Is Lucius Malfoy An ESFJ?

This article will delve into the question of whether or not Lucius Malfoy, one of the death eaters from the Harry Potter series, is an ESFJ. Furthermore, in light of his personality type, the article will highlight his dominant traits and strengths and weaknesses as well.

Is Lucius Malfoy An ESFJ?

Yes Lucius Malfoy is an ESFJ personality type that is also known as a ‘Consul’. People with this personality type believe in values and traditions, pay attention to detail and enjoy taking part in the community – good or bad.

Usually in life, Consuls are the popular ones that stand out in the crowd. They take up those positions that attract much attention and are considered ‘significant’ in the eyes of others. In the case of Lucius, he had a high rank in the ministry which he seemed to acknowledge considering he took much pleasure in telling Arthur Weasley he would see him at work – he considered him a subordinate and inferior there.

These personality types love and respect authority; they take much pleasure in being of service to someone. Also, they treat people based on their values and traditions rather than what the situation demands. Lucius followed this same ideology especially with mudbloods and being committed in his service to the Dark Lord.

Prior to examining Lucius’s personality in detail, this article will look at the background of the character and highlight the important aspects of the Myer Briggs personality test that people use to assign him a personality type.

What Is The Myer Briggs Type Indicator?

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI is a self report questionnaire that tests individuals in four domains of psychological functions that include extraversion, intuition, thinking and perceiving; the individual is either assigned these functions or their opposite depending on the responses he submits to each question assessing his interests.

Based on their test results, the person is assigned one of the 16 personality types that also include the ESFJ or ‘Consul’.

Now that we have understood the basic underlying principle of the Myer Briggs personality test, we can now examine the background of Lucius Malfoy.

Who Is Lucius Malfoy?

Lucius Malfoy is the father of the infamous Draco Malfoy who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alongside Harry and his friends. Not known initially but suspected, Lucius has turned over to the dark side and joined Voldemorts army; he is officially a death eater that has the dark mark.

Not only has he joined the dark side, but he plays a prominent role in the ranks because of his high position at the ministry and high status in the wizardry world. He is near Voldemort during most instances except when Snape is in the picture. Furthermore, Voldemort himself counts on Lucius very much.

Lucius believes in a world of wizards where only pure blood exists. He thinks very low of those who recognize or work with muggles or even supports them. He is materialistic in the sense that he values money, status and material goods in order to judge the worth of a person rather than their character.

Lucius – The ESFJ.

What are the dominant traits of Lucius Malfoy that cause him to fall into the category of an ESFJ? This section of the article will take a close look at a few of them!


This means they possess all the traits of someone who is outgoing, social and gregarious in nature – hence an extravert. These people like to be in the midst of an ongoing party or conversation; they are easily spottable because of how they keep things alive either by talking greatly or having a lot of fun with others. They feel complete in the presence of others either to serve their own purpose or just for the sake of fun.

Lucius is an extrovert in that he seems at peace when he interacts with others; he needs other people to make him feel important and served. He wants to judge his worthiness by comparing himself to other lower counterparts. Unfortunately, extraversion suits his ego where he considers himself better than others. 

At the same time, he considers himself to be part of a bigger community of the Dark Lord and to achieve his goals he is in need of other people whom he can talk to and work out better plans with.


Lucius can be described as a simple man who operates on what he sees and experiences. He is one who understands his surroundings based on his past and traditions rather than think creatively or in a different manner. He possesses a vision but that is related to his inner ego which has been shaped by the past; to live in a world where he is considered a superior and free of mudbloods. Hence, even his vision is a particle of the past values rather than something new and better.

Lucius can be described as someone who experiences the world based on their senses. Even in the movie, if he suspects something mischievous around him, it is not because of his gut feeling or because he knows it but because he actually senses something around or near him; his 5 senses are pretty accurate.


People who have a ‘Consul’ personality are feelers. They often miss the logic behind things and do not look at the facts rather they place more weight in traditions, values and where praise lies. Even though Hermione was indeed the brightest witch of her age, Lucius refuses to acknowledge the fact and considers her inferior due to her blood lineage and his loyalty to family tradition and values.

In terms of the Dark Lord, Lucius is blinded by the so-called status he achieves in Voldemort’s inner circle and hence does not realize what type of world he is propagating; one that could be a dangerous one for his family. Towards the end, he does realize this and scurries away as soon as Voldemort’s defeat becomes imminent. 


Apart from being in front of Voldemort, Lucius seems to be in control of things and when he is not it causes him to become panicked or angry. People with this personality type prefer schedules and routines over spontaneity. They want to have a plan for everything so that they feel in control and are not faced with any surprises they cannot handle!

Individuals like these are very decisive in that they are sure in what they want to pursue and take steps accordingly. They do not like uncertainty and try to keep it out of their lives.

The Strengths Of Mr. Malfoy.

Good Management Skills.

As these people prefer routines and fixed schedules, they naturally turn into great managers to keep uncertainty out of the picture and any unplanned surprises. They make sure their needs and the needs of their loved ones are well cared for. In the series, you can see how confident Draco is of his father tending to his needs or ‘seeing to’ when it comes to issues he faces. Everytime he faces a difficult or unpleasant issue, you hear the words, ‘ My father will see to this!’. 


Lucius is a dedicated man of service to the Dark Lord. He is not afraid of confronting anyone even if his allegiance becomes obvious. How he comes to Hogwarts to rid Dumbledore of his designation is apparent of how badly he wants to pave a path for Voldemort’s success. He is constantly working for the death eaters and his ‘master’. We do not recognize it, but he plays a big role creating issues for the trio. For example, he is the one who puts Tom Riddle’s diary into the Weasleys’ book bucket at Diagon Alley, despite knowing the consequences of such an action for the people who are exposed to such a dangerous tool.

Good At Making Connections.

Mr. Malfoy has his way of making connections. He is an extrovert thus has people skills and does not face any hurdles in striking up a conversation with anyone – a friend or an enemy. He is blunt and honest about his thoughts and feelings and very sly at trying to please others to gain a good reputation. How he bends himself greatly in front of Voldemort compared to how he talks to the Weasleys and Hermione shows he has the knack of knowing how to get what he wants and treats people in accordance.

Mr. Malfoy’s Weaknesses.

Yes! Despite their arrogant appearance, these individuals have weaknesses they can’t easily escape from. Here is a list of traits that pull ESFJs back:

  • Dislike change or innovation
  • Fear for their social image
  • Inflexible
  • Sensitive to criticism
  • Selfless
  • Needy (require reassurance for their efforts if unnoticed).

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The article looked at what personality type Lucius Malfoy has and highlighted the dominant traits, strengths and weaknesses of this type. The article also briefly looked at the character of Lucius Malfoy and what the Myer Briggs personality test is.

Frequently Asked Questions: Lucius Malfoy – An ESFJ?

What are Draco’s traits?

Draco’s traits include arrogance, selfishness, bullying, sensitive to criticism and sociable.

Has Lucius Malfoy killed anyone?

Lucius Malfoy has not killed anyone even though he is a death eater and in the high ranks of Voldemort’s social circle.

How would you describe Lucius Malfoy?

He is a wizard of pure blood origin strongly holding on to his traditions and values. He is pale, has blonde hair and is tall and belongs to an aristocratic family.


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