I Just Don’t Care Anymore (what it means and helpful tips)

In this brief guide, we will discuss the statement “I just don’t care anymore”, and other related things like what it means when you just don’t care anymore in a relationship and how depression can sometimes make you feel like you just don’t care anymore.

I Just Don’t Care Anymore

Saying “I just don’t care anymore” to yourself about everything may be a phase or a function of difficult times, but in some cases it can also be a symptom of clinical depression.

The feeling of not caring anymore can differ and have many meanings depending on the context; for instance, someone who says they just don’t care anymore in a situation where they have finally decided to cut their hair or change how they dress, it is not bad at all. Other times, it may simply indicate the overpowering boredom in their life causing the stagnant feeling.

However, when someone says I just don’t care anymore when talking about their life or about things they enjoy, or are supposed to enjoy, it can mean that the person is going through a situation that may need attention.

People also sometimes get to the point where they just don’t care anymore because they have been hurt deeply, and there are definitely times where the person may feel like they just cannot persevere anymore.

This type of emotional fatigue can push people into positions where they feel like they just don’t care anymore, because they feel like they have been pushed to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. 

The feeling of just not caring anymore can often lead to a state of becoming cut off from society and being in a shut-down state and the person may no longer care about things that used to matter to them, which may also be known as Anhedonia, or not being able to feel pleasure from doing things that were enjoyable to the person before.

Some people may also experience the feeling of uncaring and loss of pleasure when they feel like they are just barely coping.

Sometimes when life gets too painful or hard you kind of get numbed out to everything around you, whether that is good or bad, and it may be something of a defense mechanism or sorts just so your mind is not able to feel pain as much anymore. 

People may feel like they just don’t care anymore when they don’t want anymore losses to address and sometimes disappointment at their circumstances can even turn into apathy.

Feeling like you just don’t care anymore is obviously not great, but in some cases it can actually do what it is meant to do, and save your mental state, and help you not fall off the edge. 

Not caring anymore can sometimes keep you from becoming really frustrated, scared, desperate, serious, and sometimes it can be better than being angry. 

However, if you find that just not caring anymore is not leading to constructive things in your life anymore and that your interpersonal relationships are actually suffering as a result, you need to go for help because it may mean that you don’t have the resources to deal with whatever you are dealing with and whatever it is that is making you say “I just don’t care anymore”.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

When you just don’t care anymore in a relationship

When you just don’t care anymore in a relationship, there might be some very obvious signs that you may not be able to miss if you really started paying attention.

  • You don’t pay attention or don’t remember when they ask you to do something
  • You don’t feel that you prioritize your partner at all
  • You are just not interested in sex or physical affection either
  • You feel annoyed for no reason when you are around them
  • You feel that everything is just too mundane and too routinely
  • You are unable to compromise on anything even if they agree
  • You keep finding ways to spend time apart
  • You are taking them for granted
  • You think about yourself much more than about your partner
  • You find yourself getting attracted to other people regularly
  • You don’t feel like trying to stay sexy or attractive for your partner
  • You feel like you’ve settled for your partner and you could do better
  • You don’t respect your partner.
  • You’re with them out of a sense of duty and not love

“I Just Don’t Care Anymore”: Depression

“I just don’t care anymore” is not just a normal state of mind, sometimes it can also be a symptom of depression, when it is in the form of anhedonia or apathy.

According to the international classification of mental and behavioral disorders, which is a clinical handbook given by the WHO, the symptoms of depression are as follows:

  • “Depressed mood, loss of interest and enjoyment, and reduced energy leading to increased fatigability and diminished activity. 
  • Marked tiredness after the only slight effort
  • reduced concentration and attention;
  • reduced self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • ideas of guilt and unworthiness (even in a mild type of episode);
  • bleak and pessimistic views of the future;
  • ideas or acts of self-harm or taking their lives;
  • disturbed sleep;
  • diminished appetite.”

In addition to these symptoms, the patient may also suffer from intense loss of motivation and a steep drop in the desire to be with other people or just to do anything at all.

According to ICD 10, depression may also involve the following somatic symptoms:

  • “loss of interest or pleasure in activities that are normally enjoyable; 
  • lack of emotional reactivity to normally pleasurable surroundings and events; 
  • waking in the morning 2 hours or more before the usual time; 
  • depression worse in the morning; 
  • objective evidence of definite psychomotor retardation or agitation (remarked on or reported by other people); 
  • marked loss of appetite; 
  • weight loss (often defined as 5% or more of body weight in the past month); 
  • marked loss of libido.”

If you are in fact suffering from depression, you need to seek help soon because untreated depression can only get more severe, and it can keep coming back over and over again even if it does get better.

I Just Don’t Care Anymore Quotes

Here are some quotes about the sentiment “I just don’t care anymore:

“I don’t follow the footsteps of others I listen to my heart”

“Look yourself in the mirror and you will understand what you have to do”

“It’s your life to decide what you have to do don’t listen to others”

“I don’t care what happens just gonna go with the flow where my heart desire to go”

“Just focus on yourself there is no room of others”

“If you want to achieve what you desire then you have to focus on yourself”

“It is funny but now I really care about myself”

“It doesn’t matter what others are doing what really matters what you are doing”

“If you ignore me I will never show my face to you because I don’t have time to prove myself”

“If you want to grow, stop wasting your time on others who do not care about you”

“If you want to laugh then laugh because I don’t care and I have a more important thing to do”

“I really don’t care if you leave me because you never care about me”

“Just enjoy the ride and stop worrying about what will happen next”

“Some people will hate you because you are better than them just ignore them”

“I don’t care what will happen next but I will conquer it and achieve what I desire”

When You Just Don’t Care Anymore Quotes

Given below are some quotes for the times when you just don’t care anymore and need a little pick me up or some sense of relating to the outside world.

“I don’t care what will happen next but I will conquer it and achieve what I desire”

“If you want to live, stop asking permission – do it now and regret later. What other people think is none of your business.”

“I’ll never stop caring, but if you decide to push me away, I’ll go.”

“If you want to live, stop asking permission. Do it now and regret it later.”

“Don’t care about the destination, just keep going towards your goals.”

“You don’t have to care about everything around you. Some things are best left ignored.”

“The best thing I did with my life was to throw away all the garbage people kept pushing at me and stopped caring.”

“I cannot care for something that has broken my heart and bit my hand.”

“The most miserable people are those who care deeply.”

“Don’t try to please everyone, you will lose yourself, don’t care about the people who don’t like you.”


In this brief guide, we will discuss the statement “I just don’t care anymore”, and other related things like what it means when you just don’t care anymore in a relationship and how depression can sometimes make you feel like you just don’t care anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): I just don’t care anymore

What is it called when you just don’t care anymore?

When you just don’t care anymore about things in your life or about what happens to others, it may be called Apathy, but when you just don’t care anymore about having fun or wanting pleasure or enjoyment, or when you are just not able to feel either of these things, this feeling is known as Anhedonia, and it can sometimes be a symptom of depression.

Anhedonia can also happen as a result of boredom or getting used to a certain schedule and lifestyle, so if you don’t have any other symptoms or you feel like maybe you could feel better with a change of scenery, you should go somewhere and take some time off.

How do I just not care anymore?

To just not care anymore about something that hurt you may try the following tips:

Accept what has happened
Acknowledge your feelings
Try to think about the future
Try to start thinking of the past as a memory, don’t avoid thinking about it
Try to remember the good parts of what you are trying to not care about, instead of the bad

Who wrote I don’t care anymore?

Phil Collins wrote the song I don’t care anymore.

“I Don’t Care Anymore” was written, performed, and produced by English drummer Phil Collins in co-production by Hugh Padgham and it is the third single from Collins’ second solo album, Hello, I Must Be Going! (1982).

Why do I pretend not to care?

You might pretend not to care because you have somehow learned the faulty ideology that someone who does not care holds all the power. Another reason that people pretend to not care is because some experience has taught them that caring about things leads to more possibility of getting hurt.

Lastly, you might also pretend not to care because many people think that caring about things makes you look too sensitive or desperate, which is why they may feel it is better to just be detached and cool.







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