INTP careers to avoid? (5 unsuitable jobs)

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This blog will answer the question “What careers must an INTP avoid?”. It will Explain the careers that an INTP must avoid. Will define the INTP personality, list the characteristics of an INTP and also highlight its weaknesses.

What careers must an INTP avoid?

The INTP must avoid the following jobs:

  • Receptionist
  • Reporter
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Customer care agent


This career is not ideal for an INTP because it requires the use of  excellent communication skills. A receptionist is the first person clients and customers see when they walk into an office or building. 

This role is not appropriate for the quiet, socially awkward, and aloof INTP. Receptionists are required to have a welcoming attitude and readily engage people in conversation. This encompasses greetings and deliberate effort to make people comfortable. 

Additionally, a receptionist is expected to remain composed and continue smiling even when a client is wrong or being rude. For the INTP who can’t stand being told they are in the wrong even if they are this job cannot work. 

Furthermore, meeting random people every day is outside the comfort zone of the INTP. 

However, the biggest disadvantage with this job is that there is nothing requiring creativity or explorative thinking in the duty zone of a receptionist. It would be quite a waste for an INTP to be able to use their genius in this career.


A reporter job may seem ideal for INTPs since they are good at creating stories and scenarios in their head. Reporting also demands honesty and bluntness which happens to be one of the strengths of an INTP.

However, reporter jobs come with a high demand for social interaction. They will have to follow people, build rapport and extract information from them. 

Other times they will be required to be on T.V smiling and engaging an audience and regularly attend social events. The reserved and dominantly introverted INTP will be inconvenienced and overwhelmed by all these things.   

This is a career more inclined towards extraversion which contradicts the introvert personality of an INTP and must therefore be avoided altogether.

Preschool Teacher

INTPs cannot be pre-school teachers mainly because they have to deal with noisy and active little children and their parents.

Dealing with a bunch of little children who cannot properly understand or follow instructions will be overwhelming for the logical INTP. This job requires patience and a willingness to oversimplify things with a friendly child-like attitude. 

Furthermore, the INTP will have to deal with the parents of the children as well giving them regular updates on the welfare and progress of each child. 

Though remembering details is easy for the INTP delivery of information can be a challenge for them. Their good interpersonal schools make it easier  to do this job.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Additionally, Pre-school teachers have no choice but to follow the designed work rules of any school. Rules and being supervised are the two things an INTP hates the most.

Social Worker

As the name suggests this profession requires a socially active individual. The introverted socially unskilled INTP would be a serious blunder in this role. A social worker needs to be very polite and emotionally sensitive and responsive to people. 

Unfortunately, the highly introverted and brutally honest INTP would not care less if they were rude to someone they don’t quite understand. 

Social workers must be sensitive enough to understand the needs and the plight of other human beings. The INTP is too ambitious and pragmatic to deal with the complex emotions of others. 

Customer care agent

As the name suggests, this job requires providing care and support to clients by speaking to them in person or over the phone. 

This job is not ideal for an INTP as it requires him/her to be outgoing, patient, and not mind talking to many different people for long hours. 

The introverted INTP will easily tire and perform poorly in this role as they are not good at soothing people with words or expressing themselves at all.

What does INTP mean?

INTP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. It is one of the 16 personality types described by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 

People who identify as INTP are often described as quiet and analytical. They enjoy spending time alone, thinking about how things work, and coming up with solutions to problems.

What are the characteristics of an INTP?

The following are the characteristics of a typical INTP:

  • They are complicated.
  • They are vague.
  • They are very detail-oriented.
  • People have a difficult time understanding them or their needs.
  • INTPs value their privacy.
  • Do not like to attract any unnecessary attention. 
  • Their introverted nature compels them to avoid crowds and people.
  • INTPs do not do well in mundane and repetitive tasks but thrive in constantly changing environments. 
  • They are autonomous.
  • Do not like to be micromanaged. 
  • They struggle with expressing their emotions. 
  • INTPs live inside their minds which are full of imagination and excitement.
  • They lack the necessary motivation to form and maintain relationships. 
  • INTPs are not sensitive to other peoples’ emotional feelings and needs. 
  • They are secretive
  • They tend are very faithful 

General Reasons why INTP must avoid these jobs

 Inability to be expressive

Their feelings are the least developed side of INTPs.  This gives INTPs a challenge in expressing their feelings, when it comes  the mentioned jobs require people with

This also manifests in how they make decisions since they seem to prefer logical reasoning. As a result, other people will find their choices lacking warmth and sensitivity, which  an important quality to have if one is a receptionist. 

They are too logical

Life is viewed by them in a black and white lens. This however limits their open mindedness. This trait makes them quit selfish and focus on themselves more. Therefore, being less accommodating with others

This consequently tends to leave aloof  to what is happening around them. As they are ruled by logic makes INTP make them become stoic, insensitive and impersonal.


Being logical people and analytical thinkers, simple issues become very complex for them. It can lead them to be very critical of others. Conversations with them can be exhausting as they make simple things tough and they read into things too much.

All these affect how they deal with others, their careers and themselves. Knowledge of these traits makes nurturing relationships with them, be it personal or work-related.


This blog answered the question “What careers must an INTP avoid?”. It defined the INTP personality, listed the characteristics of an INTP, and explained the careers that an INTP must avoid.

The INTP must avoid the following jobs:

  • Receptionist
  • Reporter
  • Pre-school Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Customer care agent

Frequently Asked Questions: What careers must an INTP avoid?

How do you annoy an INTP?

You can annoy an INTP by doing the following things:

●    Ignore their opinion
●    Completely ignoring facts
●    Disturb their much needed alone time
●    Bossing them around
●    Being loud and talkative
●    Forcing them to socialize.

Who is INTP compatible with?

The INTP’s natural partner is the ENTJ or the ESTJ. The INTP’s dominant function of Introverted Thinking is best matched with a partner whose personality is dominated by Extraverted Thinking

What jobs are best for INTP?

The best jobs for INTPs include:

Computer Network Architect.
Computer or Information Research Scientist.
Computer Programmer.
Computer Systems Analyst.
Network or Computer Systems Administrator.
Software Developer.

Are INTPs good at math?

Yes, INTPs are good at mathematics because they can easily memorize formulas and apply them.

What makes an INTP happy?

The following things make an INTP happy:

Eating nutritious meals
Getting enough exercise
Reading on vast topics
Being alone in their comfort zone

Are INTPs selfish?

Yes, INTPs are considered to be selfish because they require time to be alone and require more freedom than most other types which makes people think they are selfish.


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