INFJ 9w1 sx/sp (5-Point Gude)

In this short article, we are going to explain what it’s like to be an INFJ 9w1 sx/sp. First, we will break down this personality type into three categories of general behaviour. 

We will understand what qualities are associated with INFJ, 9w1, and sx/sp personalities. Then, we will expand this knowledge to describe how they interact when together. We will do this by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of INFJ 9w1 sx/sp individuals.

What is an INFJ 9w1 sx/sp like?

An INFJ 9w1 sx/sp personality has the following set of qualities and tendencies:

  • High ideals and expectations
  • Sincere and industrious
  • Responsible
  • Dutiful
  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive
  • Reserved, introverted
  • Peacemaker
  • Prioritise fitness
  • Avoid conflict
  • Stubborn
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Afraid to lose their loved ones
  • Care a lot about people close to them

Breaking Down the Components of INFJ 9w1 sx/sp

The INFJ 9w1 sx/sp is a highly specific way to describe a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. That’s because there are three different kinds of behaviour indicators in this description. 

In this section, we are going to break down all three of these components and inspect them individually. By doing this, we will familiarise ourselves with the nature of each of these types. Only then will we be able to truly comprehend what it’s like to be an INFJ 9w1 sx/sp. So, without further ado, let’s begin this inspection.

What are INFJ Individuals Like?

INFJ is a personality type derived from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It stands for Introverted (I), Intuitive (N), Feeling (F), and Judging (J). This is seen as the rarest MBTI personality type as it is quite unusual to have this combination of parameters. 

The INFJ is sometimes referred to as the “Idealist” or the “Advocate”. These people are creative, gentle, and caring, but also quite reserved and focussed on the future. They are highly sensitive to the needs of others and motivated to improve the conditions of their surroundings. 

Sometimes, they can be seen as overly sensitive and even stubborn. Their introverted nature makes them a little hard to get to know. The INFJ dislikes confrontation but is assertive enough to avoid being a pushover.

What does 9w1 mean?

9w1 expands to Enneagram Type Nine with Wing One influence. This is a personality type derived from the Enneagram model in psychology. The Enneagram is a 9-point geometrical figure used to describe the traits and characteristics of different personalities. 

A 9w1 personality has traits associated with point 9 with some common qualities with point 1. Wing influence impacts the person’s drives and goals. People with a 9w1 Type have a basic desire for peace and stability. 

They fear having to lose what matters to them and being separated from their loved ones. The influence of Type 1 makes these individuals passionate about making the world a better place. 

It gives them vision about what could improve around them and the determination to make that reality. 9w1 persons are hardworking and idealistic. They avoid conflict and do their best when peace is maintained.

What does sx/sp mean?

Sx/sp describes the instinctual stacks of these particular INFJ 9w1 individuals. The instinctual variants are another dimension of explaining the behaviour associated with a certain personality type. 

It refers to which instincts we tend to focus on versus the ones we ignore. There are three types of instincts possible: self-protective (sp), sexual (sx), and social (so). Having sx/sp means that the primary instinct is sexual while the secondary instinct is self-protection. 

For these people, the social instinct is their blind spot, an instinct they do not prioritise. The sx/sp stacking indicates that money and fitness are the instruments of the sx instinct in these personalities. They view physical fitness as a means to the end of being sexually attractive.

Strengths of an INFJ 9w1 sx/sp

So far we have established that the INFJ 9w1 sx/sp person has a unique set of characteristics. These people are idealists that work very hard to help those around them. They are sensitive, introverted, and quite caring. The following are the strengths of people with the INFJ 9w1 sx/sp personality:

  • Impressive work ethics
  • Sincere and hardworking
  • Perceptive of others’ emotions
  • Care about the wellbeing of others
  • Deeply attached to their loved ones
  • Prefer resolving interpersonal issues quickly
  • Calm and peaceful
  • Prioritise fitness and health
  • Strive for stability and consistency
  • Highly intuitive
  • Creative
  • Enjoy solitude
  • Ambitious

We can see from the list above that the dutiful nature of INFJs reflects in this personality type. The basic desire of the 9w1 makes these people attached to their loved ones. Combined together, the INFJ and 9w1 traits make them highly sensitive to the vibes and energies of people around them.

Weaknesses of an INFJ 9w1 sx/sp

Every personality type has its advantages and limitations. Now that we have discussed the strengths of INFJ 9w1 sx/sp individuals, let’s turn to their weaknesses. They are listed as follows:

  • Stubborn at times
  • High expectations
  • Tend to be self-sacrificing
  • Conflict-aversive
  • Insecure of losing loved ones
  • Overly sensitive at times
  • Potential to become vain
  • Hard to get to know
  • Unable to talk about what bothers them
  • Find it hard to accept truths

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

It’s visible from the above list that the same aspects that give these personalities strengths also bring with them limitations. The cost of being introverted and intuitive is the appearance of being hard to get to know. 

These individuals often have trouble explaining their intuitive feelings so they tend to stay reserved. The idealistic nature of INFJ 9w1 sx/sp people can leave them high unrealistic expectations. The instinctual variant of this personality can lead to some superficial and vain behaviour.


In this short article, we explained what it’s like to be an INFJ 9w1 sx/sp. First, we broke down this personality type into three categories of general behaviour. 

We understood what qualities are associated with INFJ, 9w1, and sx/sp personalities. Then, we expanded this knowledge to describe how they interact when together. We did this by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of INFJ 9w1 sx/sp individuals.

The INFJ personality type comes from the MBTI model while 9w1 comes from the Enneagram. Sx/sp are instinctual variants that describe which of the three instincts are prioritised. 

An INFJ 9w1 sx/sp personality is hardworking, idealistic, peace-loving, and sensitive. These individuals are intuitive, creative, and rather reserved. They can at times be stubborn and unrealistic. Losing their loved ones is a big fear that motivates their behaviour.

FAQs (INFJ 9w1 sx/sp)

Why is INFJ a rare personality type?

The INFJ type from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is said to be the most rare personality type. This could be because it is a rare combination of traits. Another reason could be that there is insufficient data and that many INFJs have not had access to the MBTI. 

It could also be that due to social desirability, some participants don’t respond honestly. This is especially true if they are under the impression that being an extrovert is better than being an introvert.

What is an ENFP 1w9 like?

The ENFP 1w9 is a highly uncommon personality because core 1 people tend to be introverted and not extraverted (E). However, when this combination does exist, it makes a person very hardworking and driven by a sense of duty. 

When the going gets tough, they do not give up. They do not pick fights or conflicts but do end up judging people for behaviour that doesn’t meet their high standard.

What are instinctual variants?

The instinctual variants of a personality indicate which of the three instincts are priorities for them. These instincts include self-protective (sp), sexual (sx), and social (so). The primary instinct is the most imbibed nature and is listed first. 

The secondary instinct is still a little unfamiliar despite its importance. It is listed second after the slash. The third instinct is called the blind spot and is uncharted territory for the person. It is not listed when describing a personality.

Who are some INFJ 9w1 Characters?

INFJ 9w1 personalities are quite rare but there are a few characters in fiction with this personality type. Here are some fictional INFJ 9w1 characters:
Joe from The Princess Diaries
Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre
Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter
Diane Nguyen from BoJack Horseman


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