INTJ & ENFJ Compatibility(5 Reasons Why)

The following article will explore the relationship between the INTJ and ENFJ personality types and determine their compatibility by examining their dominant functions, psychological traits and other characteristics. 

INTJ And ENFJ: Are They Compatible?

The INTJ and ENFP personality types are compatible because their dominant functions balance each other out and they are truly loyal to each other. Although some friction may arise, they get along with each other very well as they know when and where to respect each other’s privacy and personal space.

The article will now look at what dominant functions comprises the two personality types and where they are compatible.

Dominant Functions: How Compatible Are They?

Extraversion Vs Introversion.

The INTJ possesses the dominant function of introversion which means that they as introverts are more focused on their inner world rather than the outer one. They will expend more time and effort to understand it though thinking, reflecting, imagining and other mental processes . They hence engage in behaviours that allow them to focus on their inner world of thoughts; they are seen as quiet, focused and in the state of ‘reflecting’.

Compared to ENFJs, INTJs prefer solitude because this helps them focus on what they love doing. Also, for most introverts, it is just too much of the effort to intermingle and interact with others. Sometimes it is awkward for them or causes them too much anxiety. At other times, it may be because they have to make much effort to focus on what to say or when to say as they take in too much information and find it difficult on how to filter it out. Nonetheless, they prefer spending more time alone rather than with people.

What is interesting about these people is that they actually think and then speak. Hence others may perceive them as slow or without an answer but it is actually them processing information excessively and then deciding what to say! It’s better to be late than sorry!

ENFJs on the other hand are extroverted which means they prefer to talk more, need more attention and the physical presence of their significant other and are more prone to saying hurtful or unintentional words due to their habit of just speaking what comes to mind.

This area of behavior may pose some threat to the compatibility of the two personality types however, if they learn to make use of their differences they can actually learn from each other.

The extrovert will learn to think more before speaking and the introvert will try and open up more with their significant other. 


ENFJs and INTJs have the same function here. They both are intuitive which means they don’t always focus on the facts or what is in front of them. Yes they very much appreciate logic and the relationships they can see however, this does not stop them from thinking out of the box. People who are intuitive are known for making many discoveries in world history and this does not happen by just ordinary thinking; they must go beyond the scope they are given! They give value to their vision, dreams and even imagination and combine that with what they already have in their hands.

Thinkers And Feelers.

People who are thinkers give weightage to their thoughts and what seems structured or logical rather than the emotions they feel for others. Sometimes this can be detrimental and they find difficulty in understanding the emotional complaints or requests their loved ones have. People with this personality type focus on values like truth and justice and prefer to see the logic or aim of things. They can be described as task oriented rather than people oriented.

ENFJs, in contrast to INTJs who are thinkers, are actually the opposite; they are feelers and give more weightage to their feelings when it comes to making decisions or acting out. Hence they are more prone to reacting negatively to a situation rather than dealing with it maturely. For example, if threatened or if they feel sad or insecure, they may threaten the other person that they are leaving even though this is a temporary feeling.

It is very important for both individuals to understand that a balance of emotions and rational thoughts can lead to a successful relationship. Any extreme would be detrimental and would not allow the relation to last longer. Yes one must be rational but at the same time feelings and traits like forgiveness, mercy and love matter too!

Judgement: A Common Ground.

Here is where both the ENFJ and INTJ can agree; they prefer routine and organization rather than spontaneity and too much flexibility. Hence, their day to day routines match and there is very less friction here. They both appreciate knowing what to do and when to do it and there are less clashes between their daily schedules and maybe this is how they can spend more time together and bond.

They are focused on what they want and both have the approach that it is better to solve something now rather than leave it open for later. By having this function, they are on one page in most matters.

5 Reasons INTJs And ENFJs Are Compatible!

Infidelity Is Rare.

Traits that both personalities possess help them stay away from the trap of infidelity! An ENFJ is someone who gives much importance to others especially their significant other who means much to them. At the same time, their dominant function allows them to appreciate the value of feelings and how their actions can lead to hurting others. This awareness and appreciation of feelings others experience will help them focus on their loved one and not go near cheating.

The INTJ is a rational and informed personality. They are able to judge from before the consequences of any future decisions; so they know how dangerous infidelity can be. Furthermore, they are introverts and rarely show interest in people unless there is something special about them. As they already have the one, they feel complete and no need to go snooping elsewhere.

Self Care: An Excuse.

The ENFJ is focused on making the world a better place for others mostly by running around and getting things done and this may tire them out. The INTJ also holds the same value but in a different way. They will find solace in working quietly and independently bringing slow but very important change to their surroundings. In this manner they are less likely to forget important things like health, food, exercise and rest. So they can act as a magnet to pull the ENFJ back into the house and sit and rest for a while. 

Similarly, the ENFJ can help get the INTJ out of the house and see the world more and this will help them in their work.


The INTJ is an introvert and values their personal space. They need time to think alone and work on their ideas and thoughts and even just to relax. The ENFJ however, requires much attention and this may pose as a source of friction but wait just a minute. Thanks to their ability to understand feelings and needs of others due to one of their dominant functions, the ENFJ can appreciate the time alone INTJs require.

So, both the INTJ and ENFJ recognize the importance of space and privacy and do not infringe upon that!

Arguments Do Not Last Long.

You would think the ENFJ is fond of arguing due to their extraversion trait but you are wrong there. When it is combined with their feelings function, it changes their behavior somewhat in this domain. They understand how emotions operate and this prevents them from engaging in long arguments as they get hurt and do not want to hurt the other. 

Similarly, the INTJ is quite rational and not only judges the impact of words but wants to avoid conflict. So they do their best to avoid conflict or resolve it at it’s earliest.

Power Couple.

Yes they are a power couple. The ENFJ with their fine speaking and diplomatic skills as well as their ability to judge well in situations combined with the INTJs intelligence and wisdom makes them a great couple that can work their way throughout any situation!


This article looked at whether or not the INTJ and ENFJ personality types are compatible by examining their dominant functions and looking at the reasons for their compatibility. It highlighted what areas of their behaviors or traits help them become compatible and how they can avoid areas of friction.

Frequently Asked Questions: INTJ And ENFJ: Compatibility.

Are INTJs and ENFJs compatible?

INTJs and ENFJs are compatible but they may collide on certain values or way of doing things however, friction in day to day matters is very less.

Are INTJs clingy?

No INTJs are not clingy. In fact they are highly independent people who value their personal space.

Are ENFJs annoying?

ENFJs can become annoying if they over indulge themselves in the affairs of others


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