I Got My Sister Pregnant (Help and what to do next)

In this brief guide, we will look at the statement “I got my sister pregnant”, help figure out some ways of dealing with a situation in which someone has engaged in an incestuous relationship and has ended up with a pregnancy, as well as discuss why people may sometimes engage in incestuous relationships.

I Got my Sister Pregnant: Help!

If you have gotten your sister pregnant and need help, you need to talk to her honestly and consider the possibility that you need to tell your parents, especially if you are underage.

When someone gets their sister pregnant the last thing they think would help is telling their parents, because they would be sure that that would lead to more problems, but the truth is that a botched abortion or complications from the pregnancy or them finding out some other way would likely be much more devastating.

It will be tough telling your parents, there are no two ways about it, but they will eventually kick into a gear of fixing things, and they will want to help you after they are done being angry.

Here are some ways you can take parental help if you got your sister pregnant:

  • Talk to your sister about how she wants to do it
  • Be strong
  • Apologize to your parents profusely 
  • Tell them that you will never do it again and your weren’t thinking straight
  • You can tell them that you weren’t trying to be reckless
  • Tell them that you are ashamed that it happened
  • Don’t expect them to be lenient
  • Listen to them and take their advice about what they say
  • Spend time away from your sister and get perspective, once the situation has been resolved

It is a difficult situation all-round if you get your sister pregnant, and you need to be as mature about it as possible, which involves taking the help of someone older than you.

Another reason you might have to tell your parents might be if you are older than your sister, in which case getting her pregnant might be considered abuse, and that is most certainly something that they should know.

Brothers and Sisters Having intimate relationships

Incestuous relationships like brothers and sisters being intimate can be incredibly wrong from all points of view, physical, social, psychological, and this is not something that one should be engaging in.

However, sometimes it does happen, surprisingly incest is acutally becoming more and more common, and one possibility might be that siblings are becoming further away from each other in a way that they weren’t before.

There has been a rise in distanced familial relations, which is likely why brothers and sisters and other family members often end up getting intimate with each other, even though they are aware that they shouldn’t.

Another thing people often seem to forget is that incest is illegal, which means that brothers and sisters having intimate relationships or experimenting is not in accordance with the law, and neither would any child resulting from that union, be.

In some places, marriage between cousins is actually legal but it may still be quite taboo in many societies and cultures, as common as it was in the older times.

Many rich and famous families in the past have dealt with incest as a means of keeping bloodlines pure, but it started becoming a thing that was taboo and not allowed when it became clear that children of individuals who are related can have major problems.

Either way, despite the presence of many videos on indecent websites that deal in the topic of incest, intimate attraction between people who are related is actually quite uncommon, due to the hypothesis that people who live together through the formative years may become desensitized to each other in terms of intimate attraction. This hypothesis is known as the Westermarck impact.

“I got my sister pregnant”: Experiences from real people

Here are some experiences of real world individuals who got their sister or another family member pregnant

This person describes how intimacy between him and his sister was a one-time thing and came about as a result of a drunken night, and how they felt about the situation:

“It didn’t feel like we were brother and sister at all. It felt like we were long time friends who finally gave into each other’s lust. Things got heated quickly and before we knew it, we were doing it. It lasted for around 10 minutes before we both finished. We laughed it off nervously and got dressed quickly. We chatted for just a little bit longer before finally deciding to call it a night. It felt so wrong and weird afterwards. The rest of my trip was super awkward. Us having to pretend that everything was normal with this being the biggest thing on our mind was challenging. But before I knew it, my trip was over and I went back to college.

Weeks later I received a text from my sister asking if I had some time to talk alone. My heart sank because I knew it was going to be about that night. I put it off for hours before finally calling her. She called me to tell me that she was pregnant and she’s 100% certain that the baby is mine. I was speechless. I wasn’t expecting something like this at all. We talked and tried to figure out what we should do. We were cornered in a situation that was so above our heads we couldn’t even figure out where to start. Abortion came into discussion multiple times but neither of us wanted that. We decided that it would be best to act like her husband is the father and raise it like so without ever telling anyone ever because of how wealthy his family is.

She is due the week of June 10th. Absolutely no one knows or has even the slightest clue. This is a secret that my sister and I put our life on to protect. Things will never be the same between us. The last handful of months I have become a heavy drinker and party goer and failed almost every one of my classes. It’s messed me up a ton. It’s going to be super weird whenever I have kids now too. It’s so weird how a quick dumb decision could change the rest of your life.”

“I am 24 years old and my sister is 27 and we have been having an illicit relationship. It first started when we were young teenagers, when our parents went out we would have do it in each other’s bedroom, and a couple of times in our parent’s bed. It was becoming more difficult to keep it a secret as we grew up, so we agreed to cool things off for awhile and started seeing other people, although we would still occasionally have do it on a on-and-off basis. Since we both moved out of our parent’s house we have been seeing each other again on a regular basis and now my sister is pregnant with my child.

Please don’t judge us. We know that what we’re doing is ‘wrong’ and would be frowned on by society but we have a special bond and we want to be together. We’ve had plans to run away and start a new life together and we’re thinking this child could be the incentive that we need. But at the same time we don’t want to leave our family behind or tell them the truth for fear of being ostracized. It is a huge emotional decision which will determine the rest of our lives and we don’t know what to do for the best.”


In this brief guide, we looked at the statement “I got my sister pregnant”, and provided help t to figure out some ways of dealing with a situation in which someone has engaged in an incestuous relationship and has ended up with a pregnancy, as well as discussed why people may sometimes engage in incestuous relationships.

Incestuous relationships like brothers and isisters being intimate are becoming more and more prevalent, and there may be many reasons for this, especially the rising prevalence of this category in indecent web content sites.

If you have gotten your sister pregnant you need to consider the reality of your situation and face the fact that you will probably have to tell your parents, and you definitely should tell your parents.

If you are underage, your parents need to be aware because they need to be able to weigh in on the medical decisions, and if your sister is underage and you are not, you getting her pregnant may well count towards an instance of abuse.

If you have any questions or comments about the statement “I got my sister pregnant”, please feel free to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): I got my sister pregnant, Help

I got my wife’s sister pregnant, what should I do?

If you got your wife’s sister pregnant, you need to tell her, because not only did you cheat on her, her sister has also betrayed her trust, and she deserves to know that.

Additionally, since it is your wife’s sister, it’s not some baby that your wife will never meet, and this type of secret can sometimes come out in the worst ways, which will hurt your wife even more, and it would be loads better if you just told her yourself and took responsibility.

Why do brothers and sisters become intimate?

Sometimes brothers and sisters can become intimate when they are not very close to each other, or even if they have lived apart for a significant period of time, in which case the familial bonds that usually keep the members of the same family from being intimate have not developed.

How to tell my parents that I got my sister pregnant?

To tell your parents that you got your sister pregnant, you need to be strong, and you need to be determined and not give in to nerves. This is something that will affect you very strongly, and especially if you and your sister are underage, your parents absolutely need to know about this situation so that they can help you deal with it properly.

What happens if a brother and sister have babies?

If a brother and sister have babies, the risk of them passing down genetic disorders and problems increases significantly, as there are some genes that may be recessive (weak) in both brother and sister but they may become active if both of them pass it down to the child.

Additionally, if a brother and sister have babies it can also lead to social problems and they may be ostracized, and there may be problems in the child’s future as well, given that they are a product of an incestuous relaitonship.



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