INFJ careers (The best 11)

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The blog is about INFJ careers, under which more questions relating to the topic of the blog are going to be answered like, ‘what careers can INTJ pursue?. 

What careers can INTJs pursue?

  • Counselor 
  • Scientist 
  • Graphic designer
  • Scientist
  • Writer
  • Human resource manager
  • Liberian
  • Professor
  • Non profit or Advocacy
  • Life Coach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Psychologist


Naturally, INFJs are counselors because they love to help people faced with mental issues. They work to help individuals, couples, families, and groups of people in abuse centers, government, schools, or hospitals.


INFJs being dominant introverts, thrive independently working in quiet environments. Just like INFJs, scientists usually isolate themselves to revise and deduce results effectively

Graphics Designer

This is another career that best suits an INFJ because of their creative minds and ideas. With this career, they can be able to pull peoples’ attention without having to speak.


INFJs being creators, prefer to pursue careers that push them to bring out their ideas or knowledge. And for an introvert, a writer is the ideal job for an INFJ because they are clever and can write anything from short stories to screenplays to popular blogs.

Human Resource

Human rights personnel are organized and highly dedicated to empathetically guide new employees through complicated procedures of benefit and compensation plans. And it comes to interpersonal skills, INFJs are good at it.


INFJs love working in quiet environments and the library happens to be the best place for them to work. this kind of environment allows them to brainstorm ideas while widening their knowledge also.


INFJs can also be professors as well because professors break down complex concepts to make it easy for their students to grasp

Nonprofit or Advocacy

ISFJs are likely to be involved in humanitarian causes or projects or advocacy. This is because they very caring and love to help others.

Life coach

A life coach helps people identify and achieve their goals in life. This best suits INFJ because they are remarkable at inspiring and motivating others. Working as a life coach will engage INFJs in meaningful conversations


This career matches an INFJ because while working with a group of people in a business, creates common values and beliefs towards achieving a common goal. It’s also an opportunity for an INFJ to showcase their ideas.


INFJs usually use their skills of empathizing with others to read and evaluate human body language and thus making them the perfect match fit for this job while Psychologist employs all these qualities when attending to their patients

What are the unpopular careers among INFJ?

any personality type can take up any job but it should be noted that some careers are best matched with talents and the preferred work ethics of an INFJ while other jobs require the thinking capacity and those behaviors that do not come naturally.

Careers that demand an INFJ to operate outside their natural abilities may tend to be draining and stressful and some of these careers are;

  • General contractor
  • Electrician
  • Engineering technician
  • Mechanic
  • Surveyor
  • Farmer 
  • Real estate broker
  • Sales manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Property manager
  • Financial manager
  • Factory supervisor
  • Military officer
  • Police officer
  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • Cook 
  • Medical records technician
  • Politics
  • Customer service
  • Finance 

What is INFJ?

INFJ according to Myers- Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can be translated to mean (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging). Persons with this personality type have creative, gentle, caring qualities. 

They are highly idealistic and sensitive always contemplating the meaning of life while thinking about the future.

Due to the qualities they possessed, they are sometimes known as the “Advocate” or the “Idealistic”

They are very few people that exhibit this personality type and make about three percent of the population.

They are idealists who strive to see change, translate their ideas into actions rather than just preaching about it

INFJ is the opposite of the ESTP personality type.

What are the major characteristics of an INFJ?

INFJs are honest, outspoken, and empathetic due to their emotional understanding of others. They also strongly believe in their intuition and can act rationally and decisively to get want they want

They are introverts therefore most of the times, they are in their own company recharging new ideas, but if they mean to trust people in their spaces, they tend to form strong and meaningful connections 

With their idealism quality, INFJs are always striving to make a better place for others through taking actions rather than the word of mouth.

They are also decision-makers in nature while deciding. INFJs put so much attention on personal issues rather than objective plans.

What are the qualities exhibited by INFJ while at work?

For humanity’s sake, INFJs strive on bettering the human condition. They are very dedicated, and helpful in planning and carrying out projects for humanitarian causes

They develop ideas that are very constructive for other people

INFJs prefer working independently in an organized environment. This makes it easier for them to come up with effective ideas

Their working environment is usually harmonious and oriented to humanitarian assignment

On a team

INFJ endeavor to find solutions to problems facing others by coming up with innovative ideas for nurturing human potential

They are very observant in noticing other people’s gifts and talents and further encourages them to embrace these gifts

INFJs take group discussions seriously by listening attentively and giving suggestions too though they may sometimes act as a source of quiet inspiration. They offer clarity to the group.

INFJs on a team, try to figure out the deeper meaning of the conversation by opting for other ideas 

They also provide information on the ethical and humanitarian issues on the table.

As a leader

They are always encouraging their subordinates to work hard towards achieving a positive goal

INFJ as leaders always work very hard in attaining a common goal of benefiting others

They have good organizational skills and consistent with their values

They are creative and confident in implementing effective ideas and projects

What are the weaknesses and strengths of an INFJ?


  • INFJs are empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others
  • They are introverts who are reserved
  • INFJs tend to be so creative and artistic
  • They sometimes plan and focus more on the future
  • INFJs usually value those who are close and hold deep relationships
  • They are always thinking and trying to understand the meaning of life
  • They are idealistic individuals.


  • They tend to be overly sensitive and vulnerable to criticism because of their emotional intelligence when challenged, they could react badly
  • INFJs are private, lonely, and difficult to understand. They tend to keep their emotions and feelings to themselves.
  • Strive to look out for others and neglect themselves
  • They tend to be high expectations in their beliefs
  • They are stubborn
  • Do not like conflicts or confrontations

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Which celebrities are INFJs?

  • Oprah Winfrey, television personality
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights activists 
  • Atticus Finch, To kill a Mockingbird
  • Carl Jung, Psychoanalyst
  • Taylor Swift, musician


The blog was about INFJ careers and questions relating to the topic of the blog were answered like ‘what are the unpopular careers among INFJs’. All these questions were discussed to clearly understand the topic of the blog.

Frequently asked questions: What careers can INFJ pursue?

Is an INFJ controlling?

No, INFJs are only emotionally attached to those they care about at times it could seem like control though some of them can be manipulative but not controlling.

Why do many INFJs have trust issues?

INFJs have trust because they are dominant introverted and intuitive. They take time to be around people they can fully trust.

Why are INFJs so serious?

They may look serious and intense when working and focusing on their assignments, but they are the sweetest persons to be with. 

Are INFJs slow learners?

No, they are fast learners. They are also very quick at observing small details.


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