INFJ Spirit Animal (A 7 Point Guide)

In this article, we will look at the spirit animal of INFJ Myers Briggs personality type. The article will not only reveal the animal associated with INFJ but also look at their similar characteristics.

What is the spirit animal of INFJ Myers Briggs personality type? 

The INFJ spirit animal is none other than the majestic wolf!

INFJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. It happens to be the most rare personality type (only just 1.5% of the total population are INFJ).

Common traits of the Wolf and INFJ personality type:

  • Mysterious
  • Powerful
  • Insightful
  • Loyal
  • Empathetic
  • Untameable
  • Aloof

INFJ type and the Wolf 

The wolf may also be considered INFJs’ alter ego. If you are an INFJ you will strongly identify with the nature of this regal beast. Now you must be curious to know what makes the Wolf the spirit animal of INFJ personality type. 

Let’s delve a bit deeper and explore how the two are alike.


If you are an INFJ or have ever come across one, you may not be able to deny that they have an air of mystery around them. This very mysterious aura, also gives them a remarkable presence and magnetism, making them hard to ignore. However, this aura that they have, is sometimes confused by people as smug superiority, which is obviously not the case. This is a lupine characteristic, which means it makes the INFJ resemble a wolf. 

Just like the majestic wolf, INFJs are hard to know, and harder to forget because of the lasting impression they tend to make.


Wolves are very ambitious, and never back down from a challenge. They may even take on opponents larger, and more daunting than themselves and not cower from a fight. In Serbian epic poetry, the wolf symbolizes fearlessness. The Native Americans consider the wolf a symbol of bravery. The INFJs’ formidable side surfaces, when their beloved is threatened. whether it be a person or their ideals, these individuals believe in fighting for what matters and sticking out to the end no matter how ugly it gets.


The wolf is considered to be a highly perceptive animal, that is able to gauge a situation and act preemptively. Similarly, INFJ are intuitive types and they greatly value their intuition in making decisions. They also have great instincts, that make them far-sighted individuals whom people can count on, and also gives them exceptional leadership qualities, which makes for a visionary leader.


Wolves are known to be one of the most loyal animals along with penguins. They are loyal to no end, and may even end up sacrificing their lives for their mate or the pack. Similarly INFJs also believe in fighting for what they hold close to their heart, whether it be a person or a cause. They are very affectionate with their mates, and are also known to be one of the few species that practice monogamy. Social structure is also a thing in wolf packs, and they tend to look out for each other just like INFJs value their family and bonds. 


Recent research has proven that wolves are capable of feeling empathy, which is also considered an INFJ superpower. Since INFJs are N=Intuitive as well as F=Feeling types, this combination gives them an elevated level of empathy. They are intuitively able to gauge what a person is feeling, just by being in the same room, or in the case of a loved one, they can even know if they’re miles apart, it’s just how they are built! They are not the kind to be scared of emotional displays. In fact they are very apt at handling and helping people process their feelings which comes from their innate sense of empathy. Their own emotions are deep and may even be described as abysmal. They are compassionate individuals who uplift people and their (hidden) sensitivity is a gift to the world.


INFJs cannot be clubbed into dank submission; they are free spirited individuals. Interestingly, dogs are basically tamed wolves that were domesticated a long time ago, which is why they can coexist with humans but wolves are not easy to domesticate, and even if domesticated they retain their wild instincts. INFJs are untameable and secretly have a wild side. Wolves like the INFJs, do not follow the herd mentality and are highly sentient beings. INFJs do not let other people control them and are untameable just the same.


Just like wolves INFJs seem distant and aloof most of the time. They are hard to read, and sometimes even the people closest to them feel distant from them. This aloofness is the very reason behind their mysterious aura. Being the Feeling type, they need to preserve their emotional wellbeing otherwise they risk a burnout, which is every empathetic INFJs nightmare.

Wolves however are shy and guarded just like the INFJ, yet they are brimming with confidence and self assuredness at the same time. What a curious contradiction!

Wolves are the ancestors of dogs (man’s best friend) and dogs are the spirit animal of the ENFJ personality type which means dogs/ENFJs are just wolves/INFJs that have social amiability, emotional openness and added friendliness. INFJs do not tend to reveal much about themselves until they trust someone completely, and even if they do open up to someone, they keep a certain side of themselves hidden.

The Wolf Stare

The wolf is known for its intense gaze, and as the phrase goes “Don’t stare the wolf down”.

Similarly INFJs have eyes that can see past your exterior, and look into your soul, which is why they tend to disarm people just by their gaze, rendering them defenseless. INFJs can stare directly at people’s eyes and not feel the slightest bit of discomfort. They end up unintentionally intimidating the object of their observation in the process.

This trademark INFJ stare is usually their natural way of analysis and in times of need a defense mechanism, if they feel threatened somehow.

The Lone Wolf

Idealism is the trademark of INFJ! Some INFJs may choose to take their own path in life, and they are the literal embodiment of the term lone wolf. Individualistic and independent, they may tread a lonely path, which they feel they must travel alone. This behaviour is common in wolves, to find their place when a new adult leaves the pack and make their mark on the world.

The INFJs are free spirited and non-conformist, and they value their freedom above all. Wolves share a similar thirst for freedom.

INFJs treasure their alone time, by retreating into a cave of their own making but every once in a while they pop out of their caves because they are purpose driven, and know they just have to do something for the greater good. Particularly, to eliminate injustice and fix deep rooted problems of society. 

Eventually the INFJ needs to reunite with their people. “Their people” are a handful of good friends who truly understand them. Deep conversations with these people are unparalleled, and just their presence can actually boost your spirit.

If they find their tribe they flourish but in case they don’t they prefer retaining the title of lone wolf. What they long for the most is to feel a sense of belonging which is hard to find because the INFJ are a rarity. You’re actually lucky if you come across and INFJ, let alone have one in your life.

The Big Bad Wolf

Now you must be aware of the commonly known archetype the big bad wolf in folklore however that does not happen to be the case because no matter what wolves are just wolves, trying to thrive in a world where they are increasingly threatened. Even fairy tales have taught us to fear them.

Folklore and Pop culture

The character of the wolf (surrounded by myths) has been terribly misconstrued in folklore and pop culture. The wolf is the most misunderstood among animals as is the case with INFJs who struggle with being misunderstood. 

Wolves have been featured in pop-culture time and again, such as in ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ as Big Bad Wolf and in the novel by Jack London as ‘White Fang’.

The reason why there are so many myths around wolves is because they choose to keep their distance. Similarly INFJs also tend to reveal little about themselves and end up feeling misunderstood and alienated among other people. It is true that being an INFJ can be an alienating experience. They also feel that most people are not equipped to understand them on a deeper level which is why a very important part of their journey includes finding their soul tribe.


In this article we explored the spirit animal of the INFJ personality type i.e. the wolf and also discussed their similar traits. If you have any questions or views on this topic please feel free to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions: INFJ Spirit Animal: The Wolf

Do INFJ like animals?

Most INFJs tend to be animal lovers and they see their connection with animals as something to fall back on while they’re taking the time they need to recoup from interacting with humans. 

What animals are similar to INFJ?

The Owl 
The owl is intuitive, wise and has a rich inner life much like the INFJ type.
The Humpback Whale
Another animal that is associated with the INFJ personality type is the Humpback Whale. Often called gentle giants, they show an altruistic streak by protecting animals even outside of their species, against the killer whale by attacking it, which is also how INFJ act against injustice. Compassionate and peace loving much like the INFJ they are known for their complex songs. 

Are INFJs geniuses?

The most rare Myers Briggs type is INFJ with Introverted INtuition as their main function which is a rare type of genius.

Can INFJs be leaders?

If you tell an INFJ that they could become a good leader, they might deny it but this is far from the truth because INFJs make really good leaders. Some of the most influential leaders in history were INFJs eg. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Plato

Are INFJs good at keeping secrets?

INFJs are very private and secretive people. They keep a lot inside of them because they wish to not burden others and they think that people can’t handle what they have to share so they prefer to keep to themselves.

Why are INFJs so weird?

INFJs have rich inner lives and their thoughts and imaginations are complex and deep, and because of this they tend to spend a lot of time in their heads. They appear and behave awkwardly because they are different and have unmatched intuition and empathy, which makes them act in unusual ways that often other people struggle to understand.

What is the weirdest personality type?

NFJs being the rarest personality type are also considered to be the weirdest.  It’s hard to understand these strange enigmatic people. They may appear to be total loners and sometimes seem expressionless, however this is far from the truth and this makes them walking contradictions.

Are INFJ famous?

Some famous INFJ are:
Carl Jung
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Noam Chomsky
Emily Bronte
Leo Tolstoy
Florence Nightingale
Hilary Duff


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