INFJ 5w4 vs 9w1 (A Comprehensive Guide)

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to compare INFJ 5w4 with INFJ 9w1 personalities. We will do so by breaking down the two Enneagram types as well as the MBTI personality type. Then, once we have a thorough understanding of the three, we will look at similarities and differences. 

How are INFJ 5w4 and 9w1 Different?

INFJ 5w4INFJ 9w1
SimilaritiesVisionaries, Pioneers
Deep perception of people’s feelings
Introverted and selectively open
DifferencesIndependentAfraid of separation
Doesn’t neglect selfSelf-sacrificing
Can detach easilyCannot isolate self

Breaking Down INFJ 5w4 and 9w1

While some readers may be what they call “personality junkies” or enthusiasts, others might be new to the whole concept. That’s why, before we go deep into our investigation of this comparison, we have to level the playing field. 

We are going to develop an understanding of the different personality types involved in this aggregate meant to be analysed. We will so do using this blog as a cheat sheet to quickly learn about these concepts. Below, you will find a description of the INFJ, 5w4, and 9w1 personality types.

Getting to know the INFJ Personality Type

INFJ is a personality type derived from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It stands for Introverted (I), Intuitive (N), Feeling (F), and Judging (J). This is seen as the rarest MBTI personality type as it is quite unusual to have this combination of parameters. 

The INFJ is sometimes referred to as the “Idealist” or the “Advocate”. These people are creative, gentle, and caring, but also quite reserved and focussed on the future. They are highly sensitive to the needs of others and motivated to improve the conditions of their surroundings. 

Sometimes, they can be seen as overly sensitive and even stubborn. Their introverted nature makes them a little hard to get to know. The INFJ dislikes confrontation but is assertive enough to avoid being a pushover.

Getting to know the Enneagram 5w4

5w4 personalities are described by the Enneagram model in psychology. It stands for Type 5 Wing 4, meaning that the core personality is a 5 with some influence of 4. These individuals have a basic fear of being incompetent or not knowing the solution to a problem. 

As a result, they constantly seek more knowledge and skills training to become better at what they do. A 5w4 person is driven by a basic desire to feel useful and able. Also called “Philosophers”, 5w4 people tend to be withdrawn or guarded from others. 

They prefer solitude and spend it with their curiosity for learning. Creative thinking and expression is their strength whereas their overly independent self is a weakness.

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Getting to know the Enneagram 9w1

Similarly, an Enneagram 9w1 personality has a core Type Nine with Type One Wing influence. People with this personality type are highly concerned with peace in their surroundings and lives. 

They come with a great need to maintain stability and consistency, making them uncomfortable in times of change. Their greatest fear is to be isolated from the community or to lose things that matter to them the most.  Someone with a 9w1 personality is also called a “Negotiator”. 

These are people with empathy, good work ethics, open-mindedness, and a need to help others. However, this need to help can at times make them neglect their own needs. In those situations, their dislike for conflict only worsens their condition further.

Comparing INFJ 5w4 and 9w1

Now that we have understood the varying qualities of an INFJ, 5w4, and 9w1 personality, we can proceed ahead. In this section, we are going to put together these broken down components. 

We will first take a look at the shared characteristics between the two personalities of interest. Then, we will compare the differences between and INFJ 5w4 and 9w1.

Key Similarities between INFJ 5w4 and 9w1

  • Visionaries, pioneers
  • Deep perception of people’s feelings
  • Introverted and selectively open

Enneagram Type 1, which comes as a Wing influence in 9w1, makes people prioritise their ideals and dreams. Meanwhile, Type in 5w4 brings with it a thirst for knowledge. When these traits combine with the INFJ personality, they build what people label pioneers. 

Both INFJ 5w4 and 9w1 individuals tend to be visionaries. They also have a strong internal motivation to bring change and make the world a better place. Another shared trait between these two variants of INFJ personalities is a deep perception of people’s feelings. 

INFJ 5w4 and 9w1 persons often find it hard to talk about these intuitive feelings with others. Possibly, this is the reason they prefer internalising observations while being selectively open to sharing their thoughts.

Key Differences between INFJ 5w4 and 9w1

  • INFJ 5w4 more independent
  • INFJ 9w1 more self-sacrificing
  • INFJ 5w4 can detach easily

Despite their resemblance to each other, INFJ 5w4 and INFJ 9w1 personalities do have distinctive traits. 9w1 INFJs value peace in their surroundings. This motivates them to avoid or quickly resolve conflict if it does take place. 

On the other hand, 5w4 INFJs prioritise independence more than conflict aversion. The latter would not put aside autonomy just to maintain harmony. The second difference between these two categories is selflessness. 

9w1 qualities include the tendency to be self-sacrificing. These people often don’t realise that they are neglecting self care due to service to others. 5w4 INFJs, contrastingly, do not lose sight of what’s in their best interest. 

They are capable of prioritising themselves when needed. This nature of their is probably what allows them to detach so easily. A 5w4 INFJ can quickly become aloof and distant post-conflict whereas a 9w1 could never dream to do that. Their basic fear of losing their loved ones prevents them from it. 


In this comprehensive guide, we compared INFJ 5w4 with INFJ 9w1 personalities. We did so by breaking down the two Enneagram types as well as the MBTI personality type. Then, once we had a thorough understanding of the three, we looked at similarities and differences. 

The similarities between the two personalities includes their introversion, deep perception for others’ feelings, and tendency to be pioneers. The differences discussed were that the INFJ 5w4 is more independent and can detach easily. Whereas the INFJ 9w1 can’t and is self-sacrificing.

FAQs (INFJ 5w4 vs 9w1)

What Enneagram type are most INFJs?

The INFJ personality is quite a rare one and has a correlation with the Enneagram type 4w5 personality. Type 4 Wing 5 has the Enneagram 4 at the core with Enneagram 5 influencing the person’s drives and goals. 

The link with INFJ and 4w5 makes sense as Type 4 people often feel misunderstood or alienated, something familiar with INFJs. At the same time, the Wing 5 influence makes them seek knowledge and learning. This is something that contributes to an INFJ’s hardworking nature.

What is the rarest Enneagram personality type?

According to research done on almost 20,000 participants, the rarest score on the Enneagram Personality Test was Type 8. These individuals are known for their questioning nature and are called “Challengers”. 

The Type 8 person hates being controlled and will always speak up to protect their autonomy. Close behind Type 8 were Enneagram Type 5 and Type 2. While Type 5 persons are on a quest for more knowledge, Type 2 have a basic need to help others.

Why are INFJs dangerous?

When under a lot of stress, an INFJ can be perceived as dangerous by people around them. This has a lot to do with the J parameter that makes them “judgers”. They tend to be very organised and planned, which leaves them stubborn when challenged. 

This also gives INFJs high expectations from people and situations. Unlike INFPs, when disappointed, the introversion causes them to not be vocal. Unfortunately, this makes them moody and often explode when the pressure builds up. 

They can sometimes be too harsh with people and are capable of simply cutting people off. Nevertheless, while an INFJ can be a difficult person, they’re not exactly dangerous.


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