INTP VS INTJ Humor? (3 differences)

This blog will answer the question, “What are the differences in humor between the INTP and INTJ personalities?. It will define both personalities, and compare their humor.

What are the differences in humor between the INTP and INTJ personalities?

 The following are key areas of difference between INTJ and INTP are:

  • INTJ and INTP  sense of humor
  • Making fun of an INTP and INTJ
  • INTP and INTJ morbid humor

INTJ and INTP sense of humor 

INTJs have a sarcastic sense of humor. Sarcasm is just natural for the INTJ and is something that can certainly be used to be funny or to entertain. 

Sarcasm can be both humorous and a form of self-expression for the INTJ. 

Their jokes can sometimes be so boring that people do not even realize when they are cracking jokes. 

They do this on purpose because they want only the people who are smart enough to catch on. It is a way to gauge who can keep up with them. People who cannot seem to follow their jokes can be rather draining and annoying for INTJ.

They are naturally witty people, and they enjoy being around people who can keep up with this and who appreciate this side of them. They are usually always so serious but INTJs can appreciate a good sense of humor. 

In contrast, INTPs have a cruel and/or controversial sense of humor. 

Their jokes can be outrightly offensive, making fun of the truly depressing things in life such as death or poverty. 

INTPs find it thrilling to push boundaries and get a reaction of shock and offense from people. The whole idea is to make light of a serious situation. This is also a way for the INTP to cope with stressful situations by making them less threatening.

Making fun of an INTJ and INTP.

INTJs assess jokes from a logical point of view, often ignoring the emotional response which can help them to find a joke funny. 

When someone is trying to make fun of an INTJ they don’t take offense. For the INTJ it seems a bit foolish to get emotional over something which is supposed to be a joke. 

On the other hand, INTPs make fun of themselves by putting themselves down to make others laugh. It can be frustrating when some people don’t understand that they are just joking and do not mean it. 

The INTP appreciates this type of humor because it allows them to not take themselves too seriously. It is a time for the INTP to play.

INTP and INTJ morbid humor.

The things that people are normally very sober and solemn about are what the INTJ is objective about it. They aren’t afraid of crossing certain lines, whereas some people see them as cruel individuals who lack empathy.

It isn’t because INTJs are cruel they simply can’t see those situations as anything other than a joke. They can sometimes struggle around certain personality types, especially ones that are more sensitive to these things

INTPs find themselves very much engrossed in gloomy types of jokes. INTPs don’t do this to be hurtful or upset people, they just do it because they find it funny. 

They enjoy humor which pushes certain limits, as it keeps them guessing and entertained.

What does INTP and INTJ mean?


The INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) is one of the 16 personality types on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The INTP enjoys being alone (Introverted) and is prone to believe information even when there is no evidence (Intuitive). 

Additionally, the INTP makes decisions after critical analysis and logical reasoning (Thinking). The INTP is flexible and adaptable rather than planned and organized (Perceiving).

Below are some characteristics of an INTP

●    They are complicated.

●    They are vague.

●    They are very detail-oriented.

●    People have a difficult time understanding them or their needs.

●    INTPs value their privacy.

●    Do not like to attract any unnecessary attention.

●    Their introverted nature compels them to avoid crowds and people.

●    INTPs do not do well in mundane and repetitive tasks but thrive in constantly changing environments.

●    They are autonomous.

●    Do not like to be micro-managed.

●    They struggle with expressing their emotions.

●    INTPs live inside their minds which are full of imagination and excitement.

●    They lack the necessary motivation to form and maintain relationships.

●    INTPs are not sensitive to other peoples’ emotional feelings and needs.

●    They are secretive.

●    They tend are very faithful.


The acronym INTJ stands for Introversion (I), Intuitive (N), Thinking (T), and Judging (J). INTJ is one of the 16 personalities on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 

INTJs are also known as Architects who are rational and are devoted to learning and obtaining new information basing their conclusions on research and analysis. INTJs act independently and are very creative. They are determined, ambitious, and goal-oriented. INTJs are very curious and are not afraid to take on challenges and unknown things.

The following are the characteristics of an INTJ:

  • INTJs are dominantly introverted, thus most of them have more fun/ enjoyment in places with fewer people.
  • They dislike teamwork, prefer to work on projects alone, especially project they are passionate about.
  • They focus on theories over concrete details. Thus they tend to be very philosophical
  • They are logical and objective. They enjoy engaging in more rational thought and subjectivity is not their best trait.
  • They are not emotional, they do not exhibit their emotions frequently.
  • They are planners. Details are important to them. Therefore they plan everything to the latter.
  • They usually have high expectations. This makes them take on difficult tasks that have the potency power of yielding high rewards.
  • They are good listeners. They exhibit great effective listening skills
  • They are open to constructive criticism. As they are a constant work in progress always, self-critical and working to better their weaknesses.
  • They are very self-confident. Hence often are unafraid to speak and always share information with others.
  • They are hard-working. They exhibit a great work ethic.
  • They are not social. They usually keep to themselves.
  • They are explorative of knowledge. Constantly acquiring knowledge is something they love to do.
  • They are creative. 
  • They are self-motivated, self-driven, and intrinsically motivated.
  • INTJs dislike rules and traditions. They like to challenge the status quo. 


This blog answered the question, “What are the differences in humor between the INTP and INTJ personalities?. It defined both personalities and compared their humor.

The following are key areas of difference between INTJ and INTP are:

  • INTJ and INTP  sense of humor
  • Making fun of an INTP and INTJ
  • INTP and INTJ morbid humor

Frequently Asked Questions: What are the differences in humor between the INTP and INTJ personalities?

Can I be both INTJ and INTP?

No, you cannot be two different personalities at the same time. Though the INTJ and INTP are very similar they are not the same.

Is Elon Musk INTP or Intj?

Elon Musk is an INTJ.

Is Michelle Obama an INTJ?

Yes, Michelle Obama is an INTJ who is confident, analytical, and ambitious. 

Are INTJs emotionless?

No, INTJs are not emotionless. They have trouble processing them but they are not void of emotion.

Why are INTP so weird?

INTPs are considered to be weird because they have trouble fitting in easily with other people and they are a rare personality type.

Can INTJs be lazy?

Yes, INTJs can also be lazy and slack off sometimes. 


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