INFJ 9w1 (7-point guide)

In this brief guide, we are going to explore some similar qualities in INFJ and 9w1 people. The INFJ is a personality type based on the MTBI whereas 9w1 comes from the Enneagram approach to personality. 

This guide illustrates common factors between the two types, the likelihood of them occurring together, and their strengths and weaknesses. We will go through these qualities in detail and understand how they impact behaviour in various situations.

What are INFJ 9w1 people like?

An INFJ 9w1 person is often referred to as a “Dreamer” because of their ambitious goals. This personality type combination makes individuals very imaginative and passionate. They look for a purpose in life and commit all their time and resources to that cause. Here is a list of INFJ 9w1 qualities:

  • Hardworking
  • Sincere
  • Idealistic
  • Integrity
  • Stubborn
  • Organised
  • Solution-oriented
  • Emotional
  • Creativity
  • Stubborn
  • Selfless

What does it mean to be an INFJ?

According to the Myers Briggs Personality Theory, INFJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. A person with an INFJ personality is likely to have these characteristics that give them the appearance of an advocate. 

This is a rare personality type because of the unique combination of traits. An INFJ approaches life with creativity and thoughtfulness. Their ideals and principles mean a lot to them as they value integrity. 

These individuals usually do what is right, stand up for what they believe in, and often seek a life mission. Unfortunately, this gives them high expectations from other people, places, and situations. As a result, they can be disappointed often. 

Their introverted nature keeps them reserved and less communicative. Though they are very passionate about their purpose, they rarely seem expressive or bubbling with energy. Sometimes, the passion makes them overlook self-care, making them susceptible to burnout or stress. 

What is type 9w1?

Personalities with Enneagram Type Nine Wing One (9w1) are also called “negotiators“. The core Type 9 makes them hardworking, creative, and affable. Whereas Wing 1 makes them function with great sincerity and integrity. 

A 9w1 individual is usually more conscientious than other nines. They are motivated by the basic desire to maintain peace and to make their idealistic world a reality. They also have a basic fear of being isolated from the community or losing what matters to them the most. 

Much like 9w8s, negotiators have a great sense of work ethics and can focus on their purpose. The need to keep peace helps them remain open-minded and solution-oriented. However, they can become reserved and withdrawn if stressed. Moreover, their passionate nature often makes them overlook their own needs.

What’s in common between INFJ and 9w1?

Advocates (INFJ individuals) and Negotiators (9w1 individuals) clearly have a lot in common. Both these personalities possess integrity, are creative, and pay attention to the rules. They like to find a deeper purpose to motivate them with their day-to-day actions. 

Once they have found something that they passionately care about, they dedicate themselves to that cause. They are highly concerned with their ideals and try very hard to fit them into the real world. 

As that can often be an unrealistic expectation, they tend to get disappointed and stressed out. This overpowering need to work on their passions makes both the INFJ and the 9w1 neglect self-care. Consequently, they become prone to things like burnout. An unhealthy 9w1 and a stressed out INFJ can both appear cold and aloof to others. 

Can INFJ people also be 9w1?

It is quite likely that someone with an INFJ type personality on the MTBI will have an Enneagram Type 9w1. While the most probable Enneagram type for INFJs is a Type 4, Type 9 is also among the top probabilities. 

The INFJ combination in itself is a rare one because it’s unusual for people to have this set of qualities. Not everyone can be so passionate about their code of honour and conscientious about their productivity. 

At the same time, Type 9 people are the kind that prefer peace over conflict. They get along well with others and have a deep sense of motivation to perform their duties. While such persons can be great role models, it’s unrealistic for a lot of people to behave in these ways. 

Both types are uncommon and have shared qualities of creativity, integrity, selflessness, and stoic tendencies in times of duress. Therefore, it isn’t surprising to find INFJ and 9w1 traits in the same person.

Strengths of INFJ 9w1 individuals

The strengths of INFJ 9w1individuals include the following qualities:

  • Integrity
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Active imagination
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Curiosity
  • Peaceful
  • Hardworking
  • Conscientious
  • Good work ethics
  • Open-minded
  • Solution-oriented
  • Unique

Weaknesses of INFJ 9w1 individuals

The following are the weaknesses of INFJ 9w1 individuals:

  • Neglect self care
  • Reserved
  • Appear intimidating
  • Have high expectations
  • Avoid conflict
  • Prone to stress
  • Idealistic
  • Less communicative
  • Appear cold and aloof
  • Stubborn
  • Moody
  • Suppress negative feelings
  • Short temper


In this brief guide, we explored some common qualities in INFJ and 9w1 people. The INFJ is a personality type based on the MTBI whereas 9w1 comes from the Enneagram approach to personality. 

This guide illustrated common factors between the two types, the likelihood of them occurring together, and their strengths and weaknesses. We went through these qualities in detail and understood how they impact behaviour in various situations.

INFJ 9w1 individuals are extremely passionate about their beliefs and goals. They keenly seek a purpose in life and devote themselves to it. The INFJ traits make them introverted, emotional, creative and organised. 

They prefer to stick to the rules and display great integrity. The 9w1 qualities make them peace-seeking, hardworking, curious, and sincere. When both these personality types combine in a person, he or she becomes very unique. 

This uniqueness stems from their motivation, good work ethics, open-mindedness, and conscientiousness. Such people tend to overlook self care and get stressed-out easily. They also can appear to be distant and reserved as they don’t have the best communication skills.

FAQs (INFJ 9w1 Individuals)

What Enneagram type is an INFJs?

It’s most likely for an INFJ to be an Enneagram Type 4. Sometimes, they can be a variant of 4w3 or 4w5. A Type 4 tends to be very creative but also concerned about remaining authentic in a conformist world. 

The Wing 3 makes these creative Type 4s very curious and growth-oriented. However a Wing 5 combination is also likely as that makes them strong achievers. An INFJ can also be an Enneagram Type 2, 1, 5, or 9 with decreasing likelihood. 9w1 and 1w9 are usual occurrences as well.

Why is INFJ dangerous?

When under a lot of stress, an INFJ can be perceived as dangerous by people around them. This has a lot to do with the J parameter that makes them “judgers”. They tend to be very organised and planned, which leaves them stubborn when challenged. 

This also gives INFJs high expectations from people and situations. Unlike INFPs, when disappointed, the introversion causes them to not be vocal. Unfortunately, this makes them moody and often explode when the pressure builds up. 

They can sometimes be too harsh with people and are capable of simply cutting people off. Nevertheless, while an INFJ can be a difficult person, they’re not exactly dangerous.

Can INFJs be intimidating?

Yes, indeed. An INFJ personality features a deep need for order and control. The introversion (I) parameter makes these individuals more reserved and less open. 

As feelers, (F), they are also quite sensitive and may take offence frequently. Combined together, all these qualities leave INFJs appearing quite intimidating. But on the inside, they’re very emotional and loving.

Why are INFJs so attractive?

Many people find INFJs attractive because of their integrity. These are people you feel like you can trust because they are very conscientious. They stand up for what is right and usually care a lot about people they love. 

There is also an element of mystery to them because they can be reserved. Most of all, INFJs attract attention because they are extremely hardworking and unique.

Why do INFJs hate birthdays?

It’s pretty common for an INFJ to hate their own birthday. It’s not the day that they are aversive to, it’s more of the attention that makes them uncomfortable. Their modesty and selflessness makes them feel like they do not deserve to be celebrated. An INFJ would usually prefer to celebrate the next guy than take any credit. 


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