INFP Best Match (3 clear picks)

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In this article, we will explore the best match for INFP. We will also explore their shared values and interests which make them compatible. This article will look at what makes this type especially compatible for INFP. 

Who is INFPs Best Match?

INFPs best match is INFJ!

INFP and INFJ are going to find each other fascinating and inspiring to engage in conversation with. Since neither of them is specifically interested in recounting events in boring detail or exchanging dull facts lacking context, but also because you’ve probably both been stuck in such tedious conversations with others, interacting with one another should be a pleasant change.

Confrontation between these two is especially difficult to happen because they both cherish harmonious relationships, so any rift will be nightmarish for them. 

Fortunately, they both have compassion that many people only dream of, and both have a knack for coming up with creative remedies to personal struggles. Both INFP and INFJ yearn for intimacy and connectedness deep down which they might even be able to give each other and this makes INFJ the best match for INFP.

INFP & INFJ Functions

DominantIntroverted FeelingIntroverted Intuition
AuxiliaryExtraverted IntuitionExtraverted Feeling
TertiaryIntroverted SensingIntroverted Thinking
InferiorExtraverted ThinkingExtraverted Sensing

Traits That INFP And INFJ Find Attractive In Each Other

INFP Key Traits


INFPs are dreamers. You may be in the company of an INFP if you find someone who is spaced out or occupied elsewhere but who still seems to genuinely care to listen to what you have to say. 

INFPs sometimes find themselves lost in thought, constructing imaginary scenarios or contemplating existential questions. INFPs have a strong desire to daydream and are highly creative people. 

Idealistic minds

INFPs are true blue idealists. INFPs are genuinely concerned about others and feel it is their responsibility to make a meaningful difference in their life in whatever way possible. INFPs are capable of this because they possess unshakeable devotion, and they will not violate their ethical values for personal gain.

Artsy and creative

Most INFPs have an artistic streak in them and many INFPs have made their mark on the world with their art. INFPs are dreams so art comes as second nature to them.

The INFP personality would be depressed and hopeless if they would not have a creative outlet of any kind. Art is one thing that helps keep the melancholy (which they are very much prone to) at bay for the INFPs.

Compromising nature

INFPs being empaths and sensitive by nature are also very compromising. Peaceful and prosperous bonds are like a balm to the spirit for INFPs as empathic idealists. 

INFPs are also prone to attracting energy vampires because of their gentle and peaceful aura that most people seek out.

INFPs are excellent mediators in family situations or while engaging in groups because they are genuinely concerned about all standpoints and can go out of their way to ensure that everybody is seen.

Hopeless romantics

INFPs are hopeless romanticsINFPs are ardent lovers and hopeless romantics who fantasise about the ultimate relationship making it a role that can be difficult to fill for someone. 

INFPs fantasise about falling in love and believe that love has fairy-tale aspects. They may sincerely believe in love at first sight, and that there is one dream partner for them out there awaiting them, and they might one day make a magical appearance in their lives.

INFJ Key Traits


If you are an INFJ or have ever come across one, you may not be able to deny that they have an air of mystery around them. This very mysterious aura, also gives them a remarkable presence and magnetism, making them hard to ignore. However, this aura that they have, is sometimes confused by people as smug superiority, which is obviously not the case


INFJs are very ambitious, and never back down from a challenge. They may even take on opponents larger, and more daunting than themselves and not cower from a fight. The INFJs’ formidable side surfaces, when their beloved is threatened. Whether it be a person or their ideals, these individuals believe in fighting for what matters and sticking out to the end no matter how ugly it gets.


Since INFJs are N=Intuitive as well as F=Feeling types, this combination gives them an elevated level of empathy. They are intuitively able to gauge what a person is feeling, just by being in the same room, or in the case of a loved one, they can even know if they’re miles apart, it’s just how they are built! 

They are not the kind to be scared of emotional displays. In fact they are very apt at handling and helping people process their feelings which comes from their innate sense of empathy. Their own emotions are deep and may even be described as abysmal. They are compassionate individuals who uplift people and their (hidden) sensitivity is a gift to the world.


INFJs seem distant and aloof most of the time. They are hard to read, and sometimes even the people closest to them feel distant from them. This aloofness is the very reason behind their mysterious aura. Being the Feeling type, they need to preserve their emotional wellbeing otherwise they risk a burnout, which is every empathetic INFJs nightmare.

INFJs are shy and guarded, yet they are brimming with confidence and self assuredness at the same time. What a curious contradiction!

INFJs do not tend to reveal much about themselves until they trust someone completely, and even if they do open up to someone, they keep a certain side of themselves hidden.


INFJs cannot be clubbed into dank submission; they are free spirited individuals. INFJs are untameable and secretly have a wild side. Wolves like the INFJs, do not follow the herd mentality and are highly sentient beings. INFJs do not let other people control them and are untameable just the same.

INFP Compatibility 

INFP Top Matches

INFPTop MatchTop MatchTop MatchTop Match

INFP Good Matches

INFPGood MatchGood MatchGood MatchGood Match

INFP Possible Matches


INFP Worst Matches

INFPWorst MatchWorst MatchWorst MatchWorst Match


In this article, we will explore the best match for INFP. We will also explore their shared values and interests which make them compatible. This article will look at what makes this type especially compatible for INFP. 

Frequently Asked Questions: INFP Best Match

Who is INFP most compatible with?

Although a healthy relationship can develop between two well-developed individuals of any kind, the INFP’s ideal mate is the ENFJ or ESFJ. The dominant function of Introverted Feeling in an INFP is perfectly aligned with Extraverted Feeling in a companion.

Who are INFPs attracted to?

INFPs are often drawn to people who are genuine and truthful with them. They find somebody who is truly authentic to be really attractive, whereas somebody who is fake or superficial is the polar opposite. INFPs prefer to be around people who are honest about themselves and don’t hide their truth from others or cover up with lies.

Do INFP fall in love easily?

INFPs are not the kind to fall in love quickly, and when they do, they try to judge the person they’re seeing against their idealised version of a perfect relationship. Which may turn out to have been misleading, as that individual can never meet INFPs’ expectations, and they are prone to dissatisfaction.

How does an INFP show love?

Quality time is the most important love language for INFPs, followed by words of validation and physical contact. INFPs tend to show their love by spending a lot of time with those they love and participating in activities they like beside them, despite the fact that they feel extremely powerful emotions inside.

What is the dark side of an INFP?

They may become absorbed in themselves. Fi (introverted feeling), the dominant function of INFPs, can make them extremely self-absorbed. They become so engrossed in their very own vibrant inner world of ideas, feelings, and dreams that they fail to acknowledge or even notice others.

Do INFPs get jealous?

When INFPs look at someone from afar and feel like they should be reaching the same degree of success, they might feel jealous. INFPs can be harsh with themselves, particularly when comparing their lives to the lives of others.

Are two INFPs compatible?

Fortunately, you both have empathy that many people only fantasise of, and you both have a gift for coming up with new solutions to personal problems. You both want affection and intimacy deep down, and your relationship is undoubtedly incredibly important to the both of you because you have much more in common.

Can someone be both INFJ and INFP?

No, owing to their extremely distinct function stacking and personality types, a person cannot be both INFJ and INFP, and though these two personality types may appear similar at times owing to their quiet dispositions and introverted inclinations, they can really be quite distinct.

Why are INFJs so weird?

INFJs have rich inner lives and their thoughts and imaginations are complex and deep, and because of this they tend to spend a lot of time in their heads. They appear and behave awkwardly because they are different and have unmatched intuition and empathy, which makes them act in unusual ways that often other people struggle to understand.


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