5 Amazing INTP Secrets (for a Happy Relationship)

In this brief guide, we will look at some secrets about the INTP personality and other related concepts.

INTP Secrets You Should Know

It is no secret that INTPs can be very intellectual and thinking focused and they are almost constantly sorting data into the specific categories in their mind, so they may lok at it later aand analyze it to extract the best possible meaning.

The INTP may have different blueprints in their mind for how things work and they may activate that blueprint every time they come across something that briefly meets that description, which allows them to process a lot of data just by their basic details.

Another amazing secret about an INTP is that nothing is gray with these people, and they can be quite binary or black and white in nature, and when you are with an INTP, you mgith find that tey may take rather extreme positions on basically everything no matter what it is.

However, they categorize and put this data away because they like to be able to reach it easily in any way, and this way of internalizing it is good for them.

When it comes to people though, the INTP is not quick to judge and there is no secret INTP personality when it comes to their interpersonal relationships.

The INTP secret to success is that they are able to use their intuition function to the absolute fullest and they can take in random facts and data from their environment, and consolidate all of it into actual pieces of information that can be actionable when it needs to be.

The INTP intuition process is no secret either, for instance, Dario Nardi, a Neuroscientist, has researched this process, and says, “For most people, hearing the words “dog” and “cat” will evoke auditory regions like T3…Perhaps we recall a beloved childhood pet. However, the Ne types get busy using all regions to tap relationships across situations, perhaps suddenly imagining a story about two brothers, one of whom is faithful and sociable (like a dog) while the other is independent and quiet (like a cat). They might wonder about dog and cat writing styles too!”

One might see the secret INTP functioning clarified in some way through this description, as it gives us a sense of how personality types are not just based in theory, different concepts have a different basis, and brains function differently for cognitive functions of different personality types.

5 Secrets INTP for a Successful Relationship

Here are 5 of the best INTP secrets to make your relationship great and make the experience of dating an INTP extra special.

INTP Secret 1: Be Honest

The biggest INTP secret that will serve you from the beginning of your relationship and for years afterwards is that they are very intuitive about when they are being lied to, so be honest with them, else their trust issues will take over and they will leave.

This honesty involves criticism about them too, and if they are being too distant or too cold, or you feel neglected, be honest about it because keeping it secret will not help you or them in the long run and both of you will just end up upset.

INTP Secret 2: Be Physically Affectionate

The INTP keeps this a big secret but they love physical affection like kisses and hugs and will love being surprised with them from time to time.

The INTP personality may be an introvert and keep to themselves and so on, but they are actually big softies and they like being shown affection and love in a physical way, and it also leads to pheromones which is always a good thing.

INTP Secret 3: Keep Things Interesting

A big INTP secret to keeping aa relationship alive and well is that you need to make sure you stimulate their mind in some way, leaving things hanging is not the way to go with someone who has intuitive and thinking functions.

In the typical INTP, stagnancy leave them running in the opposite direction because they like to experience and crave novelty.

They are quick to the bore and when they feel that way in a relationship it can make for some hasty exists that no one wants, obviously.

INTP Secret 4: Give them Space

This one is not such a huge secret, INTP is an introvert and as such may need time every once in a while where they want to kick back without anyone, and just be alone with their thoughts.

Of course, if you are more people-oriented and your idea of a relationship is being together more often, you may want could sit together and try to figure out some sort of compromise, and you may even try taking quizzes like the ones here, and see how you might find the best possible way for you both to be happy.

INTP Secret 5: Understand them

The typical INTP will want you to know this secret because they feel misunderstood a lot of times, and as a result, they also often feel isolated and cut off from the world.

Sometimes the INTP has a tendency to lash out or when their frustration comes out in a way that it seems like it may have been building for a while, they may actually be stressed out or even depressed, and the only way to really know what is up to just get used to looking for signs of general stress so they don’t let it build up and come out in bad ways.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

INTP dark side

Every personality has a dark or unhealthy side, and INTP is no different; the INTP dark side is characterized by a tendency to be detached and not feel emotions properly, or simply be too calculated in their interpersonal interactions, not caring about how it may affect the other person.

The dark side of the INTP is usually driven by their thinking function, which essentially makes them more focused on the logical and practical aspects of t

The introverted thinking is the dominant function in the INTP function stack and it may be responsible for the INTP tendency to somewhat overlook emotions in the more dark side type INTPs.

To understand how this function works, the neuroscientist mentioned previously who has done extensive research on brain and personality types, Dario Nardi, elaborates, and he says that the introverted thinking works in two main ways:

  • “Deduction – Linearly deriving solutions using verbal/symbolic reasoning. For example, if A=B, and B=C, then A=C. Using this region is like moving along the branches of a tree.
  • Categorizing – Categorizing and defining concepts in a holistic way using a “best-fit” process. For example, it helps us determine whether a dolphin better fits in the mammal or fish category as it sorts many categories simultaneously.”

This shows that they deduce things based on their intuition as first, which does not necessarily involve feelings, and they may just pick up cues from the environment and process it, and then they categorize it in ways that will help them figure out what they may do about that situation.

The problem with the INTPs dark side may be that they may focus far too much on this already mechanical process and their lower functions of sensing and feeling may not be developed at all.

Sometimes the dark side type INTPs may also be rude or condescending during conversations when the topic does not interest them enough because they have not collected any knowledge about how that might make someone else feel.

Sure, if they are engaged in something they know about or want to know about, they will be all ears, but the minute they are not, they may lose interest and be extremely obvious about it too.

In addition, the dark side of INTP may also be riddled with messy ideas about complex topics that may seem convoluted or messy to even them, after a certain point.

Things INTPs Say

To understand an INTP, it is important to look at some things INTPs say because that is usually the best way to get to know someone.

Reddit has some interesting conversations with people of certain personality types, and there one may find a variety of things INTPs say about everything related to dealing with their environment and people around them.

The first amazing thing an INTP has done on one of these forums is that they have compared the INTP thinking process to another introverted personality type, which is INFJ, and they have done so and tried to explain how an INTP might say things versus how an INFJ might say things.

“I was reading an article comparing INTP to INFJ (which is my type) and it said something I found interesting and also highlighted a possible reason for one of my good INTP friends and I to experience miscommunication frequently.

When an INFJ says “I think” they are usually explaining the importance of things they observed through their Introverted Intuition. Basically, this is what I’ve observed and this is what I think it means, there is some uncertainty to their assertion.

When an INTP says “I think” they’re asserting what they believe to be fact.

When an INFJ says “I feel” they’re asserting what they believe to be the truth based on looking at an event through their Introverted Intuition, that’s then filtered through their Extroverted Feeling, and then solidified by their third function, Introverted Thinking. To them, whether it’s obvious to others or not, it’s a fact.

When an INTP says “I feel” (one its a rare occurrence) but regardless, it’s not something they’re sure of.

Now that I know this, I’ve adjusted my choice of words when talking to my INTP friend, saying I think when I’m asserting what I believe to be the truth, especially if it’s a personal/person related issue so that we can rationally debate the emotions at hand instead of me being dismissed for what “I feel”.

Some other things INTPs say often are:

“What is your interpretation of___?”

“Well yes, but not necessarily…”

“It’s not an excuse: just an explanation”



“This is going to sound unethical but just hear me out…”

“Alright, I need a human check here…”

“That doesn’t make sense..” “Logically,…”

“On the other hand, you could also say that…”


In this brief guide, we looked at some secrets about the INTP personality and other related concepts. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): INTP Secrets

Why are INTPs so weird?

INTPs may seem so weird because their inner minds are filled with incredible imagination, creative thoughts and rich cognitive processes, and this may make them appear weird to the outside world.

INTP is often misunderstood, and sometimes they may feel like the only person who may understand them is an INTP.

What do INTP hate?

Here are some things the INTP hates:
People being illogical or believing in illogical things
Being forced to deal with small details instead of the big picture.

Being pressured to talk about their emotions when they don’t feel like it.
Being rushed into making a decision.

Are INTPs quirky?

Yes, INTPs can be very quirky because they tend to be intuition driven and can therefore think on their feet rather well.

People like INTPs can be very quick decision-makers and they may be able to talk very well about things they know about, and their intuitive and thinking tendencies may make them sound intelligent and quirky.





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