7 INFP Careers To Avoid

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In this article, we will explore the top 7 career paths that INFPs should avoid and why exactly these careers are not suitable for them. This article also explores a few work related challenges that INFPs take seriously.

7 INFP Careers To Avoid

Here are 7 INFP careers to avoid:

  • Armed Forces Jobs
  • Salesperson Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Electrician Jobs
  • Police Officer Jobs
  • Auditor Jobs
  • Law/ Legal Jobs

Armed Forces Jobs

Military jobs are a no-no for INFPs, which is understandable. In a military career, how artistic can you be?

Not even a grain of artistry, considering how much these folks love colours, invention, and creative thinking. For any INFP, such a life would be dull and colourless.

If you select a vocation as rigid as the military as an INFP, all of your creative abilities, love of pleasure, and ingenuity will be wasted. The fact that this employment is order-driven makes this option worse for you.

It’s an INFP profession to avoid because you won’t have the option to do things your own way and would have no means to evade obeying commands.

This is an extraverted professional route to some degree. Coordinating with units, regiments, and battalions is a big part of a soldier’s job, and it’s not always easy.

The military does not value an INFP’s unique and unusual personality, as well as their capacity to think outside the box. As a result, the military will vehemently oppose their urge to solve problems through ingenuity and innovation.

Furthermore, because following regulations, politics, and bureaucracy is not an INFP’s strong point, this job path is unsuitable for INFPs.

Salesperson Jobs

The first characteristics that come to mind when you picture an INFP are inventiveness and strong values. Both of these qualities will be undervalued if this person pursues a career in sales. Making it considerably more difficult for an INFP to succeed in this field.

These individuals are not drawn to wealth or great social standing; rather, what counts to them is their inner satisfaction with whatever they choose to do in life.

To make a sale as a salesperson, you must promote even the less-than-ideal products, and no INFP, according to our findings, would ever do so.

They would instead sleep hungry than earn money in ways that compromises their fundamental integrity. This is just one of the reasons we’ve added this job to our list of INFP jobs to avoid.

Sales is an extremely competent profession. It is a career with financial ambitions that will almost certainly place a person in rivalry with his or her coworkers, resulting in disputes.

For an INFP, each of these criterias makes it a big no. They are people who love peace and harmony and a competitive work environment will rob them of their inner tranquilly.

Engineering Jobs

They are as brilliant as they are with their creative expertise but they are equally terrible with mechanical and technical skills.

You could argue that these folks have a specific affinity for vivid colours, thoughts, and concepts. As a result, the realm of technical and mechanical expertise will be uninteresting, drab, and tedious to them.

Engineering directions, technical manuals, machinery and electronics assembly and disassembly are all uninteresting to an INFP.

INFPs are notoriously bad at math. There aren’t many INFPs who want to devote their time and energy to arithmetic and statistics.

Conversely, for an engineer, it is critical that they master mathematics; only then would he be able to advance in his field. This is one of the reasons why engineering isn’t a good fit for the INFP personality type.

Electrician Jobs

Becoming an electrician is also incompatible with an INFP’s inherent inclination. An electrician’s primary responsibility is to install, manage, and repair electrical power, transmission, lighting, and power systems in households and workplaces.

This work necessitates the ability to read blueprints, complex diagrams, and a thorough understanding of all things electrical. None of this will be enjoyable for an INFP.

This job is not just dull, dreary, and tedious for an INFP, but it is also a freelancing employment. Furthermore, because this employment requires working within strict technical guidelines, all of an INFP’s innate inventiveness will be wasted. You can’t add any new ideas to circuit design or creation.

Working as an electrician will need you to interact with a variety of people on a daily basis, requiring you to be open and friendly. This is also outside the INFP’s comfort bubble.

Police Officer Jobs

For persons with an INFP personality type, a career as a cop is definitely a big no.

There are several reasons why these individuals are unsuited for this career. First and foremost, this is a physically tough job. To deal with serious situations, you must be physically and emotionally robust.

An INFP, who is artistic and light-hearted, might struggle to cope with such a grueling career. They are normally free birds, and any job that requires them to follow orders, such as policing, can limit their independence.

This work can be tedious because it entails gathering data, acquiring proof of crimes, and researching offenders which does not fit an INFP’s natural talents.

This is a career that requires a lot of extroversion. Police officers must have strong communication skills, which is not precisely the reverse of an INFP’s character, but it is definitely outside their comfort bubble.

Because INFPs are typically soft-spoken pacifists, dealing with terrorists and gangsters can cause extreme stress, depression, and other mental health problems.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Furthermore, this employment route necessitates no artistic ability or creative temperament. This type of work path will never allow you to extend and express your artistic and creative qualities. As a result, this is not a career for an INFP.

Auditor Jobs

Finance and financial documents are at the heart of being an auditor or accountant.

Did we say that finance is a profession that is diametrically opposed to an INFP’s inherent interests?

These individuals are uninterested in money, celebrity, or social standing, and hence will not appreciate a professional path that is solely based on money.

INFPs aren’t known for their analytical abilities, yet an accountant requires exceptional analytical abilities to solve problems with paperwork and other concerns.

Even if an INFP obtains education and works hard to become an excellent accountant, their innate inclinations will be completely ignored.

As they compile and analyse financial documents, their brilliant minds will remain untouched and untapped.

Furthermore, an accountant’s or auditor’s mathematical abilities must be excellent, but an INFP’s mathematical skills are essentially non-existent because math is not their strong suit.

An accountant must respectfully attend to his clients, comprehend their challenges, and assist them in fixing their problems, making this a slightly extravert vocation. Is it appropriate for an introvert?

Obviously not!

Law/ Legal Jobs

This profession, as colourless as the military, is yet another no for an INFP. Their aptitude to advocate for themselves and stand for what they believe may lead them down the wrong path.

But it’s important to remember that nothing at all about law appeals to an INFP personality. As a lawyer, you may be called to fight for causes with which you disagree. And this is where the trouble starts.

Their intrinsic morality and appreciation for high values would seem to be a stumbling block on their journey to becoming a lawyer.

Because an INFP’s morality will never permit them to work for a cause they oppose. These individuals can only make a stand for and speak for the causes they think are right according to their own beliefs and beliefs.

Furthermore, the nature of law lends itself to extraversion. A lawyer must be engaged and accessible to a variety of people.

These folks may not be compatible with an INFP’s tolerance level. You could be working with inmates, criminals, or even murderers. Because INFPs are extremely sensitive people, none of this will ever flow automatically to them.

Such a professional line will cause anxiety and depression, putting an INFP’s psychological health at risk.


In this article, we explored the top 7 career paths that INFPs should avoid and why exactly these careers are not suitable for them. This article also explored a few work related challenges that INFPs take seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions: 7 INFP Careers To Avoid

What jobs should INFP avoid?

Here are the top 7 INFP Careers to Avoid:

  • Armed forces Jobs: Military jobs are a no-no for INFPs, which is understandable
  • Careers in Law: As colourless as the military, this is yet another NO for an INFP
  • Jobs as a Salesman
  • Careers as a Policeman
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Job as an Electrician
  • Jobs in the Auditing Field

What career is best for an INFP?

Here are the best careers for the INFP

  • Graphic Designer
  • Animator 
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Movie Editor
  • Editor
  • Photography
  • Public Affairs
  • Author
  • Poet

What do INFPs hate?

Cruelty, inequity, and unfairness are all issues that need to be tackled. Everyone might say they despise cruelty and unfairness, but INFPs take it to a new height. People with this empathetic personality type are compassionate and sensitive by nature.

Are INFPs manipulative?

INFPs, like all other personality types, are capable of manipulating and have their own strategies for doing it. In order to get whatever they want, an INFP is more likely to use less dangerous or severe methods of persuasion, whereas a less evolved INFP can use more intense methods.

Are INFPs rude?

It’s one of the few times INFPs will come off as harsh, unreasonable, rigid, or impolite, but no matter how horrible they feel about it, they won’t apologise for doing what they believe is necessary to protect themselves and uphold their ideals.


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