Their biggest challenge is planning, ISFP-Ts usually have a hard time trying to understand what may happen in the future, so they tend to enjoy the present more

They love experimenting with new perspectives, ideas, and activities. ISFP-Ts are always inventing and reinventing

ISFP-Ts are vibrant and spontaneous. They are explorers but within their comfort zones.

ISFP-Ts are very emotional and usually prefer to deal with their own emotions and expressing them later in a rational way. They tend to use observable actions rather than emotional expressions.

They are very cautious of other people’s feelings and emotions, hence usually think before acting

They do not easily expose their feelings or vulnerabilities to strangers or even people they do not trust

ISFP-Ts are unpredictable and it is hard to tell what their next plan would be

They enjoy their autonomy and independence in traditions, social conventions, or rules 

ISFP-Ts can’t work effectively under pressure and may lose their creativity. They want to enjoy life while living in the moment. In times of stress, they may experience doubt about themselves and feelings of incompetence.

Since they are always using their imaginations with no stress involved, ISFP-Ts opt for careers like photographer, musicians, artists 

They can prove to be overly competitive which sometimes can be unnecessary

What are the strengths and weaknesses of an ISFP-T?


  • They are in tune with their environment
  • An ISFP-T are very aware of what’s going on around them
  • They are practical people and usually enjoy working on things that involve the use of hands
  • ISFP-T s are quite committed and loyal to their close friends and families
  • They also uphold their values and beliefs strongly
  • They are action-oriented and prefer concrete information with practical value.


  • They are reserved and quiet
  • They are people of few words who enjoy their personal space
  • They also usually get tired of socializing with large groups and crowds
  • They hate arguments and conflicts
  • They dislike abstract or theoretical information

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The blog has answered the main question of the blog, ‘what anime characters have an ISFP-T personality type?’ and to better understand the blog, the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of an ISFP-T have been discussed.

Frequently asked questions: what are the ISFP-t anime characters?

Is Eren an ISFP?

Yes, Eren Yeager is an ISFP anime character. On the show Attack on the Titians, he exhibits all the characteristics of an ISFP personality type, strong-willed, passionate, and impulsive. 

What does ISFP-T stand for?

ISFP- T is one of the MBTI’s 16 personality types and stands for introverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving, and turbulent personalities.

Are ISFPs manipulative?

No, but they can rather be persuasive. They are also secretive, and also fond of guilt-tripping others, giving silent treatments, and also playing the victims in a conflict

What attracts ISFPs?

ISFPs especially ISFP-Ts are attracted to adventurous and passionate people who are excited about their hobbies and enjoying life. This is because they are all about living in the present and trying out new adventures

Is an ISFP boring?

As much as dominant introverted, they love to seek fun and excitement in life and get bored without adventures

How common is ISFP- T?

About 5 to 10 percent of the population have ISFP personality type as per David Keirsey who is the creator of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.


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