INFJ Hobbies (+13 List)

This article will take a look at the INFJ personality and its most common hobbies. The article will not only introduce the INFJ personality type but also highlight it’s traits so that the readers understand why it has certain hobbies.

INFJ Hobbies – What Are They?

Here are some popular hobbies that INFJs have:

  • Volunteer Work
  • The Outdoors
  • Gardening
  • Observing People
  • Reading
  • Target Practice
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Daydreaming
  • Dancing
  • Cooking
  • Cultural Events
  • Art
  • Counseling Others
  • Teaching

Before we take a look at each of these hobbies, let us take a deeper look at the INFJ personality type and what traits they have!

INFJs – The Advocates.

The typical INFJs have a very thoughtful approach to life where they are absorbed in their creativity, values, deep thinking and inner vision!

Although they aim high and have a sense of creating the perfect world, they are not blinded by their idealism and realize they need to take concrete steps in order to make the world reflect their inner vision of it where people have justice and are treated well. They like to stand up for others and connect to them on a deeper level.

They focus on their thoughts – they are creative, have deep insights and are passionate about what they believe in!

They want to create the perfect world and here their creativity comes into play. With such an imaginative pattern of thought they are able to find diverse solutions to an array of problems people face. This is combined with their principled thoughts that allows them to remain consistent, get through difficult times and serve as an inspiration for others.

These people are very sensitive to criticism. They reflect on it deeply to the extent that it may reduce their productivity and make them feel as if they lag much when in reality that criticism is targeted at a specific element. This may also be because of the fact that they aim to become perfectionists – aiming to be the best version of themselves.

As they are quite sensitive, INFJs are reluctant to open up and may be difficult to understand – this can sometimes create problems in relationships where people are curious to learn more about the other.

The Traits Of INFJs

Here are some popular traits of an INFJ personality:

  • Idealistic
  • Practical
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Altruistic
  • Averse to Conflict/Criticism
  • Goal Oriented


This personality type is quite idealistic; they aim for the best and want to make sure that whatever they dream of doing, they fully accomplish it as desired – nothing less. This is what motivates them to never settle for less and hence they put their all in to create the world they always wanted to live in.

They will put in a lot of hard work and time to achieve their end goal and keep doing this even if others back out. They may be made fun of because they want to achieve the picture perfect world that they dream of which others may deem impossible.


To some extent, the INFJ is somewhat practical and this may be because of their judging function that allows them to stay somewhat organized as well as their constant interactions with other people that gives them a glimpse of the real world and the issues people face. They also have a good idea of the goals people set out to accomplish but what hurdles they experience which eventually puts them to a halt.

Thus, to not only achieve their own goals but also guide others in an appropriate and logical manner, this personality type is pushed to be quite practical. They will go for the best but in a way that seems possible and not impossible to themselves as well as others.

Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

Despite being introverts, this personality type from the MBTI inventory has been able to polish their communication skills as well as their intrapersonal skills. Hence, not only do they understand themselves quite well but they also understand others.

They are aware of how they feel and how things affect them; at the same time they are able to regulate their emotions to an extent but they are known to withdraw from their surroundings at times. Also, they make great listeners who are empathetic to the needs of others and understand what they are going through or what they need before saying anything to them at all.


 A very important trait of the INFJ personality type is that they are indeed helpful. They are driven by the passion to help others and will go out of their way to be of assistance. Furthermore, they will put the needs of others first if they have to to help them and often times this results in them ignoring their own needs – this is why INFJs are so afraid of criticism because they have put in so much effort to help others that even the slightest bit of criticism will turn them off.

Averse to Conflict/Criticism

As we mentioned before, this personality type is extremely averse to criticism because they cannot stand the fact that they do so much for others and all they do is complain! Although there may be some validity in the feedback given by others to the INFJ, the INFJ is sensitive and cannot hear it as they should.

Goal Oriented

The INFJ is indeed goal oriented and this is what keeps them going! They are quite passionate about achieving things in life that center around their interests. Furthermore, they are motivated when they achieve something they had planned like helping someone out or gathering a sufficient number of resources.

INFJ Hobbies – What Are They?

Here are some popular hobbies that INFJs have:

  • Volunteer Work: INFJs are often altruistic individuals who love helping others and/or have a strong desire to forward causes they care about. Volunteering is a great way for INFJs to use their gifts to make the world a better place.’
  • The Outdoors: INFJs often enjoy spending time out in nature and many choose some kind of outdoor sport as a hobby. Hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and running are all popular hobbies with INFJs.
  • People Watching: INFJs love looking at patterns and we tend to be very attuned to other people’s needs and emotional states. People-watching lets us look at patterns between people and we often enjoy observing how they interact with each other. Part of this is curiosity and part is a desire to understand people and better meet their needs.
  • Gardening: This is one of the hobbies I see INFJs mention pretty frequently. It’s an outdoor activity, which is something many INFJs enjoy, and it also engages our Sensing side by giving us something to do with our hands.
  • Reading: This is one of the top hobbies reported when you ask INFJs how they like to spend their time. Many INFJs are voracious readers who consume a variety of fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Target Practice: Surprising but this is one thing INFJs like to do and this could be related to their desire to achieve targets – they will not go hunting but will prefer to take part in activities like archery!
  • Music: The INFJ loves to listen to music because it gives them the chance to relax and roam around in their own creative mind.
  • Gaming: Gaming is a fun activity that this personality type likes to take part in because they get to play with their intimate group of friends and hence it increases bonding.
  • Daydreaming: Introverts are known for daydreaming and so is the INFJ who will quite often get lost in their world of daydreams.
  • Dancing: A romantic night with one’s lover where feelings are at an all high is something the introverted INFJ would not want to miss out on!
  • Cooking: Cooking is a relaxing activity for INFJs especially if they get to cook for others and their loved ones!
  • Cultural Events: INFJs love to explore new cultures and understand people and their way of life so a cultural event will definitely attract an INFJ.
  • Art: The INFJ personality type gives much importance to art because it is a way through which people can express themselves.
  • Counseling Others: Helping others is always something an INFJ will do!
  • Teaching: Teaching is a fun activity this personality type loves to do because not only do they help others but they also get to stimulate their mind.


This article took a look at the hobbies of the INFJ personality type and explain them briefly. The article also introduced the INFJ type and described their traits!


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