INTJ & INFP Compatibility (5 Reasons Why)

This article will delve into the discussion of how compatible the INTJ and INFP personality types are by examining their dominant functions, differences and major psychological traits while at the same time highlighting any possible areas of friction and how to overcome them.

INTJ & INFP: How Compatible Are They?

The INTJ and INFP personality types can have very good compatibility surprisingly! Even though at first glance they may seem different, the two personalities can actually fit together quite well. It is their differences that help balance them out and keep them interested in each other!

The article will first examine their dominant functions in order to highlight any points of concern or compatibility!

Dominant Functions: Compatible Or Not?

The dominant functions of the two personalities are almost the same with the exception for the judging/perceiving one and the thinking/feeling one. Let’s look at the nature of these individuals and why it helps them get along!


Both personality types, the INTJ and the INFP, are introverted which means they tend to be very much into their thoughts and like to spend time in reflecting over the many ideas they have going on in their minds. Why is this important for them to get along?

Well firstly, they are smart to think over things and then talk about them. When in a fight, they are more likely to avoid friction not only because they have the habit of staying quiet but also because they are people who think before they speak. This way they can actually prevent themselves from hurting the other person and making the situation worse. 

Furthermore, these individuals both need time for themselves. They understand that they have to be very careful about the personal space of the other and should ensure they do not interfere too much when they are in that ‘zone’. Maybe someone who is not an introvert might not understand their need to have time alone and get even more frustrated when the other person is quiet. This will lead to an even worse situation more difficult to solve.

Sometimes expecting too much and saying what you feel may be a bad thing. Both people are introverts hence they operate on the same frequency and they understand that some things must be said while others not. This can prevent them from raising the bar of expectations too high and being wise enough to see when a certain topic should be discussed or not.


The INTJ and INFP both realize the power and beauty of imagination and dreams and this allows them to be creative and more interesting not to themselves only but to each other. How they think can become a good source of conversation for them compared to a person who senses and reacts or processes information. They would be more based on facts and not understand the fun in being so creative.

Thinking And Feeling: What Helps More?

This is where the two personality types differ. One is more focused on their emotions while the other prefers rationale and logic to back up arguments, express their thoughts and views and how they should get along.

Although it is usually emotions that blur what is truly going on in relationships, they can also help solve problems that may be difficult to rationalize or understand. Yes it is not always possible to make sense of a situation and hence love and mercy are the only weapons two people have to keep themselves bound to each other. This is important for both INTJs and INFPs to understand so that neither one takes advantage of their traits.

However, if not balanced well with wisdom, any extreme can create distance between the two persons.

Judgement Vs Perception: How It Affects Compatibility.

This is a dominant function that may result in more daily hassles than any of the dominant functions because of the frequency of its use. People have to get things everyday whether it’s paying bills, cleaning up the house, buying groceries or getting the children to school on time; it can be a lot to handle. Here is where being organized matters. If one lives alone and just goes with flow it might be possible but managing   things with someone else demands a routine or schedule so things do not clash with each other including people too!

Both people, especially INFPs, must understand that the key to living together in peace is by establishing some rules and boundaries which the other person must respect and live by. If that is not possible then there will be frequent clashes, too many undone tasks and mounting tensions.

5 Reasons Why INFPs And INTPs Are Compatible!

Interest In Each Other.

INTJs have much to say and share with their significant other but are they willing to listen? INFPs are individuals who are open to different views due to their perceiving function. Furthermore, they understand the value of listening to others and acknowledging their feelings and ideas and what makes them happy as they give much importance to emotions.

This fascinates INTJs who are glad someone is willing to listen to their complex and seemingly crazy ideas even though they are very well formed and structured. Furthermore, even if their thoughts are oddly different from what people generally think. INFPs have no problem listening to and acknowledging them rather than just rejecting them altogether. They appreciate the differences in life and feel they should be given value.

Strong Morals.

What both share in common are their appreciation of morals and values. By nature, INFPs strongly believe in their values and hold them close regardless of what they constitute. INTJs on the other hand, due to logic and informed decision making also hold certain beliefs close and use them to guide their life. 

If their values and beliefs match then they make a very strong couple who are guided in their decisions and life through combined beliefs and values. Yes it is true that in one case the person is driven by values while the other is driven through logic but they are in the end beliefs and if they match that is what matters. 


Although both of the personalities may end up at the same decision, the INTJ can help the INFP make more informed decisions by questioning them, confronting their beliefs and challenging them to think beyond their comfort zone.

The INTJ can help the INFP learn how to say no. Oftentimes, it makes sense to say no but because of the situation they are in, INFPs find it hard to decline an offer or request because it makes them feel bad. So the INTJ can help INFPs take the right step by integrating logic in their decision making skills and show them the real picture in order to override their feelings sometimes.

This not only helps the INFP grow as a person but it will allow them to lead less stressful lives. Also, it will be a good engaging activity for the two lovers!

What To Talk About?

INTJs may differ with INFPs on what to talk about but all differences or not bad. You may observe such people to talk about a mixture of topics like philosophy, the arts or even science and technology. What matters is that you both take an interest in each other’s favorite areas of discussion and make sure the other person learns something new and can relate to it. 

Discovering New Things Together.

Both these personalities are driven by the desire to try out new things or learn more everyday! Hence this is a good opportunity to take classes together, visit museums or exhibitions and read new books. Although how they go about it may differ, one is a bit scheduled and the other may have the spontaneous urge to go at once, the INTJ and INFP make a good couple who just want to know more about the world with each passing day.


The article explored how the INTJ and INFP personality types are similar or different with regards to their dominant functions and how that affects their compatibility. It also looked at the reasons why they are compatible and also outlined possible areas of friction.

Frequently Asked Questions: INTJ & INFP: Compatibility.

Are INTJs and INFPs compatible?

Yes the INTJ and INFP personality types are compatible with each other because they are loyal and much interested in each other, furthermore, they refine each other’s ideas and personality.

Are INFPs loners?

No they are not loners although they are introverted they appreciate feelings which are related to people mostly hence they value relations.

Why Are INFPs considered weird?

INFPs may be considered weird because of their strong values and open ideas that result from their imaginative and creative ideas.


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