INTP Spirit Animal (A 7 Point Guide)

In this article, we will look at the spirit animal of INTP personality type. This article will reveal the INTP spirit animal and also discuss their shared characteristics.

What is the spirit animal of INTP Myers Briggs personality type? 

Your spirit animal is the wise owl!

INTP, The Logician (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting) is a person who possesses the Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting personality characteristics. 

The INTP are also known to be among the lesser common personality types and they are known for being enthusiastic, imaginative, unconventional thinkers, and they approach everything that they do with open mindedness. 

The INTPs are also known as Logicians and for good reason! INTPs make up about 5% of the total population.

You can’t come up with an animal that matches the INTP personality type better than the Owl, who is known as a wise and solitary or introverted animal. Let’s further explore what makes the two alike.

Common Traits of the Owl and INTP personality type:

  • Wise
  • Solitary
  • Rebels
  • Thoughtful
  • Curious
  • Non-materialistic
  • Introspective


“A wise old owl sat in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he heard. Why can’t we be like that wise old bird?”

-Edward Hersey Richards

You must have heard the phrase ‘as wise as an owl’ thrown around very often during conversations to describe a person who is intelligent. This is just the kind of wisdom that INTPs possess.

Well before Greeks gave their pantheon human forms, the owl was an emblem for Athena, the goddess of wisdom. An owl sat on Athena’s blind side, for her to be able to see the whole reality. The owl had been a symbol of greater wisdom in Ancient Greece.

Intelligence is often linked to the INTP personality type. The INTP can be described as intelligent in a variety of ways, with one of the most obvious being their ability to recall a large number of facts and information.

INTPs are frequently regarded as inherently intelligent individuals, which is largely thanks to the type of intelligence they often exhibit. 


Owls are mostly solitary creatures. They are phenomenally evolved predators. Owls are solitary animals who prefer to be alone. The name for the group of owls is assembly, even though they do not exist in groups. They are territorial animals that use hooting to signal their presence and claim their territory.

Much like their spirit animal, the owl, INTPs are reserved, silent, and reflective. They prefer to interact with a limited close circle of friends with whom they share mutual interests because they are true blue introverts. They like discussing scientific concepts and place a value on intellect over emotion.

Owls are animals who get stressed out when stroked because they are used to their solitary lives. INTPs are similarly solitary people who do not like being ‘stroked’ or interacted with too much. 

Their alone time is vital for their sanity. However, in cases where they do not get enough alone time, they tend to get stressed out just like their spirit animal, the solitary owl.


Who said being a rebel is bad?

When it comes to INTPs they prove that being a rebel with a cause may be necessary at times, when most people fail to see past the illusions of society INTPs are the ones to call out the social order and help make changes with their unconventional thinking patterns.

“The owl is nocturnal with keen senses of sight and sound. It sees through the shadows of the night and hears the sounds in the silence; the illusion of the darkness. This teaches us to see past our own illusions and trust our intuition and perceptive senses.”


The owl is a wild animal and will not be tamed. INTPs similarly do not like conforming and choose to carve their own path which is why they often get labelled as rebels. INTPs are the ones who are not afraid of seeing the darkness in the society that we live in. In fact they desire to overcome rules which hinder progress and harm us in many ways.

“No owl is afraid of the night, no snake of the swamp and no traitor of the treason.”

-Mehmet Murat ildan


INTPs are thinker types and they rely very much on their thinking function. They prefer to use their logic instead of being driven by emotions. 

INTPs are thoughtful people who like to solve problems by themselves rather than in groups or teams. The INTP personality type, like all perceivers, has a low tolerance for vain social practises and formalities.

“In their previous lives, poets were bats, and thinkers were owls.”

― Michael Bassey Johnson


“The owl,” he was saying, “is one of the most curious creatures. A bird that stays awake when the rest of the world sleeps. They can see in the dark. I find that so interesting, to be mired in reality when the rest of the world is dreaming. What does he see and what does he know that the rest of the world is missing?”

― M.J. Rose

Wide eyed owls are known to be curious creatures. Even though they prefer not to directly engage or interact with others, they do have a curiosity to learn more about others. 

Owls are curious birds, and mimicking their sounds or squeaking on the back of your hand at night can draw them to come closer for a deeper inspection.

INTPs have an insatiable appetite to learn about the world around them, and they are continually immersed in latest knowledge and cutting edge research that most individuals are entirely ignorant of.

INTPs are instinctively inquisitive individuals who enjoy learning about whatever they can. They love experimenting with new things and despise being restricted from doing so. 


INTPs are not materialistic individuals and place a high emphasis on their beliefs and values. INTPs are non-materialistic by default. INTPs want to be able to access information and hate being limited.

Minimalism is something which appeals to the INTP personality type. Since INTPs are thinking types, they tend to spend most of their time in their heads, which means that outwardly possessions hold lesser value for them, as compared to their rich inner lives.

INTPs tend to focus less on material objects, and more on thoughts, ideas, concepts and knowledge which are of far greater importance to them.


Sometimes, when you look at an owl in their habitat, you might catch them in a meditative state with their eyes closed. This state makes them seem almost introspective. 

INTPs are introspective individuals, so their self awareness may be a convenient tool for them to better understand themselves. They don’t want to see themselves in the wrong light, so they spend a lot of time contemplating their own feelings and actions.

“Owl,” said Rabbit shortly, “you and I have brains. The others have fluff. If there is any thinking to be done in this Forest–and when I say thinking I mean thinking–you and I must do it.”

― A.A. Milne


In this article we explored the spirit animal of the INTP Myers Briggs personality type and their shared characteristics. If you have any questions or views on this topic please feel free to reach out to us!

Frequently Asked Questions: INTP Spirit Animal: The Owl

Is INTP a rare personality type?

INTP is among the lesser common personality types, especially among women. INTP is the fourth most rare personality type among women (after INTJ, ENTJ, and INFJ).

Why are INTPs lazy?

INTPs are often more likely to respond adversely to stress (cortisol), requiring them to sleep more than other personality types. Since they spend far too much time thinking and very little time doing, they come off as lazy.

Are INTP attractive?

INTPs are definitely not unattractive; in truth, they can be very desirable in the right situations and to the right people.

Are INTPs boring?

You will never come across an INTP who is bored by themselves, but they are frequently bored by others. INTPs normally have plenty of subjects in which they are extremely well versed.

Are INTPs rude?

INTPs aren’t purposely rude; they seem distant and unapproachable because they’re so focused on logic, reality, and rationality, but they’re really among the most sociable of all the introverts, except when they need their time alone to recuperate.

What do INTP hate?

When people seem to believe irrational ideas
Having to deal with a large number of details
Being forced to talk about their feelings when they are not prepared
Having to make a decision without considering all of their options
Not getting to spend enough time alone.

Why are INTP so weird?

INTPs are also an unusual personality type, which makes it more difficult for them to be understood. Almost all of the time, they fail to properly communicate with others in the ways that they wish, and as a result, some can view them as weird or misunderstand what makes them so unique.

Why is INTP ignoring me?

INTPs may also prefer to avoid dispute and hate the thought of getting into a real confrontation with someone with whom they share a close emotional bond. If someone refuses to let go and is only going to make things worse, the INTP will decide to ghost them in order to peacefully end the relationship.


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