INTP Male and INFJ Female (A comprehensive guide)

The blog is about INTP male and INFJ females. Its comparative guide on INTP Male and INFJ female for a better understanding of both personalities.

What are the characteristics of an INTP male and an INFJ female?


  • limited by structure
  • Think big in all situations
  • More flexible and reliable
  • Quit, reserved and thoughtful
  • Enjoy solitude
  • Love familiar environments

INFP Female

  • Base decisions on subjectivity
  • Are introverts
  • Take relationships seriously
  • Are altruistic 
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Respect beliefs and values
  • Idealistic creative and artistic

INTP male:

  • INTP males like to keep their options open and feel limited by structure and organization
  • INTP males are optimistic and think about the big rather than the tiny details of every situation
  • They are flexible and reliable. When caught in a situation where they must get ideas, they try and think ‘outside the box’
  • INTP male are logical and objective in making decisions, they do not rely on subjective feelings
  • INTP males are quiet, reserved, and thoughtful
  • INTP males enjoy being alone or in small groups of people
  • INTP males also love  being in an environment of people with whom they share the same interests and connections
  • They are also loyal and affectionate with their close ones

INFJ female

  • INFJ female solely base their decisions on personal concerns rather than objective facts
  • INFJ females are introverts who enjoy personal autonomy and privacy, a space to recharge and reflect
  • They also make connections and relationships and usually take them very seriously 
  • INFJ enjoy helping others and it makes them happy if they are of assistance to others
  • INFJ females have a high degree of intuition and emotional intelligence
  • They are soft-spoken and empathetic
  • They also hold high importance on their beliefs and values
  • INFJ are idealistic, creative, and artistic

Why are INTP males compatible with INFJ females?

  • They are highly compatible, and this couple is sometimes known as the ‘golden pair’ and a relationship between the two could work because they have a lot in common despite INFJ’s well developed Ti and INTP well developed Fe
  • They are both introverted intuitive and are likely to enjoy the same as they have so many common character traits, for instance, they both are in too in-depth conversations, understanding theories, ideas, curious to learn new things. With all these shared personality traits, they deeply understand each other
  • INFJ’s are attracted to INTP’s constant search for understanding and meaning. This is because INTPs usually get bored by people who can’t challenge them.
  • They both have intuitive natures that allow them to understand each other in a way no other person would, they tend to share ideas, theories, or projects that seem exciting for the other partner to get involved
  • They both share the same thinking and feeling functions known as the ‘judging function’ which makes them both quickly agree and have a common decision in any decision-making meeting
  •  With INFJ’s having a stronger use of Fe Function and INTPs having a stronger use of Ti Function, they can learn from the other and supporting each other in areas where there is an interplay of the weaker Function
  • It is a unique relationship because this pair is rare and could make up less than 5 percent of the population. An INFJ female meeting an INFJ seems like meeting their soulmate
  • INTPs males are attracted by the value of INFJ females’ originality and perceptiveness while INFJ females who always feel they are misunderstood and underappreciated by others yet the most intellectual and logical
  •  INTPs find their ideas and projects intriguing hence making them compatible with each other
  • As much as there are differences and similarities between this pair, the success of the relationship is largely based on their level of openness and maturity in both
  • They may also successfully work out a relationship if they are both willing to accept their differences in interests
  • INFJ female appreciates the INTP male commitment to principles. These principles will undoubtedly be predicated on fairness, objectivity, qualities that INFJ notices
  • They are both night owls and are more active at night and love to do fun and interesting things 
  • INTPs are intentionally and unintentionally funny
  • INFJs can provide the love and understanding INTPs secret desire

What are the differences between INFJ females and INTPs males?


  • INTP males are complex thinkers who love the world of possibilities and ideas. They are always constantly seeking new ideas to improve and innovate hence why they are sometimes known for their intellectual, curious, and logical traits
  • While the INFJ females are known for being intellectuals, thoughtful, insightful, and empathic as well. They are always trying to seek patterns and meanings of every situation
  • INTPs are rare and form roughly about 2.5 percent of the population unlike those who are so rare forming only 1 percent of the population
  • INTP individuals are very private and their way of showing love and appreciation is through actions while INFJs show love consistently by words of affirmation, actions 
  • INTPs are not emotional and they tend to hold back their feelings while INFJs are very emotional and freely express their feelings
  • INFJ females strive to maintain a harmonious environment for open emotional conversations while INTP males, stay laid back in personal spaces to maintain their autonomy
  • INTPs often have a time understanding other people’s feelings and emotions whereas INFJs, the case is different as they easily notice other people’s emotions 
  • INTPs often prefer to keep their plans open-ended while INFJs desire closure
  • INFJs prefer a well organized and structured environment that’s neat while INTPs prefer an ‘organized chaos’ in their environment and they are contented living in a little messy area


  • These pair share a common preference for introversion. They both understand each other’s need for private space and autonomy
  • They both share the same feeling of being strangers to the world
  • When together, they feel comfortable in each other’s space and be themselves, and remain accepted
  • They both feel like the other provides balance and fulfillment to their lives
  • They also help each other evolve and develop in unconscious ways
  • They intrigued by each other’s exceptional means of viewing the world

What tips can be adopted by INFJ female/INTP male to make a healthy relationship?

For the INFJ female:

  • Be in a position of understanding your partner’s need for privacy and autonomy
  • Try and approach issues with your partner directly, calmly, and honestly while giving time to listen to INTPs side
  • Avoid comparisons between you and your partner
  • Always try and show appreciation towards your partner’s success, accomplishments, intellect, and abilities
  • Try not to force decisions on your partner, provide them with time to think and consider before they decide
  • When you feel your partner has offended you, approach them in a calm and understanding way

For the INTP male:

  • When comfortable, try as much as you can to share your feelings verbally with your partner
  • Show appreciation and empathy by providing your partners with undivided attention
  • Ask for opinions and insights about your projects and ideas from your partners
  • Try as much as you can not to dismiss your partner’s emotions or feelings as illogical
  • Equally, share your homework 


The blog has answered the question, ‘What are the characteristics of an INTP male and INFJ female?’ it also explained in detail the difference between INTP male and INFJ female, tips of having a healthy relationship between INTP male and INFJ female was listed as well.

Frequently asked questions: ‘What are the characteristics of an INTP male and INFJ female?’

What are the characteristics of an INTP male?

INTP males are introverts who are introverts, logical at sometimes optimistic, flexible. They usually like to keep to themselves or keep in environments of people with common interests and values

What are the characteristics of an INFJ female?

INFJ females are soft-spoken with a high degree of intuition and emotional intelligence. They are also idealistic, creative, and artistic

What attracts INFJ females towards INTP males?

INFJs are attracted to INTP’s intelligence, and their potential to apply logic in different situations while INTPs are attracted to their compassion, empathy, and impulsiveness

Why do INTP males admire INFJ females?

They are both dominant introverted and intuition making it easier for them to understand each other 

Are INFJ and INTP compatible?

They have high chances of being compatible in friendships and romantic relationships hence why this couple is known as the ‘golden pair.’


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