13 amazing INTP Anime Characters (Ultimate list)

In this brief guide, we will discuss 13 INTP anime characters and also look at some features of the INTP personality type.

List of INTP anime characters

Here is a list of some INTP anime characters

  • Lain Iwakura
  • Misa Amane
  • Tatsuhiro Satō
  • Hohenheim
  • Soichiro Yagami
  • Franken Stein
  • Mayuri Shiina
  • Lloyd Asplund
  • Waver Velvet
  • Mahiro Fuwa
  • Yoshino Takigawa
  • L
  • Armin Arlert

What is the INTP personality?

INTP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and prospecting (Perceiving), and it is a personality type in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The INTP is also known as a Logician, and not much else describes this type better, as they are ruled by all things logic and all things thinking.

INTPs are known for their inventiveness and creativity, and their unique perspective and vigorous intellect, which enables them to achieve great career options, and they may sometimes be the people we eventually describe as the absent-minded professor or the architects and professors of the world.

The INTPs love patterns, and one of their favorite things to do is to spot discrepancies between statements which also makes it a bad idea to lie to an INTP. 

They may however often share thoughts and ideas that are not fully developed, sort of using the other person as a sounding board of sorts, which is why what they say, even with the fullest confidence, should be taken with a grain of salt.

These people are great analysts and thinkers, as well as creative and imaginative owing to their intuitiveness.

However, they may also be somewhat absent-minded and even condescending and insensitive on occasion, not to mention the typical kind of introverted that one might expect from the “I” dominated portion of the MBTI classification system.

These people are also likely to have disregard and hatred for rules and regulations, like their introversion dominant counterparts INTJs, but unlike INTJs, who hate rules and regulations for their arbitrary nature, INTPs hate them for the simple fact that they see them as limiting in terms of their creativity and potential.

These individuals can have a rather enthusiastic approach ot romantic relationships, but starting the relationship might be problematic to them.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

INTP Anime Characters

Lain Iwakura

Lain Iwakura is an INTP anime character on the show Serial Experiments Lain, and as the name suggests, she is the protagonist.

She is defined on the and in other descriptions as an introvert, and a little bit of an outcast.

She often hallucinates and sees things that aren’t real, which may be considered a metaphor for the typical INTP tendency to be imaginative and dominant on perception processes rather than thinking and decision making.

The director of the show also says that she is actually mentally ill, which does not take away from her personality traits being INTP, however.

Misa Amane

Misa Amane has been discussed under different personality types as well, owing to the varied characteristics she shows across the series Death Note.

While she is not a typical INTP anime character, her relationship with Light may be considered somewhat INTP in nature, in that she is enthusiastic and full of ideas about it.

She wants to share a lot with Yagami and gets intensely jealous at the idea of other people in his life.

Tatsuhiro Satō

Tatsuhiro Satō appears on the show Welcome to the NHK.

He is shown to be an indecisive and lazy person, but some INTP traits make him worthy of the INTP anime characters list.

He seems to be quite paranoid, which is something the INTP may be plagued by owing to their imagination that runs wild and tendency to make things make sense when they don’t.

Because of this INTPs may often see things that may not necessarily be true, and Sato is prone to this.

He is also somewhat cynical and can often be rather insensitive, which may be a result of his constant paranoia and tendency to think that people are making fun of him.


Hohenheim appears on the show Fullmetal Alchemist and makes for a decent INTP anime character study.

He may often be seen as goofy and eccentric and prefers to talk things out rather than any other way.

He also lacks a sense of urgency or extreme ambition and prefers to take things rather slowly.

The kind of absent minded tendencies that Hohenheim shows sometimes may often be considered rather INTP like in nature.

Soichiro Yagami

Soichiro Yagami is Light Yagami’s father on the show Death Note.

He is an INTP anime character due to traits such as kindness and a strong sense of justice because it makes logical sense to him, which is something that an INTP would pride themselves on.

He also loves his family quite a bit and even though he is not too sentimental or expressive, and even somewhat private, he cares for them deeply and does not want any harm to come to them.

Franken Stein

Franken Stein appears on the show Soul Eater and makes for a rather interesting INTP anime character.

He shows great curiosity and his tendency to engage in scientific processes is more imaginative and perception oriented rather than logical and precise, as an INTJs would be.

He can also be threatening and intimidating, which private and withdrawn people often seem to be.

INTPs are often thought as being good scientists and professors and academics, and Franken Stein fulfills the criteria of absent minded scientist who only cares about the science incredibly well.

Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri Shiina appears on the show Stein’s Gate and is included in multiple personality type groups, but she also shows some INTP traits.

The primary INTP anime character trait that may be seen in Mayuri is her perception.

She can be surprisingly quick to catch things no other notices and be good at understanding how others feel.

She is also somewhat socially inept which may be seen in many introverts, but she can take care of those around her well despite her awkwardness.

She is also quite enthusiastic about things she likes and around the people that know her well, which is also behavior that may be seen in INTP individuals.

Lloyd Asplund

Lloyd Asplund is a character on the show Code Geass and he has some traits that may be found in other INTP anime characters.

He has been seen to have more heart than he claims and the fact that he does not, or is not able to, express those sentiments well, makes for a good INTP depiction.

Sometimes he may also come off as uncaring and sometimes rude or condescending, which are also traits that may sometimes be seen in INTP personalities.

Waver Velvet

Waver Velvet is an INTP anime character on the show Fate/Stay night group of shows and manga.

He has been described as a “narcissist that does not doubt he’s a genius.”, which may sometimes be the case with INTPs but it is not typical.

He also has an inferiority complex about his abilities and frequently doubts himself.

He is also quite loyal and it is hard to fathom exactly what he is thinking with his actions alone.

A narcissist, by definition, is someone who takes excessive pride in themselves, and this is also something seen in INTP individuals fairly often.

They may take too much pride in their rationle and knowledge, which may sometimes make them seem quite narcissistic, and this can be seen in Waver Velvet quite clearly.

Mahiro Fuwa

Mahiro Fuwa appears on the show Zetsuen no Tempest and shows some typical INTP anime character traits.

He does not care about much apart from the things he truly wants to do, which is avenge the murders of his family.

He is a very perceptive person but like all INTPs, his perception does not cover his own thoughts and feelings, and often he lacks self-awareness about these himself.

He is also very intelligent and his photographic memory is also suggestive of the INTp capability to gain information at a rapid and successful pace.

Yoshino Takigawa

Yoshino Takigawa is another INTP anime character on the show Zetsuen no Tempest.

Yoshino has a more calm and collected character and he is able to persuade others when they are heading into dangerous territories.

He may also be capable of resorting to deceit and manipulation which is indicative of a good knowledge of the outer world that probably comes out of the highetined processes of perception that exist in an INTP.


L Lawliet, or L, appears on the show Death Note, and while he is also considered an INTj, he shows some INTP traits as well.

He is the world’s greatest detective, which shows the trait of perception that is dominant in INTPs.

He is also dishevelled and constantly sort of distracted, which shows the absent minded and lost in thought tendencies of the INTPs.

In addition to this, L also tends to be rather quite and aloof, and he may also be seen as being too involved in his own private world, whish is something that may be seen in INTP’s quite ofte.

Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert is an INTP anime character on the show manga Attack on Titan.

Armins is naturally curious and has a deep fascination with the world beyond the Walls.

He is also shown to be too timid to defend himself when branded a heretic for his curiosity.

The tendency he has to seek out the outer world, gain new experiences, and the fascination with the new and unknown, make for some remarkably strong INTP traits.


In this brief guide, we discussed 13 INTP anime characters and also looked at some features of the INTP personality type. Please send us any questions or suggestions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): INTP anime characters 

What anime characters are INTP?

Here are some anime characters that are INTP:

Lain Iwakura (Serial Experiments Lain)
L (Death Note)
Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)
Shiro (No Game No Life)
Ginko (Mushishi)
C.C. (Code Geass)
Kusuo Saiki (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)
Shouta Aizawa (My Hero Academia)

Is INTP a rare personality type?

Yes, INTP is a rare personality type, and it only makes up around 3-5% of the US population and around 4% of the world’s total population.

Is Elon Musk an INTP?

Elon Musk is not an INTP, he is more of an INTJ, given his tendency to prefer doing things his own way and by himself, and his tendency to act based purely on logic and analysis.

He shows traits of INTJ personality that include thinking and judgment oriented cognitive functioning.

What annoys an INTP?

Here are some things that annoy an INTP

People believing in illogical things
Having to deal with too many details
Having to talk about their feelings too much, or before they are ready
Needing to make a decision before they have explored the possibilities or had time to weigh their options
Not getting enough alone time.



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