25 INFJ Anime Characters (The Ultimate list)

In this brief guide, we will look at 25 INFJ anime characters, and also discuss some features of the INFJ personality type.

List of INFJ anime characters

  • Satoru Fujinuma
  • Ashitaka
  • Emiya Kiritsugu
  • Akane Tsunemori
  • Yuki Sohma
  • Jinora
  • Johan Liebert
  • Haku
  • Robin Sena
  • Saki Hanajima
  • Ayane Yano
  • Osono
  • Hatsuharu Sohma
  • Sawako Kuronuma
  • Misaki Nakahara
  • Yuzuru Otonashi
  • Kenzo Tenma
  • Naomi Misora
  • Saki Watanabe
  • Seishin Muroi
  • Saya Irino
  • Kousei Arima
  • Princess Yue
  • Ririchiyo Shirakiin
  • Itsuki Koizumi

What is an INFJ personality?

INFJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging, and this is a personality type given by the Jungian and Myers Briggs theory of personality.

INFJ is also known as the Advocate in the Myers Briggs system, owing to traits like approaching life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination. 

The INFJ is blessed with a deep inner vision, and their personal values, coupled with a quiet, principled version of humanism, leads them to reach some profound conclusions about abstract concepts.

Having an Intuitive type of perception or information gathering process, the INFJ personality is able to rely on their complicated inner world and solve problems with a feeling akin to what we call Instinct, or “Gut feeling”.

In addition, their extroverted sense of Sensing allows them to explore new things and experiences, but not necessarily people, to build the repertoire of information that eventually guides the so-called gut feeling and provides fodder for the deep thoughtfulness that belies the decision making process.

They have a deep sense of idealism and morality, owing to an introverted sense of thinking, and they tend to be appreciated for these traits often.

INFJ may also have a strong moral compass and they may often be guided by their own principles above everything else.

They are creative and imaginative and may be capable of seeing the world from a new perspective due to their rich inner world, and they are very insightful given their strong thinking patterns, and may easily see through dishonesty.

These people may also make great writers, speaking in detailed and easy to understand terms rather than using technical ideas and logic that may not permeate through for everyone.

At the same time, they may also have problematic aspects to their personality, like being too thoughtful at times, and not being able to come out of their inner worlds even when needed, on occasion.

They may also be very private, and this coupled with their idealism and a strong sense of morality may also cause them to burn out easily, and also make them rather sensitive.

INFJ Anime characters

Satoru Fujinuma

Satoru Fujinama is an INFJ anime character on the show Boku Dake ga Inai Machi.

He is an introvert in every sense, he is rather shy and reticent, and prefers to observe and think about the world more than he likes to engage with it.

Because of his introverted judging function of feeling, he is able to understand his own inner world well but has trouble understanding the emotions of those around him.

He is also deeply thoughtful and ruminates about everything – including his own mistakes, and often that gets in the way of him feeling good about himself, which is something INFJs might suffer from rather often.


Ashitaka is the chief character in the Studio Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke.

He is shown to be a very stern and determined individual who does not let anything, even his own setbacks, deter him from achieving what he wants to, which may be seen often in INFJ anime characters as well as in INFJ personality in general.

He likes peace, and he is curious about everything wanting to learn but at the same time keeps a safe distance from the external world, focusing more on the internal.

He is also shy about his romantic feelings and finds it hard to tell the object of his affection about his feelings that she is beautiful and he likes her.

Emiya Kiritsugu

Emiya Kiritsugu is an anime character from the Fate/Stay Night Visual novel and the prequel to the same by the name of Fate/Zero.

He is a good candidate to be considered an INFJ anime character owing primarily to his brooding and conflicted nature. ]

He shows typical INFJ traits such as being the hero for justice and protecting the weak, which falls in line with many INFJ feelings and the importance they give to Ideals and Morals.

Even when he has to engage in things he does not like to do, he feels no emotion from personal victories over his targets, defining the INFJ behavior of being idealistic and determined to a fault.

Akane Tsunemori

Akane Tsunemori appears on the show Psycho-Pass, and makes for a good INFJ anime character study.

At the time she is recruited, she is shy and naïve, and as a true INFJ, she is highly idealistic.

Like many INFJs, she ponders and agonizes over philosophical questions like the purpose of her existence.

With time we also discover more INFJ traits in her like her insightfulness and passion towards what she does and those she interacts with.

Yuki Sohma

Yuki Sohma is an INFJ anime character on the show Fruits Basket, and he shows some INFJ traits, but may tend towards others at times as well, depending on the circumstances and the way the story is going at a given point. 

He is generally is viewed as a perfect, untouchable prince by most of his school but at the same time, he can also be terribly awkward and socially inept at times.

Like many INFJs however, he also suffers from a fear of rejection and isolation, and sometimes his idealism makes him feel too detached from reality. 


Jinora is an INFJ anime character on the show The Legend Of Korra.

She is a typical INFJ, with a reserved, intelligent, studious tendency, and one that shows great courage in situations that demand it.

She can also have an assertive side and is not afraid to stand up for herself if need be, and she is not afraid to make sacrifices for those she loves, showing the typical INFJ altruistic traits.

Johan Liebert

Johan Leibert appears on the show Naoki Urasawa’s monster and shows many INFJ traits.

This INFJ anime character is well-mannered and compassionate, but he can also be somewhat aloof.

Many people who know someone with an INFJ personality may relate to what Johan’s acquaintances call him, which is “not of this world”.

With their thoughtful tendencies and their heightened sensitivity, these people may often seem otherworldly almost, and it may seem like they have so many answers.


Haku appears on the popular anime show Naruto and can be considered an INFJ anime character.

Haku is a true metaphor for INFJ. He is a spirit being who has the capability to turn into a dragon, despite his usual calm and collected appearance, which is suggestive of the highly active inner worlds of INFJs despite their appearance as a quiet person.

Haku also has great spiritual knowledge much like many INFJs and helps others as much as he can.

Robin Sena

Robin Sena appears on the show Witch Hunter Robin and may be thought of as an INFJ anime character due to her calm and quiet nature.

Robin is rarely seen letting go of her emotions and this makes her seem quite introverted, like many other INFJs.

Despite her controlled emotions, however, she is highly empathetic and is able to understand and help people very well.

Saki Hanajima

Saki Hanajima is another INFJ anime character on the show Fruits Basket.

Saki is a loner who was quite isolated from everyone and everything around her at the beginning due to a traumatic past, which shows that not everyone that has introverted traits may have been born with them and that personalities can change dramatically over the course of a lifetime. 

Saki may also seem quite aloof and mysterious, and she is very polite when she does speak, though she speaks very less.

Saki is also not prone to showing too much emotion, which is something that is seen in many INFJs as well.

Ayane Yano

Ayane Yano appears on the show Kimi Ni Todoke, and she shows great INFJ anime character traits.

She is cool-headed and considered to be a good tactician, and using her traits of extroverted sensing, she is able to understand people around her very well, and approach them accordingly.

She is also very strong-willed and passionate, which are some other qualities one might find in an INFJ anime character.


Osono appears in the anime Kiki’s Delivery Service where she plays the protagonist’s landlady.

She has been discussed under different personality types as well, given her short role in the movie, but she shows traits like Introversion and kindness that make her fit for the INFJ personality type as well.

She is likable and helps other people, and is shown as being concerned and empathetic towards the end when Kiki’s powers are draining.

Hatsuharu Sohma

Hatsuharu Sohma is another INFJ anime character from the show Fruits Basket.

He may be seen in two facets to him. Sometimes he may be normal and laidback, getting along with everyone, and on the other hand, he may become more foul-mouthed and rude.

His normal personality is a lot like an INFJ personality, where he displays a lot of maturity and can be quite thoughtful and empathetic, as well as quite observant.

Sawako Kuronuma

Sawako Kuronuma also appears on the show Kimi Ni Todoke and makes for a fascinating INFJ anime character study.

Sawako is mostly shy and distant, and like many other INFjs, she has a tendency to overthink and over analyze situations, and become quite serious when there is no need for it.

She is also selfless and compassionate, but despite wanting to be social, she stumbles in these interactions quite often.

Misaki Nakahara

Misaki Nakahara appears on the show Welcome to the NHK.

While she may not come across as a typical INFJ anime character, Misaki is still in possession of traits like kindness and altruism, as well as an understanding of how people function.

She also has questionable levels of self-worth and may have extreme reactions to things due to her sensitivity.

Yuzuru Otonashi

Yuzuru Otonashi is an INFJ anime character from the show Angel beats.

He doesn’t care much for socializing and prefers to be alone and do his own thing by himself.lay video games than study and make friends. 

His sister’s loss changes him a lot and he starts working very hard and becomes a more determined person, not spending all his time on video games anymore and trying hard at school, which is seen in many INFJ individuals when they are trying to achieve a goal.

Kenzo Tenma

Kenzo Tenma is another INFJ anime character from the show Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, and he shows some great INFJ traits.

Tenma cares the most about his patients’ well being, over everything else in his life, and may even be called a workaholic.

He wants to save as many lives as he can, which shows the idealistic, altruistic tendencies of so many INFJs.

He often neglects his own self-care to do his duty and his kindness is beyond what is required of his profession.

Naomi Misora

Naomi Misora is an INFJ anime character on the show D-Note.

She displays INFJ traits such as a “remarkable investigative ability,”, which are suggestive of the typical observant tendencies of INFJ personalities,

While she is quite intelligent and good at her job, Naomi can also be somewhat emotional in her thinking process and lets her feelings get on the way sometimes.

Saki Watanabe

Saki Watanabe is an INFJ anime character ibn the show Shin Sekai Yori.

She seems quite timid and lonely, at first, and according to the story, this is due to her insecurity that comes from graduating last in her class when she was younger.

Saki mostly reacts to bad situations with tears of despair, yet she always comes back to a normal state of mind and does not allow these situations to weigh her down. 

Due to the typical idealism and strong moral compass of the INFJ personality, she is also the chairperson of the Ethics Committee. 

Seishin Muroi

Seishin Muroi appears on the show Shiki and is a good example of an INFJ anime character. 

As a monk, Seishin is polite, gentle, kind, and respectful, and always greets everyone well. 

He privately has a more bleak outlook to life but on the surface, he tries to not let that get in the way of good behavior and making others feel good, which is something many INFJs might be compelled to do.

His sense of morals and justice is another example of the INFj traits he shows.

Saya Irino

Saya Irino appears on the show Black rock Shooter and is a good INFJ anime character to study INFJ personality traits.

She is usually a calm and gentle person, and like so many other INFJ personalities, she tends to be the go-to person to talk about problems..

She can also be spiteful and manipulative, which is also seen sometimes in the more negative INFJ characters.

Kousei Arima

Kousei Arima is an INFJ anime character on the show Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso.

Kousei was calm and obedient as a child, and like a true INFJ, he spends most of his time lost in thoughts when he is by himself.

Sometimes he may even be oblivious to the situation around him as well, due to his being lost in his thoughts, but he still notices obvious things like jealousy and rivalry between others.

Princess Yue

Princess Yue is an INFJ anime character on the popular show Avatar, and she is quite well-known in the communities that know about the show.

Princess Yue is a kind, sweet, and gentle woman and she is always able to offer hope to others even in difficult times.

She is also strong and courageous enough to sacrifice her own life for a just cause, which also makes her quite INFJ in nature.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin

Ririchiyo Shirakiin is a character in the Manga and Anime Inu X Boku SS. She is the protagonist of both.

Due to her isolated childhood, Ririchiyo developed a cold and brooding personality. 

She would often have explosive reactions toward others sometimes and on other occasions interacts poorly with people.

She eventually goes off to live on her own, because she is not able to be among other people.

Some of these traits may be found in more severely introverted INFJs, but for the most part, the traits are quite exaggerated in Ririchiyo, and therefore while she is included as an INFJ anime character, she is more intense than the real-life personalities with these traits.

Itsuki Koizumi

Itsuki Koizumi appears on the show Haruhi and makes for a good INFJ anime character study.

He has a very polite and affable manner and in a manner very typical of many INFJs, he can sometimes go into long lectures and explanations with very expressive hand gestures. 

Although most INFJs are quite introverted to be so expressive, they do enjoy talking about their ideas and such.

He is also deeply philosophical and intelligent, which are also traits that may be found often in INFJ individuals.


In this brief guide, we looked at 25 INFJ anime characters, and also discussed some features of the INFJ personality type.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): INFJ Anime Characters

What personality types go well with Infj?

INFJs goes well with ENTP, or the ENFP because INFJ’s dominant is Introverted Intuition which is best matched with a personality dominated by Extraverted Intuition.

What personality type is Tanjiro?

Tanjiro’s personality type is ENFJ, owing to his kindness and his idealistic determination to achieve any goal he decides on.

What is INFJ T personality?

INFJ T refers to the Turbulent variant of the typical INFJ personality, which refers to more emotional and judgment oriented individuals rather than those that retain more information rather than act.

INFJ stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging, and this is one of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 

INFJ is also called the “Advocate” or the “Idealist,”  and INFJ people may be creative, gentle, and caring.

What personality type is Todoroki?

INTJ is the personality type of Todoroki.

INTJ is also known as the Architect, and traits of this personality include calm demeanor, coolness, and being collected.



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