INFJ Relationships (9+ Tips for a Loving Relationship)

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An INFJ personality type individual is someone who is Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging in nature. INFJ is a personality type characterized by Carl Jung in Myers-Briggs Personality Test. A person with an INFJ personality is also known as an ‘Advocate’. 

People with INFJ personality tend to see the world differently; more outwardly and with deep thought-process and imagination. They like to stand up for what is right and their strengths include creativity, sensitivity, and imagination.

In this article, we will be discussing in-depth how INFJs perceive love and what they seek from their partner. In the later section of the article, we will be explaining what an INFJ should do and avoid more to have a happy and healthy relationship with other personality types in the Myers-Briggs Personality Types.

INFJ and Romantic Relationships

INFJs are people who appear very warm and engaging to other people. They are very consistent with their relationship with other people. As a caring human, an INFJ expects their romantic partner to be honest, open, emotionally and intellectually intelligent, and authentic with them. INFJs expect openness in the relationship they are in.

What kind of people are INFJs in a relationship?

INFJs are usually some of the most gentle, calm, strategic, imaginative, creative, and caring people. INFJs’ dominant trait is extraverted feeling and intuition which helps them be extra warm and affectionate towards other people. Though it can take a while for an INFJ to find their ideal partner, it is not impossible. Few of the most compatible personalities with INFJs are ENTP, ENFJ, and INFP.

INFJs are very attentive, helpful partners who know how to make others feel better. They are passionate about positive improvement in themselves and can help their partners work to achieve their goals. INFJs care deeply about their partner and are often willing to make important sacrifices to grow in their loving relationship.

INFJ people have an undying optimistic nature which helps them see better in all the people they meet, which makes it easier for them to get attracted to a partner. But also on the other hand, INFJs are introverted people, which leads them to have a delay in meeting and interacting with new people and hence it is difficult for them to take the ‘leap of faith’. 

People who have INFJ personality are naturally very reserved and committed to their partners. They are likely to put their significant other ahead of them and consistently work toward growth in their relationships. They are positive, driven partners who are open to other points of view and able to remain empathetic most of the time. But INFJs are also likely to thrive in relationships if they see their partner putting less effort. 

Some of the famous INFJ female celebrities are

  • Amy Winehouse
  • Lady Gaga
  • Marie Kondo
  • Slyvia Plath
  • Nicole Kidman

If we take a look at a few of these INFJ women, we can see that they have been very private, loyal, and loving partners for their significant others. 

INFJs like to make a difference in the world with their ideologies and that is the reason they seek similar qualities in their partner as well. It is said that “INFJs fall hard, not fast” – and it is very true, considering the amount of time and energy they put in finding and enduring their ideal partner. INFJs are also the idealists which makes them more prone to be loyal and honest in a relationship compared to other personalities.

One of the qualities an INFJ individual may possess is the ‘not letting go’ attitude. INFJs put their blood, sweat, and tears in everything they do. This quality appears to be tough to handle for an INFJ when it comes to romantic relationships, as they do not wish to let loose on their partners. If an INFJ feels insecurity or dishonesty in the relationship, they try very hard to make it work again and move forward.

INFJs have big hearts and will generally do anything and everything for the people they love, and so being in love only amplifies their core emotions. This is why it matters who they fall in love with and they might be fearful of it at first. Because the INFJ can fall so hard that they give all of themselves to someone, losing parts of who they are in the process. 

When the INFJ finds the right person it can be a truly magical experience for themselves and their partner as well. The way INFJs fall in love is a rare occurrence, something which can enrich the lives of those around them in such a unique way. For the INFJ falling in love might be frightening, but they definitely experience it intensely.  

What do an INFJ seek from their partner in a romantic relationship?

An INFJ seeks a loving, long lasting, honest, motivating and challenging romantic relationship. INFJ people do not get tired of constant challenges and hurdles they face in life, because they are always ready to face them. This is the quality they aspire their partner or spouse to have as well.

Individuals with INFJ personality type usually look for traits like Connection, Intimacy, Loyalty, Confidence, Practicality, Proactiveness etc.  in their partners. We will be discussing these traits in detail in this article.

Connection/ Intimacy

An INFJ seeks for a deep connection with their partner. Here, we don’t mean just physical connection or intimacy but also emotional, mental, and spiritual connection. Once the person with INFJ personality type finds someone who they have more similarities with, they begin to establish some sort of connection. A deep connection leads to string foundation and binding for an INFJ.


Loyalty is one of the most prominent features any individual would seek from their partner in a romantic relation. But for INFJs, loyalty means more than any other factors in their loved one. INFJs believe in the ‘oneness’ of themselves and their spouse. Dishonesty and disloyalty can be a huge let down for an INFJ.


An INFJ is an adventure and risk taker personality. They would prefer their partner to be fierce and confident in any step they take in life. If an outwardly confident person expresses their views with a calculated confidence that is particularly very attractive to the INFJ. The INFJs encourage some sort of conversations where they can see their partner’s confidence. 

With a self confident and assertive partner by their side, INFJs can learn to view ideologies as necessary systems separate from their emotional involvement.

Proactiveness and Practicality

INFJs are dreamers and they also like to make their dreams come true in real life. But along with that, they are also the people who like to think practically and realistically. If an INFJ person finds a partner who can help them dream big but also help them to be down-to-earth, there can be no better ideal partner for them!

A spontaneous partner will help the INFJ to come out of their comfort zone and also be participative with them in the new experiences. As little as cooking a dish for the first time or as huge as skydiving, an INFJ will always look for a supportive partner.

Friendship, Above all

Among all the traits an INFJ seeks from their partner, they dearly want their ideal partner to be open and friendly with them. INFJs want their partner to be the person who supports their dreams and goals. An ideal INFJ partner knows what makes them laugh and what makes them hurt. An ideal partner might take some time to understand all aspects of the INFJ personality but once they get the hang of it, they are hardly ever to leave!

An INFJ aspires to have a romantic partner who can love them unconditionally, value them, give them respect and act as the strongest pillar in their life.

INFJs and Relationship with other Personalities 

In relationships, an INFJ individual acts as a supportive partner guided by a sense of integrity. They are encouraging for their partner’s dreams and aspirations. They wish to maintain harmony and peace in the relationship. INFJ people value a partner who respects their deeply held values and ethics, and one who appreciates their creativity and inspiration.

Following is the list of INFJ with other personality types and how their relationship will go on in terms of most to least compatibility.

Most Compatible Personality Types with INFJ


Helping and uplifting each other is the one true motto of a relationship between an INFJ and an ENFP. ENFP personality is one of the best pairings to be in a relationship with for an INFJ. INFJs and ENFPs are both intuitive-dominant types, which makes each other’s wishes fulfilled and helps each other for their betterment. There might be some arguments and misunderstanding occurring between the two personalities, but that is just part of the relationship and at the end INFJ and ENFP is one of the best romantic pairs that there is.


INFJ and ENTP are the next best pairing in personality type wise relationship pairs. Both INFJs and ENTPs share the same decision-making functions, Introverted Thinking, and Extraverted Feeling traits. Because of this, they will both value precise logic and open, transparent communication and shared feelings. 


INFJ and INFP share similar kinds of values and even though they share only one trait, the differences in their personalities is what brings them closer. In depth conversations and imagination run this pairing. INFJs and INFPs not only channel their creative energy in one direction but also have the same focus and like to enjoy life to its fullest.

Least Compatible Personality Types with INFJ


INFJ and ISTJ are a very rare pairing for the two personalities. In the ISTJ, the INFJ sees someone who is dependable, straightforward, and knowledgeable. In the INFJ, the ISTJ sees someone who is goal-oriented, insightful, and empathetic. Both types prize reliability, and both respect each other’s need for personal space. The major setback of this pairing is the ‘Feeling vs Thinking’ factor.


Even though both personalities respect each other’s space, there are times where they need more than just moral support. Having three common traits out of four, this pairing is a bit off in terms of showing affection and in the way both the types perceive the world. INFJs absorb information through introverted intuition, and ISFJs absorb information through introverted sensation.


These two personality types tend to have a lot of conflicts with each other, but they can also propel each other towards greater levels of understanding, if given proper time and patience. They may be drawn to each other simply because they are so different from each other! 

In this relationship, many conflicts are bound to arise when INFJs find ESTJs too abrupt and controlling, or ESTJs try too hard to pull INFJs away from their abstract perspectives. Because these types share none of the same mental processes, there are more likely to be misunderstandings and arguments that lead nowhere. When these types do understand each other, there can be huge levels of growth because they both offer a perspective that the other is lacking.


In this article, we discussed how an INFJ personality type acts when in love, and what kinds of qualities they seek from their partner. We also answered the question of what all personality types may have the highest and lowest compatibility in terms of romantic relationships with an INFJ.

FAQs about INFJ Relationships

Are INFJs calm people?

Yes, INFJ is the personality type that is perceived to be very polite, calm, and collected in nature.

Is honesty an important factor for an INFJ?

Yes, INFJs naturally are very honest and loyal and they seek a similar kind of behaviour from their partner as well.

Can an INFJ and INTJ personality type make a good couple?

An INFJ and INTJ have three out of four similar traits, which is a good sign. But generally INTJs act as more logical and practical people compared to INFJ, which might cause some conflict in expressing love.

Are INFJ people pleaser?

Yes, INFJs are people pleasers but that does not mean that they are gullible. They use their own brain and gut feeling to take any decision. 


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