INTP anime characters Haikyuu!! (5 characters)

This blog is about INTP characters from the popularised Anime and Manga, Haikyuu!!. It will explain what the anime is about, define the INTP personality and it will lastly list the characteristics of an INTP.

Characters from Haikyuu that are INTPs

The following are INTP characters from Haikyu!!:

  • Kenma Kozume
  • Matsukawa Issei
  • Fukunaga Shouhei
  • Kuguri Naoyasu
  • Kunimi Akira

Kenma Kozume

Like most INTPs, Kenma has a composed and analytical personality. He hardly ever loses his cool and usually never gets excited or fired up about anything. 

He only gets excited about things that interest him like video games. He is the type of person to only do things he enjoys, and would therefore quit volleyball if he didn’t enjoy it anymore.

Due to his introverted nature, Kenma is quiet and reserved and does not often voice out his opinions since he is afraid of what others might think of him. This is typical of INTPs as they are always second-guessing themselves.

Kenma also hates standing out or being noticed in any way. He is not very approachable and doesn’t make friends easily. His manner of speaking tends to be shy and reserved. 

Because of his Thinking function, Kenma is emotionally detached so he keeps his feelings hidden. As a result, he usually ends up giving a cold impression to others.

Despite having a tough time admitting his feelings, the real motivation behind his continuation of volleyball is his friends. It is shown that he does care about his friends and notices any small changes in their behavior. 

An example is when they were younger Kuroo badly lost a volleyball match and was feeling down and Kenma noticed this feeling and despite not caring for volleyball, asked if Kuroo would like to practice and so that he would improve to which he agreed eagerly. 

He also keeps a straight face and is aloof most of the time. He also has a disdain for pointless authority. He is logical enough to not expect and his juniors to respect him for no apparent reason.

Kenma has a small circle of friends. Apart from Tetsurō Kuroo, his next-door neighbor, Kenma has not befriended anyone ever since he was at elementary school. 

Kenma shows his superior INTP reasoning power with his volleyball skills. This is evident in his extraordinary game sense, technique, and strong analytical abilities. 

He lacks the power, speed, agility, and stamina needed for volleyball. Kenma is also shown to be quite competitive.

In the future, Kenma can be described as having a good head on his shoulders. Even after being a successful stock trader, pro-gamer, Youtuber & the CEO of his own company, he doesn’t spend his money lavishly except for on video games.

Matsukawa Issei

Matsukawa is intimidating because of his height and blocking ability in volleyball. But he is shown to be quite easy-going and good-natured.

INTPs are very relaxed and laid-back people and Mastukawa enjoys a good joke and poking fun at his friends. 

He is also shown to have incredibly high reasoning and judgment in games especially when it comes to narrowing Hinata’s cross-court shots to line shots during their first match against Karasuno.

Fukunaga Shouhei

Fukunaga is an introvert who barely speaks; he is seen saying only “Yes” and “Okay” in the anime. At Nationals he was even described by the announcer as the ‘silent big point scorer.’ 

During his first year, he stopped a fight between Yamamoto and Kenma by throwing a bucket of water over them to prevent the situation from escalating. This act caused Fukunaga to receive a lot of praise from his upperclassmen, and the respect of his fellow first years.

INTPs love humor and relaxing and Fukunaga is no exception as we see that he is fond of comedy and often thinks up funny things to say. 

Being the devoted introvert that he is, he rarely shares his mind and never tells anyone else his jokes so he instead just laughs covertly to himself.

Fukunaga is also shown to be quite aloof as he is usually is not startled or changes his facial expression unless it is in the excitement of the game. 

During the match with Karasuno, he was even seen listening to the stadium music and seemed unfazed by how the game was going. In a flashback, Fukunaga was shown clapping and cheering in an exhausted Kenma showing that he seems to be supportive and encouraging.

Kuguri Naoyasu

Kuguri is an under-active and lethargic INTP who is difficult to excite or get fired up. His teammates also claim that he is nearly impossible to read. 

The Nohebi coach tends to dislike this standoffish behavior Kuguri has towards matches and it is explained that Kuguri’s disinterest.

INTPs are emotionally detached people and Kuguri is perceived to be emotionless.  As a result, he isn’t a Nohebi regular despite the immense potential and talent he holds. 

However, at the end of the Nohebi vs Nekoma match, he is shown to cry deeply out of frustration for Nohebi’s loss.

Kunimi Akira

The majority of INTPs have a laid-back and not so proactive approach to life. Kunimi is the type of INTP who is quiet, indifferent, and mostly lazy. 

He has a habit of occasionally skipping practice and doesn’t seem to put in full effort into matches. His true strength, however, lies in his late gameplays. 

Kunimi is an introvert that dislikes the loud and energetic extroverted characters. He was dismayed when Koganegawa yelled at him to “go all out”, which is one of his least liked phrases. 

He also refers to Hinata, Koganegawa, and Hyakuzawa as the “idiot squad” because of their high energy and their ability to get on his nerves. 

Kageyama has also mentioned that Kunimi is smart, though it’s unknown 

if that refers to his game sense or general studies.

What Haikyuu is about

Haikyuu!! is a Japanese manga series and anime that focuses on Shoyo Hinata, a boy determined to be an outstanding volleyball player despite his small stature. 

The series follows Hinata as he joins the other volleyball players of Karasuno High against formidable opponents. While other high-schools underestimate Karasuno and label the team the “clipped crows” because they’ve fallen from their previous powerhouse abilities.

They embark on an adventure to redeem themselves together. Shoyo and his teammates work to improve and prove to Japan that they are no longer a team to be ignored or underestimated. 

It is a classic story of the underdog rising to beat the top players in the country. It is both heartwarming and thrilling to watch the spirit of competitiveness and cooperation. The importance of hard work and teamwork come together seamlessly to put on a show that promotes the spirit of togetherness.

The INTP personality

INTP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. It is one of the 16 personality types described by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 

People who identify as INTP are often described as quiet and analytical. They enjoy spending time alone, thinking about how things work and coming up with solutions to problems.

Characteristics of an INTP

The following are the characteristics of a typical INTP:

  • They are complicated.
  • They are vague.
  • They are very detail-oriented.
  • People have a difficult time understanding them or their needs.
  • INTPs value their privacy.
  • Do not like to attract any unnecessary attention. 
  • Their introverted nature compels them to avoid crowds and people.
  • INTPs do not do well in mundane and repetitive tasks but thrive in constantly changing environments. 
  • They are autonomous.
  • Do not like to be micromanaged. 
  • They struggle with expressing their emotions. 
  • INTPs live inside their minds which are full of imagination and excitement.
  • They lack the necessary motivation to form and maintain relationships. 
  • INTPs are not sensitive to other peoples’ emotional feelings and needs. 
  • They are secretive
  • They tend are very faithful 


This blog is about INTP characters from the popularised Anime and Manga, Haikyuu!!. It will explain what the anime is about, define the INTP personality and it will lastly list the characteristics of an INTP.

The following are INTP characters from Haikyu!!:

  • Kenma Kozume
  • Matsukawa Issei
  • Fukunaga Shouhei
  • Kuguri Naoyasu
  • Kunimi Akira

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Frequently Asked Questions: INTP anime characters Haikyuu!!

Is Armin an INTP?

Yes, Armin Arlett is an INTP. He is pragmatic, he finds new solutions for problems based on what he thinks will work best. The results are his rather unconventional or crazy plans.

What is Kuroo’s type of girl?

Kuroo’s type of girl is one with who he can be playful and joke around with. He would love a girl who is quiet but can be sarcastic/sassy when teased. Kuroo would fall in love with someone who is very involved in their studies and cares about this to work towards their future.

What personality type is Hinata?

Hinata is an INFP.

Who is the smartest character in Haikyuu?

Terushima is the smartest character in Haikyuu.

Who is the shortest person in Haikyuu?

Shibayama is the shortest player on the Nekoma team.

Why does Ushijima hate Hinata?

Ushijima hates those with baseless and unfounded confidence, causing him to particularly hate Hinata due to him declaring that he will beat Shiratorizawa despite his short stature and attendance at an unknown school.


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