INFP Matches (A Complete Guide)

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In this article, we will explore the top best matches for INFP. We will also explore their shared values and interests which make them compatible. We will also look at the worst matches for INFP. This article will look at what makes these types especially compatible for INFP. 

What are the top matches for the INFP personality type?

Top Matches

Here are the top romantic matches for the INFP personality type:


INFPs seek profound, deeper connections in their relationships because they are Intuitive Feeling personalities. They want to know what motivates the people they care about and how they might facilitate them in becoming their best versions. 

They are attracted to people who appear vulnerable, caring, and idealistic, and seek partners who allow them to grow and evolve.

INTPs, being Intuitive Thinking types, will be searching for mental connections first and above all else. 

Once they have a common understanding, NT types will feel closer to INFP, especially if they are able to have a debate that allows them to discover new things or think about things from a different perspective.

INFPs are inspired by morality, whereas INTPs are influenced by rationality. Even though they both enjoy evaluating, INFPs are more focused on morals and principles. INTPs, on the other side, tend to think things through critically.

Regardless of the fact that you are both introverts, one of you may require more alone time than the other, and you may possess diverse social requirements. 

Synchronising your calendars and finding a balance between your individual needs is a delicate balancing act but it may be a wise decision. Communication is essential, but can be difficult since you both avoid conflict because it is overstimulating. Recognize when you’re stifling your feelings.

Making a concerted effort to engage in conversations that push you both out of your personal bubble


This partnership has a huge amount of potential for evolving into a meaningful and loving relationship. Many similarities in how they look at things and handle your life are likely to pop up. 

Both have a caring and individualistic nature, and even if they differ on some issues, they will still feel like they are on the same side when it comes to the serious things.

You both demonstrate a passion for your values and for supporting others. Despite the fact that you may pursue separate paths, your main objective is very much the same: making the world a better place. This common mentality allows you to form a strong and enduring relationship.

This couple most likely enjoys a slower pace of life and recognizes the value of rest time to balance out the chaos. Neither of them seem to have a deep desire to go to party after party, and it’s evident that they’re on the same page when it comes to scheduling each other’s social calendars.


You’re going to find each other fascinating and inspiring to engage in conversation with. Since neither of them is specifically interested in recounting events in boring detail or exchanging dull facts lacking context, but also because you’ve probably both been stuck in such tedious conversations with others, interacting with one another should be a pleasant change.

Confrontation between these two is especially difficult to happen  because they both cherish harmonious relationships, so any rift will be nightmarish for them. Fortunately, they both have compassion that many people only dream of, and both have a knack for coming up with creative remedies to personal struggles. They yearn for intimacy and connectedness deep down which they might even be able to give each other.


This person is likely to be more energetic than you, and you may find their excitement to be excessive at times. Setting limits and letting them know whenever you need room and peace may be necessary.

Since they share core values, they are going to feel a close bond between each other. They are both altruistic, humanitarian people who are concerned genuinely about everyone. None of them are comfortable with merely accepting the world’s atrocities and brutalities; they are profoundly impacted by those and will want to create a better, kinder world.

It’s critical for them to convey their needs since INFP and ENFP have different levels of tolerance for stimulation and social engagements. INFP need frequent periods of solitude to recharge their batteries because they are rejuvenated by alone time. ENFJ, on the other hand, thrives on action and most probably will have plenty of space and time for friends, family, and social occasions.

Worst Matches for INFP

The worst matches for INFP are as follows:

  • INFP with ISTJ
  • INFP with ESTP
  • INFP with ESTJ
  • INFP with ESFJ

These are considered the worst matches for INFP because their personalities tend to clash and their ways of going about life are way too different.

When it comes to what they cherish, the INFP and ISTJ are unlikely to share much in common. Although they may have some spiritual, political, or other associations in general, their viewpoints on the world and what should be significant are substantially different. When they concur on morality and principles, it will most likely be for very separate reasons.

Notice how three of them are Extroverted Sensing, this is because these types value sensory experiences and their only goal is living in the moment or enjoying the moment. When it comes to these individuals, fun tops their agenda and they do not care too much about connecting on a deeper level because all they care about is having a companion, to enjoy this roller coaster ride, called life with.

INFPs have rich inner lives andare imaginative and idealistic so they also spend a lot of time in their heads but these extroverted types believe in getting out there and being part of the action and enjoying the world just as it is unlike the INFP, who are always looking for ways to change the world for the better.

Good Matches

The following types are possible matches for INFP because they have a mix of shared traits and fascinating differences:

  • INFP with ISFP
  • INFP with INTJ
  • INFP with ENTP
  • INFP with ENFJ

These kinds of people may pique the INFP’s interest and make them want to discover more about them. INFPs and these personality types should have a fine blend of similarities and differences and opportunities to help each other grow in their relationships.

Possible Matches

These are possible matches for INFP but are most likely to require effort and extra maintenance:

  • INFP with ISTP
  • INFP with ISFJ
  • INFP with ESFP
  • INFP with ENTJ

Even though INFPs may not feel an initial spark with these types but after opening up with each other they might uncover some surprising similarities. These relationships definitely have potential but require some extra effort to be put in from both sides to work.


In this article, we explored the top best matches for INFP. We also explored their shared values and interests which make them compatible. Well also looked at the worst matches for INFP. This article will look at what makes these types especially compatible for INFP. 

Frequently Asked Questions: INFP Top Matches

Who is INFP most compatible with?

Although a healthy relationship can develop between two well-developed individuals of any kind, the INFP’s ideal mate is the ENFJ or ESFJ. The dominant function of Introverted Feeling in an INFP is perfectly aligned with Extraverted Feeling in a companion.

Who are INFPs attracted to?

INFPs are often drawn to people who are genuine and truthful with them. They find somebody who is truly authentic to be really attractive, whereas somebody who is fake or superficial is the polar opposite. INFPs prefer to be around people who are honest about themselves and don’t hide their truth from others or cover up with lies

Do INFP fall in love easily?

INFPs are not the kind to fall in love quickly, and when they do, they try to judge the person they’re seeing against their idealised version of a perfect relationship. Which may turn out to have been misleading, as that individual can never meet INFPs’ expectations, and they are prone to dissatisfaction.

How does an INFP show love?

Quality time is the most important love language for INFPs, followed by words of validation and physical contact. INFPs tend to show their love by spending a lot of time with those they love about and participating in activities they like beside them, despite the fact that they feel extremely powerful emotions inside.

What is the dark side of an INFP?

They may become absorbed in themselves. Fi (introverted feeling), the dominant function of INFPs, can make them extremely self-absorbed. They become so engrossed in their very own vibrant inner world of ideas, feelings, and dreams that they fail to acknowledge or even notice others.

Do INFPs get jealous?

When INFPs look at someone from afar and feel like they should be reaching the same degree of success, they might feel jealous. INFPs can be harsh with themselves, particularly when comparing their lives to the lives of others.

Are two INFPs compatible?

Fortunately, you both have empathy that many people only fantasise of, and you both have a gift for come up with new solutions to personal problems. You both want affection and intimacy deep down, and your relationship is undoubtedly incredibly important to the both of you because you have much more in common.


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