Top 7 INFJ Jobs To Avoid

In this article, we will explore the top 7 career paths that INFJs should avoid and why exactly these careers are not suitable for them. This article also explores a few work related challenges that INFJs take seriously.

List of Top 7 INFJ Jobs To Avoid

Here is a list of top 7 careers that INFJs should avoid:

  • Clerical job
  • Military Related Job
  • Electricians or Technicians
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Police Related Job
  • Firefighters
  • Jobs related to Politics

What Are The INFJ Like?

Intuitive, empathising, and nurturing are characteristics of INFJ personality. Finding a job that suits such a personality could become challenging at times.

People with INFJ personality types are the most uncommon and unique of all the personality types, according to the pseudoscientific survey.

One of the most rare personality types is the INFJ (only 1-2 percent of our population).

INFJs are empathic, compassionate, kindhearted people. They are touted as Idealists.

Since these people are imaginative and reflective, choosing a job is a dilemma for them.

Since INFJ personalities are both inclusive and reserved, most of them would like to work in a calm environment.

7 Jobs To Avoid for INFJ

Clerical jobs

INFJs aren’t designed for office work. Sitting at a desk for 7 hours straight can become boring and tedious for them. Data entry and file organisation while seated at a desk with a suit is not their cuppa tea. There’s no room for imagination here.

Furthermore, whether an INFJ works in finance or clerical work, they will not be compensated appropriately for their abilities and they wouldn’t have the opportunity to demonstrate their true hidden potential.

When it comes to clerical careers, there is no space for intellectual development and no chances to demonstrate imagination and originality, rendering them inappropriate for INFJ personalities.

Military Related Jobs

INFJs are compassionate, imaginative, and morally upright people. For obvious reasons, they are unsuitable for military roles and professions. They would struggle to blindly obey orders without question.

For an INFJ it is impossible to be content staying at a single post for 12 hours straight and following instructions without hesitation. This is the complete antithesis of what an INFJ excels at.

INFJs are naturally creative, but military service necessitates a regimen that is both monotonous and static. This will, inadvertently, destroy their creative and visionary instincts.

Electricians or Technicians

This career has little to do with promoting an INFJ personality’s innate instincts. Now is where things tend to go bad.

You can not possibly hope to succeed in a career that demands you to not be your authentic self. INFJs are unlikely to use their ingenuity and innate personality traits on repairing a circuit.

Sales And Customer Service Representative

Customer care, distribution, and financing are all extremely money-oriented fields in the corporate world. They are more concerned with monetary benefit than with inner satisfaction or spiritual fulfilment.

INFJs will suffer because they are unable to bring their innovative vision and goals to reality. This will disturb them, lowering their morale and energy levels.

INFJs have qualities such as thoughtfulness, creativity, and helpfulness. They won’t be able to put their special skills to use in this work. Since they will not be using their talents, their work satisfaction will suffer.

Jobs and occupations in this area are pretty routine and do not demand any imagination, making them unsuitable for INFJ personalities.

Police Related Jobs

It’s true that INFJs love assisting others; however, assisting others takes up a lot of time. Being a police officer may not be the kind of support that an INFJ would be willing to provide.

Being a law enforcement officer entails always bearing a great deal of pressure and emotional baggage. Since INFJs are emotional and feel more than others, they may develop Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from exposure to traumatic experiences and incidents.

They are also required to arrest and punish individuals as part of their duties. This is the exact opposite of an INFJ’s personality traits and tendencies.

Furthermore, serving in this system will not lead to a radical shift; it will necessitate a great deal of action, which is undesirable for anyone with an INFJ personality.


INFJs have a very helping nature and have a real aptitude for resolving issues. INFJs, on the other side, prefer long-term critical thinking over short-term problem solving.

Work and occupations that need a quick response or aid in problem-solving are not appropriate for INFJs. They address challenges and conflicts by doing in-detail analyses and attempting to identify the root of the conflict.

Firefighters and other positions that need urgent assistance are inappropriate for an INFJ’s disposition because they appear to get overwhelmed and distressed when trying to fix challenges and issues right at the spot.

They are conscientious, and when they are confronted with an emergency, their minds will start to think up ideas and solutions and sometimes in a scattered manner.

Politics Related Jobs

INFJs are morally upright and have strong principles. It could be challenging for them to be a good politician if they have these attributes.

Being a politician necessitates diplomacy and the need to adapt to changing circumstances. Because of their strong sense of morality, this would be impossible for an INFJ to do.

Furthermore, the letter “I” in INFJ stands for introvert. This is one of these people’s characteristics.

Being a politician necessitates a vast amount of interactions and associations. Because of their reserved personalities, this may be problematic for an INFJ and they will be put at a risk of burnout.

When it comes to jobs, INFJs often need autonomy. They want to form their work around their ideas and aspirations.

Work Challenges For INFJ

They can’t turn their backs on their humanitarian instincts.

INFJs have a certain humanitarian propensity, and as their personalities grow and evolve, they will find it more difficult to suppress it. They may feel compelled to show their humanitarian nature, and they may feel a lot of internal conflict, particularly if their work or field has nothing to do with helping humanity in some way.

They Need Autonomy And Balance

INFJs like to function alone, but they still require connection. They succeed well when they are granted the right to do so. Since too much social contact will burn out INFJ personalities, but too much isolated activity will lead them to feel isolated and stressed, a decent balance of human contact and solo work is suggested.


In this article, we explored the top 7 career paths that INFJs should avoid and why exactly these careers are not suitable for them. This article also explored a few work related challenges that INFJs take seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions: INFJ Jobs To Avoid

What jobs are INFJs good at?

INFJ Best Careers
Counselor (Counselors help individuals, couples, families, and groups of people dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being) 
Psychologist (Psychology is a natural fit for an INFJ personality type) 
Human Resources 

What are INFJs not good at?

Deception and manipulation
No one enjoys being tricked or deceived, but INFJs are particularly sensitive to it. They have good observational hunches on whether someone is lying to them or telling them a tale that doesn’t make sense and they can read people well. It’s difficult to keep anything hidden from an INFJ.

What are the weaknesses of an INFJ?

INFJ Weaknesses
Tendency to overlook details (INFJs have a propensity to get so wrapped up in theorising the larger picture that they forget to care for any of the basic elements that can create the difference between victory and defeat, no matter how realistic they try to be.)
Very reserved
Sensitive to conflict
Prone to burnout

Who should INFJ marry?

While a stable partnership may exist between two well-developed persons of any type, the INFJ’s ideal partner is the ENTP, or the ENFP. The dominant feature of Introverted Intuition in the INFJ personality form is ideally paired with an Extraverted Intuition personality type.

Can INFJs be leaders?

Advocate (INFJ) personality types have a reputation for being strong leaders. Consider Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Plato, three of history’s most prominent Advocate leaders. However, telling an Advocate that they will make a great leader might cause them to differ.

Are INFJs good liars?

INFJs are the least likely to lie in particular. As a result, they aren’t very effective at deception. They normally say it as it is, which is why they can come off as cold or standoffish at times.

Why are INFJs so hard on themselves?

They are excessively critical of themselves. They’re also generous with their time, attention, and themselves. It’s natural that havinging extreme perfectionist tendencies comes naturally to people who have a propensity to overthink things.

What are INFJs afraid of?

When asked about their concerns, several INFJs mentioned the fear of abandonment as well as the fear of opening up to others and enabling themselves to be unconditionally loved.

Do INFJs fall in love easily?

When INFJs fall in love, they do it deeply, but it does not happen fast. The INFJ takes a long time to warm up to others, so falling in love can be a gradual process for them. Since they feel everything so intensely, falling in love is a very significant and overwhelming experience for them.

Are INFJ smart?

INFJs are often regarded as intelligent individuals, but understanding their intelligence type is critical. Intuition is something that the INFJ is really linked to, and it is unquestionably a kind of special wisdom that they exhibit.


Top 7 INFJ Careers to avoid

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