Integrative Enneagram Test (What You Need to Know)

In this short article, we are going to introduce the Integrative Enneagram Test. We will cover what the test is about, who made it, what it analyses, and how to take it. Readers will also discover how accurate this test is in understanding personality types.

What is the Integrative Enneagram Test?

The Integrative Enneagram test, advertised as the iEQ9, is a comprehensive tool that investigates people’s Enneagram types. The iEQ9 is different from other similar tests because it makes the whole testing process more accessible. 

This is a product that can be utilised by individuals or groups to break down and discern their personalities. By doing so, it reveals many ways to refine and enhance growth.

Why should I take the Integrative Enneagram test?

In this section, we are going to describe the various concepts that lie behind the Integrative Enneagram Test. If you’re interested in developing an in-depth awareness and appreciation of your specific behaviour styles, this is a good approach. You can use this test to identify these patterns, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and tweak them for better success.

What does Enneagram mean?

Enneagram is a term with Greek origins that can be broken down into two parts. Ennéa means “nine” and grámma means something “written” or “drawn”. The Enneagram is a model of nine personality types that can be used to understand and categorise human behaviour. 

This model is represented using the points of a geometric figure called an enneagram. Connections between the points of the figure represent connections between different “enneatypes”. 

Most people’s personalities can fall within one Enneagram type but there are plenty of variants as well. When there are overlapping personality traits, they are said to have a core Enneagram type along with a Wing. For example, Enneagram Four Wing Five, 4w5 or Enneagram Six Wing Five, 6w5, etc.

Introducing Integrative 9 Enneagram Solutions

Integrative 9 Enneagram Solutions is a company based in South Africa. This organisation provides development solutions for clients, whether they are individuals, teams, or corporations. 

They use the Enneagram model for personality types as a structural foundation to analyse behaviour. In addition to this framework, they offer easy-to-use, intelligent, and personalised solutions for better growth. 

They achieve this by combining research, technology, and statistical science with psychology, coaching, and organisational development. They advertise themselves as different from the competition because of four core values. 

These include innovation, accuracy, fast adaptive evolution, and cost-effectiveness. Integrative Enneagram Solutions has trained over 800 practitioners globally and their tests have been translated to over nine European languages. 

What is the iEQ9?

The iEQ9, also known as the Integrative Enneagram Test, is an accurate and robust Enneagram assessment tool. It uses an adaptive and intelligent questionnaire that aims to facilitate self-driven learning. 

This tool is based on Enneagram’s usefulness as a guide to better progress. It helps in personal growth, relationship building, conflict resolution, and improvement of team dynamics. 

Contrary to what some people think, the iEQ9 does not attempt to box people into rigid categories. The makers of this test understand that people are complex, unique, and more distinct than any personality type description. 

Instead, this test aims to offer insights into different behaviour patterns that might resonate with people. Through that information, anyone can use the Enneagram archetype map as a guide on their journey to improvement.  

How do I take the Integrative Enneagram Test?

The Integrative Enneagram Test is available on the official website of Integrative 9 Enneagram Solutions. The company offers a wide range of options in terms of the utility of this test. There are versions available for individuals, practitioners, and businesses. 

The sophisticated reports given can be for you or for your team. You can also access more detailed information about the actual questionnaire. Since it is a product, the website only displays the contents of the two versions. 

There is a standard option that is significantly cheaper than the pro one. The latter has about double the amount of features. If interested in purchasing the test, you need to sign up and make an online payment.

What do the Integrative Enneagram Test Reports Cover?

The report for the Integrative Enneagram test will include 7 levels of information. By doing this, this assessment tool offers an eclectic way to analyse behaviour. 

These details will help you understand yourself and the reasons behind your thoughts, actions, and feelings better. Below are the mentioned seven levels:

Core Enneagram Type

This portion will help you identify which Enneagram type matches you the most. It explains the basic fears, basic desires, strengths, and weaknesses of your core type.

27 Subtypes

Here, you will understand the impact of biological drives on your temperament and personality. It gives a lot of insight into what seems like instinctual behaviour.

Centres of Expression

This section reflects the balance of how you express patterns of thinking, feeling, and action. While some feelings may be intense, expression varies based on your core type.

Wing Influence

In most people, there is an impact of adjacent types of the Enneagram figure on the personality. This section explains whether your behaviour has any Wing influence.

Self-Awareness & Integration

This measure indicates the extent to which you have been able to free yourself from the ego-fixations of your type. It gives you information about your level of self-awareness about your weaknesses.

Strain Levels

Over here, you’ll get a high level view of your subjective experience of any stress that you might be facing. If you’re in the middle of a challenging time, this gives you perspective.

Lines of Tension & Release

The lines connected to your main Enneagram style open pathways for working with the stress you’re experiencing. This section helps you explore different solutions.

Is the Integrative Enneagram Test Accurate?

Integrative 9 Enneagram Solutions proudly claims this test to be robust and accurate. They clearly state the extensive measures they continue to take to ensure the reliability and validity of the iEQ9. 

The company has determined test-retest reliability with statistically significant samples for the measurement of Enneagram type. They report on five individual reliability measures in the results of each questionnaire. 

All entries are scrutinised for consistency of responses, honesty in self-reporting, duration of testing, and social desirability. The current level of validity for the Integrative Enneagram Test falls within the 95% confidence interval.


In this short article, we introduced the Integrative Enneagram Test. We covered what the test is about, who made it, what it analyses, and how to take it. Readers also discovered how accurate this test is in understanding personality types.

We covered almost everything you would need to know about the Integrative Enneagram test. Starting from what the Enneagram is, to the makers of this test, to details of the test and its reports. We even talked about how accurate the test results are.

FAQs (Integrative Enneagram Test)

Which Enneagram test is the most accurate?

No personality test can give 100% accurate results since humans are complex and personalities are so subjective. Having said that, many assessment tools use normative data produced by quite a lot of research and statistics. 

This gives them a superiority in terms of validity and reliability. The Integrative Enneagram Test and Truity’s Enneagram Assessment seem to be more accurate than the rest.

What is the best free Enneagram test?

There are several good-quality Enneagram tests available online. Some are free while others are paid but the commercial ones have much more detailed reports. The Enneagram Institute and Integrative 9 Enneagram Solutions have good paid options. 

Truity, Crystal Knows, and Millennial Grind are websites with some good free options. However, with Truity, you can unlock more detailed results by paying $19.

What’s the rarest Enneagram type?

The rarest Enneagram is Type 5. These personalities are known for being curious, watchful, and knowledgeable. A Type 5 personality is usually very independent and self-reliant. They tend to get lost in their thoughts because they are so imaginative. After Type 5, the more uncommon Enneagram Types are 8 and 2.


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