How to win an ISTP heart (7 ways)

This particular blog will address the question “how do I win the heart of an ISTP personality type?”. It will suggest ways to win an ISTP heart and highlight their traits and characteristics so you understand them better.  

How to win an ISTP heart?

  • You can win an ISTP heart by doing the below things:
  • Be blunt and precise about your intentions,
  • Respect their Personal space and time
  • Appeal to their impulsive nature
  • Afford them their independence
  • be of service-they love Acts of service 
  • Be yourself

Be blunt and precise about your intentions

ISTP’s are largely interested in what is efficient and practical and they are not very alive to their emotions therefore make sure you are very direct and forward with how you feel and what you want. 

Don’t be shy, because they are terrible at reading between the lines so you have to be forthcoming because they may never catch on. But not to worry though they seem cold and detached at face value they are sentimental too, they are just not in touch with their emotions.

Respect their Personal space and time.

The ISTP has no problems committing to a relationship as long as they are given space from time to time to do their introverted thing. 

This is because introverts actually get energized by spending time alone. That is how they recharge so no need to take it personally if they ask for some space, they are just trying to recuperate and organize themselves.

So I challenge you today to try and leave them alone for some time and become capable of respecting and understanding their need to be alone. You must try by all means to do this without getting offended or thinking you have been sidelined and the ISTP will definitely begin to fancy you.

Appeal to their impulsive nature

You must also understand that ISTPs can be quite impulsive and tend to do things in the spur of the moment, they are people whose personality cannot afford them the ability to enjoy mundane or repetitive tasks. 

They thrive on a continuous change in pace and activity, so try to keep things fun and spontaneous every now and then so that they don’t get bored and divert their attention to anything else but you. 

You can also keep things interesting by presenting them with new experiences and giving them challenging things to do and they will thrive.

Afford them their Independence

It is important to respect the ISTP’s need for independence because they have a strong desire to live and work however they want and usually by themselves.

They may take off suddenly or change jobs unexpectedly or start something new unannounced. If you are the type to always want to be kept in the know about everything and prefer controlled and predictable situations then you might want to understand that with an ISTP it may be turned off. 

Therefore, allow them to explore and try everything they want, encourage them and even tag along on one of their adventures if you can. 

Let them know that their desire to do things on their own is something you can accept and they will surely want someone like that around them.

Be yourself

Another great tip to win the heart of an ISTP is to remember that they are very analytical beings and can immediately tell if you are not being genuine about how you feel about them. 

This is because a lot of people are in the habit of changing their behavior so ISTPs will like them so just be yourself. 

In as much as you want to be liked by an ISTP do not neglect your own personality and freedom but show them that what you are about and what you do to spark their interest in you. 

If they see that you are not just trying to be everything they like but also being yourself, you will score lots of points with them and this will also prove you are not trying to be fake. 

Acts of Service

ISTPs deeply appreciate it when you offer to help them out in their projects and their endeavors, it will go a long way if you show consistency and  interest in what they do and offer a hand. 

ISTPs are also blessed with the ability to easily gain mastery in any particular field such as sports, mechanics and artistry they are constantly busy perfecting their art or trade and involved in fast paced activities and projects.

So if you can show up to their basketball game or buy them tools to use in their workshop or maybe get directly involved with their projects or perhaps even volunteer to accompany them on their trips your support and loyalty will surely win them over. 

Because ISTP or not every person desires to be supported and assisted so give it a go.

What is an ISTP Personality Type?

By delving into the ISTP personality traits you can develop an understanding of what they like and what they dislike. What better way to win a person over by showing them that you understand them.

ISTP stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving and it is a personality type on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Such an individual enjoys spending time alone (Introverted), are mainly drawn to facts, evidence and details over theories and beliefs (Sensing), makes decisions after critical analysis and logical reasoning (Thinking) and are spontaneous and adaptable rather than planned and organized (Perceiving).  

It is no wonder that one may wonder how to win the heart of a person who cannot be necessarily swayed by emotions and romantic gestures while relentless pursuit may push them away as they prefer to be alone and enjoy their independence.

What are the Traits of an ISTP Personality Type?

The characteristics of an ISTP include the following:

  •     Tend to be inquisitive and explorative
  •     They are detail-oriented.
  •     They are efficient and reliable.
  •     They are flexible and easily adapt to situations.
  •     They are analytical and very logical.
  •     They are very alert and attentive.
  •     They are Practical.
  •     They are great Problem-solvers.
  •     Are mostly silent people.
  •     They are very calm and level headed.
  •     They are reflective.


This blog has addressed the question “how do I win the heart of an ISTP personality type?” It has briefly discussed what an ISTP personality type is, listed the traits of an ISTP and given suggestions on what you can do to win an ISTP heart. 

When trying to win the heart of an ISTP put on your brave face and tell them what you want and remember to give them their space every now and then because that is what they enjoy as introverts. 

Don’t be afraid to get into their business and lend them a helping hand though introverted they crave excitement and change so don’t forget to keep things fun and interesting because they are quite impulsive.  

Also remember to value their need to be independent and adventurous as they will be at their best when given the freedom to do what they want. 

But above all don’t try to be someone you are not because their sharp minds will see right through your act and they will right you off. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: How to win an ISTP heart?

What do ISTPs find attractive?

ISTPs are attracted to people who are confident and comfortable in their skin. Someone who is confident and in control of their emotions is extremely attractive for the ISTP. They are also drawn to originality, sincerity and people who are forthcoming about what they want.

Does ISTP fall in love easily?

No, ISTPs are not the type to fall in love easily due to their emotional detachment and heightened logical reasoning. As a result they are unable to focus on romance, feelings and courting behaviors.

How do you know if an ISTP likes you?

You can know that an ISTP likes you if they tell you that they like you. When an ISTP develops a liking for a person they become loyal and unwavering and will make an effort to learn things about that person and are actively not telling you to give them their space.

What ISTPs look for in a relationship?

ISTPs often look for friendliness, warmth and attentiveness which are qualities they tend to lack.  ISTPs place a high value on respect. If you want to show an ISTP respect, be loyal to them, tell them the truth, and respect their independence and autonomy.

Why are ISTPs so mean?

ISTPs come across as mean because they usually use logic to understand everything and can be expressionless and silent. It is rare that they show or express sympathy and can be very nonchalant about emotional situations. Not all ISTPs are mean, they can be really accommodating once you get to know them.

Are ISTPs dangerous?

Yes, ISTPs are dangerous because Research has shown that they are prone to risky behavior leading to irrelevant and harmful experimentation and boundary-pushing in an effort to seek thrills. They are stubborn, not in touch with their emotions, focused and driven. All these qualities if applied to dangerous intentions can be very alarming.



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