Introverted 8w7s (The Ultimate Guide)

This article will take a look at how the 8w7 would behave if it were introverted. Furthermore, the article will also introduce the 8w7 enneagram to the readers and also define what being introverted means. To make things clearer, the article will highlight traits this personality type would have if it were introverted.

Introverted 8w7s – How Are They Like?

The introverted version of the 8w7 would not be like the typical introvert because their focus is on the external world and thinking in a manner that is practical and can be tested. Hence, they will have traits that are reflective of introverts but at the same time hold traits that may lean towards ensuring practicality.

It would be immature to say that the 8w7 is sociable because of their desire to maintain social relations. They are not driven by the sole motivation to connect with others. However, it is their desire to be practical and achieve realistic goals that pushes them to be extroverts. Hence, when they take up a more introverted form, they will remain comfortable because they are still working towards their goals but they will to an extent withdraw from their surroundings and dive deeper into their work.

Here are some traits this enneagram would have if they were introverted:

  • Technical In Nature
  • Better Planners
  • Very Passionate
  • Good People Skills
  • A Dark Energy

Before we look at these traits in detail, let us take a look at the 8w7 enneagram and what it means to be an introvert.

8w7 Enneagrams – Nonconformists

The 8w7 enneagram type shares most of its traits with the 8 type enneagram but also has some traits from the wing 7 too. This enneagram is generally comfortable with conflicts that they may face and this is because they are confident, independent and quite ambitious! They persevere in their path and do not let others get in the way. Furthermore, they may be quiet but when the time comes they will speak up and defend their own stance or those of others. 

Although they wander much around in their mind, these enneagram types are also great at handling people and taking practical steps. They make the right decisions and prefer to do so on their own without much interference. Apart from thinking clearly and logically, they are creative and like to test innovative ideas! They go the extra mile when it comes to establishing goals or milestones that they want to achieve. They are big dreamers and quite idealistic in their vision. They want to create a world or society where people can go big or go home. They want to help others achieve their own dreams by ensuring no one creates hurdles for them.

This enneagram type, however, is afraid of losing their own autonomy and maybe this is why they are so independent because they want to assure themselves that they can handle most matters on their own. At the same time, these individuals also struggle when it comes to being emotionally honest or vulnerable. They will try to ignore their own emotions or what they feel because they are either too afraid of facing them or just want to focus on what is going on in the external world. They won’t even let anyone too close as they do not want to become emotionally or mentally vulnerable.

This enneagram type has however developed great people skills and can become effective and inspirational leaders. They are open when it comes to sharing their thoughts and opinions about certain matters with others – they do not care about what others will think. They are comfortable creating connections with others and can easily do so.

However, this enneagram does have some weaknesses. They will have difficulty in following instructions from authority figures and they are impatient at times. They may overindulge in themselves or their work and may become insensitive to the feelings of others. 

The Basic Fear – 8w7s

This enneagram type fears being controlled and manipulated by others. They are scared they will become helpless or weak to the extent that others will tell them what to do and how to do it – something which is against their wishes or desires. They want to be able to control how they do things. Hence, this is why they prefer to work alone despite having great people skills and will remain independent and somewhat distant too. They do not like authority because it triggers the fears in their subconscious mind of being controlled in one way or the other.

What Non-Conformists Desire

The Non-conformist desires to remain in control of their own life. They realize that this can only be achieved if they work hard and become independent. This desire is so strong and deep that they desire it for others too hence they are oftentimes advocates for others too. They want to be able to be free and not under the influence of others.

To achieve this, they defy whatever vulnerability they may have within themselves either emotionally or mentally. They stay distant from others when they can and ignore any feelings that arise in them. This helps them stay focused on their goals and not fall into the traps set by other people.

Introverts – Who Are They?

People are introverts in that they find peace and satisfaction in their thoughts and solitude. They prefer to spend most of their time alone, engaging in their thoughts, reflections and ideas in order to come up with productive ideas or understand their surroundings. They focus on their thoughts and hence can turn out to be individuals who are creative, logical or even innovative depending on the other elements of their personality.

People who are introverts possess the dominant function of introversion which means that they as introverts are more focused on their inner world rather than the outer one. They will expend more time and effort to understand it through thinking, reflecting, imagining and other mental processes . They hence engage in behaviours that allow them to focus on their inner world of thoughts; they are seen as quiet, focused and in the state of ‘reflecting’.

Introverts prefer solitude because this helps them focus on what they love doing. Also, for most introverts, it is just too much of the effort to intermingle and interact with others. Sometimes it is awkward for them or causes them too much anxiety. At other times, it may be because they have to make much effort to focus on what to say or when to say as they take in too much information and find it difficult on how to filter it out. Nonetheless, they prefer spending more time alone rather than with people.

Introverted 8w7s – How Are They Like?

In this section, we will take a look at the traits that the 8w7 enneagram would exhibit more frequently if they were introverted in nature!

Technical In Nature

The 8w7 would be way more technical in nature if they were introverted! Now that they are more focused on spending time inside and thinking over things thoroughly to get the job done well, they will be able to focus on and understand the intricacies that are relevant to the task at hand.

This is because they are more focused on the task rather than applying it practically to the external world. Imagine yourself spending hours on a presentation which turns out to be awesome but you have not practiced it at all from the point of view of presenting it to the audience and you realize it is too long! So although you may have made a really good presentation that covers everything in detail and you know the in and out of it, you realize you are prepared for the back end work not the front end!

Better Planners

Now that these 8w7s have more time to themselves and better focus because of stronger mental processes and lesser distractions, they can come up with great plans that are well thought out. Yes, there will be some loopholes that will be discovered when they actually apply them, but the theoretical work will be up to the mark!

Very Passionate

Introverts may seem quiet and not bothered about anything at all but they are actually very passionate especially when they are an 8w7 that just wants to get out there and do some magic!

They will work hard on whatever task they have taken up and hence ensure they give it their all!

Good People Skills

8w7s realize they need to interact with others to achieve their goals and push forward in this tough, competitive world – hence, they have developed great people skills which they use to gather and disseminate the information they deal with!

Not that they love to interact with others, but they know it is necessary and they value the interactions that they have because of the knowledge and ideas exchanged and the time the other person gives them. It is indeed a gentleman’s exchange.

A Dark Energy

Like an evil villain who wants to take over the world, the 8w7 has somewhat of a dark energy in them that pushes them to achieve what they desire no matter what. They are not only skilled at getting what they want but they realize they will push the limits and grab what it is they desire. This form of the 8w7 enneagram is indeed interesting and mysterious!


This article took a look at the introverted form of the 8w7 enneagram and described what traits it would possess. Also, the article introduced the 8w7 enneagram and its fears and desires. Furthermore, light was shone on introverts and their major characteristics.


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