INTJ Careers To Avoid (5+)

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This blog will answer the question, “What careers must an INTJ avoid?”. It will define the INTJ personality, list some of the traits of an INTJ, and outline which careers are not suitable for an INTJ.

What careers must an INTJ avoid?

The INTJ must avoid the following careers:

  • Military job
  • Politician
  • Sales Agent
  • Personal Assistant.

Military job

A job in the military as a soldier or an officer though challenging and interesting enough for an INTJ is not ideal. 

This is because of the amount of rigor, rules, regulations, and protocols that must be followed on the job. 

An INTJ would be suffocated in this role as they are forced and compelled to obey and comply with every order they are given. Their dislike for rules, traditions, and the status quo would conflict with the demands of a military job. 

An INTJ thrives better in a job that encourages the use of initiative and creativity. Therefore, a job that requires following orders without fail will greatly stifle the INTJ’s originality and autonomy.


Politics is another career that is not so ideal for an INTJ. Though it provides many opportunities for the mastermind INTJ’s original innovations to shine, the amount of social interaction involved is too overwhelming. 

It is a career that is mainly centered around interacting and socializing with many different people. 

Giving speeches, chairing meetings, answering questions at press conferences, and doing interviews on radio and T.V. All this will be overwhelming for the dominantly introverted INTJ. 

Introverts recuperate by spending time alone organizing their thoughts and quietly reflecting on their thoughts. They are not very driven to interact with people and get drained by an excessive amount of socializing.

Sales Agent.

A sales agent is a person who markets products and services using impeccable persuasion skills to convince people to buy their merchandise. 

A sales agent must have the confidence to walk up to anybody and convince them to buy their products. 

They have to appease angry customers, pursue clients relentlessly through phone calls and spend hours talking to people. 

This will clash with the introverted nature of the INTJ. An INTJ is better suited for the role of developing and inventing products and not sales and marketing.

Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant (PA) carries out administrative work on behalf of one individual. This individual is usually a manager or executive in a commercial, private or public organization. 

The role of a PA is to free an executive’s time from organizing and administrative tasks so that they can spend time on strategic tasks. 

This role also involves running errands and taking care of personal matters that the boss may not have the time to do. 

This role may not be suitable as it does not allow INTJ to work autonomously or use their initiative without consultation. The tasks may become mundane and repetitive robbing the INTJ of an opportunity to be innovative and inventive. 

What is the INTJ personality?

INTJ stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. It is one of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 

People with INTJ personalities enjoy being alone and are highly analytical. They are creative and logical thinkers who can overcome most problems. They are commonly known as the strategist for this reason. 

What are the traits of INTJ personality?

The following are the characteristics of an INTJ:

  • INTJs are dominantly introverted, thus most of them have more fun/ enjoyment in places with fewer people.
  • They dislike teamwork, prefer to work on projects alone especially project they are passionate about.
  • They focus on theories over concrete details. Thus they tend to be very philosophical
  • They are logical and objective. They enjoy engaging in more rational thought and subjectivity is not their best trait.
  • They are not emotional, they do not exhibit their emotions frequently.
  • They are planners. Details are important to them. Therefore they plan everything to the latter.
  • They usually have high expectations. This makes them take on difficult tasks that have the potency power of yielding high rewards.
  • They are good listeners. They exhibit great effective listening skills
  • They are open to constructive criticism. As they are a constant work in progress always, self-critical and working to better their weaknesses.
  • They are very self-confident. Hence often are unafraid to speak and always share information with others.
  • They are hard-working. They exhibit a great work ethic.
  • They are not social. They usually keep to themselves.
  • They are explorative of knowledge. Constantly acquiring knowledge is something they love to do.
  • They are creative. 
  • They are self-motivated, self-driven, and intrinsically motivated.
  • INTJs dislike rules and traditions. They like to challenge the status quo. 

The Signs you an INTJ and Must Choose these Careers. 

You have a keen eye for detail and often sense system inefficiencies easily. You can tell the mishaps of something by merely looking at it. This is a trait you display naturally.  You do this even when you are not a field expert.

You appreciate competence. And when it is displayed in others you get a great sense of satisfaction just by merely witnessing it. More so When it is displayed by people in leadership positions.

You are a meticulous planner. You plan big and are very foresighted. Monotony does not satisfy you, that is the reason you probably do not enjoy that 9-5 job. You have always known you were meant for something big.

Idea Generation and idea-sharing are perfect bonding times for you. Things that intrigue you form the best conversation starter. Hence mare chit chat is such a bore for you.

You are big on solutions. Creating a solution to a problem gives you great satisfaction and can even be considered an intimate endeavor for you. 

You enjoy the process of knowledge acquisition. You are a Knowledge sponge.

You are a high achiever. No matter your achievements you always strive to achieve more. This is what propels you toward great things, however, you are utterly critical of yourself. There is always something bigger you feel like you should be on top of.

You are self-critical and you work to improve your weak spots. You are also very self-aware and remember when you cross lines clearly remember when you cross lines. You practice you improve, and you enjoy.


This blog will answer the question, “What careers must an INTJ avoid?”. It will define the INTJ personality, list some of the traits of an INTJ, and outline which careers are not suitable for an INTJ.

The INTJ must avoid the following careers:

  • Military job
  • Politician
  • Sales Agent
  • Personal Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions: What careers must an INTJ avoid? 

How smart are INTJs?

Yes, INTJs are smart because they are very analytical and easily grasp concepts. They are always keen to learn and absorb new knowledge.

Are INTJs good at math?

Yes, INTJs are good at mathematics. This is because they can easily figure out mathematical patterns and formulas and apply them in theory.

Are INTJ good liars?

No, INTJS are not good liars and they greatly dislike dishonesty. Lies can easily complicate their peaceful and orderly lives.

Who are INTJs most attracted to?

INTJs are mostly attracted to fun, outgoing and intuitive people who value logic and are smart enough to understand their theories.

Why are INTJs villains?

Most villainous characters are INTJs as they have a relentless drive for excellence. INTJs are unmatched strategists who can execute and have the ability to strategize and execute plans almost flawlessly. This makes an INTJ the perfect villain.

What personality type is Obama?

Former U.S President Barack Obama is an ENFJ.


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