How to Trap a Guy Into Getting You Pregnant? (A comprehensive guide)

In this brief guide, we will look at the question “How to trap a guy into getting pregnant?”, as well as other relationship problems that revolve around having children, like some signs that he is trying to get you pregnant, and some signs that she is trying to trap you. 

How to Trap a Guy Into Getting You Pregnant?

The best answer to the question “How to trap a guy into getting you pregnant?” is that you shouldn’t, because it is just plain wrong and there is nothing to justify such a thing.

The question that remains is why you want to trap a guy into getting you pregnant, are you having relationship problems? Do you just want to ensure that he stays with you? There is no possible reason for wanting to trap a guy into getting you pregnant that ends well and it certainly is not something that cannot be achieved with a simple conversation.

If you want to trap a guy into getting you pregnant because you want him to stay with you or ensure that he won’t leave you, you need to find a way to tell him your fears and not trap him with something that will change both your lives dramatically.

Another thing to remember is that even if you trap a guy into getting you pregnant, there is no guarantee he will stay with you, there are so many child custody battles and children of divorce that will prove that point.

Relationships do not stay healthy because there are babies involved, they stay healthy and strong because people love each other and talk to each other, and that is not something that can be replaced by trapping a guy into getting you pregnant.

If you want to trap a guy into getting you pregnant because you really want to have a baby and he might not, or you are scared to ask him because you think he’ll say he doesn’t want to, doesn’t that mean that he will probably not make a great father anyway?

Another very real possibility is that if you trap a guy into getting you pregnant and he really does not want a baby, he can still very well leave, and then you will be left alone with a baby and a body that has to go through the painful process of pregnancy.

So if you want to trap a guy into getting you pregnant, you may want to think about the strategy some more, and then reject the idea completely in favor of something a little healthier, like talking to the guy.

Signs She is Trying to Trap you 

Here are some clear signs that she is trying to trap you or that the relationship is :

  • She acts out in every fight, even the small ones
  • She acts far too needy and clingy
  • She keeps trying to insert herself into your friend circle
  • She keeps trying to claim all of your time
  • She gets frustrated when you don’t attend to her immediately
  • She is too private about her stuff
  • She never lets you into her medications or toiletries
  • She gets startled when you come into a room when she is not expecting you
  • She threatens to die if you leave her
  • She frequently talks about your ex’s or compares herself to them
  • She constantly wants to know where you are 
  • She keeps trying to get you to fight with your family or friends

Signs he’s trying to get you pregnant

Baby trapping is not just one way, and sometimes guys try to trap women by getting them pregnant too, which may be because of many reasons.

Some signs he’s trying to get you pregnant are:

  • He talks about babies frequently
  • He tries to forego birth control, like condoms
  • He often initiates sex when you are sleepy or otherwise preoccupied
  • He keeps trying to coax you to have unprotected sex in the heat of the moment
  • He insists on getting condoms all the time
  • He’s very curious about the birth control you take and wants to know everything about it
  • He is jumpy when you talk about birth control
  • He tries to get his own way all the time
  • He talks about never letting you go in a sinister way
  • You feel like he may be trying to get you pregnant
  • You feel like you can’t trust him implicitly.

Some of these signs are obviously not about a guy trying to get you pregnant, but some of them can be, and if the last 2 are true for you, you shouldn’t be with the guy either way, whether he’s trying to get you pregnant or not.

Sometimes guys may try to get a girl pregnant because they are controlling and narcissistic, and in abusive relationships this is sadly too common, which is even more reason to get out of a situation that makes you look out for signs he’s trying to get you pregnant.

Signs a pregnancy is a trap

If you are suspicious of your partner, whether they are a man or woman, and you feel they are trying to baby trap you, here are some signs a pregnancy is a trap:

  • The pregnancy happened at a time when a breakup was imminent.   
  • You are extremely clear about not wanting kids now or at any point.
  • They have something to gain by the pregnancy, either you have to stay with them or they just really want kids
  • They have a bad excuse for going off birth control.
  • They seduced you even though you didn’t particularly want to go through with it.
  • They kept trying to go off birth control 
  • If it’s a woman, the pregnancy may not be real and she may insist on going to appointments alone
  • She may also have a miscarriage before she starts showing, but not have any symptoms of miscarriage

Baby Trapping

Baby trapping is a situation in which people try to get their partner to stay in the relationship by either getting pregnant themselves or trying to get them pregnant.

Here are some experiences of people who either tried to baby trap someone or got baby-trapped themselves, and these may help you understand what a difficult problem it is.

“A young adult woman who claimed she was pregnant with twins to keep my guy friend in a relationship, then ‘miscarried’ at 4.5 months. She was never pregnant. She wanted him to stay with her even though their relationship hadn’t been serious. She was a nightmare. He was totally a guy from a culture, family and his own values who would marry due to his values. Family and marriage for kids was a big deal. (Catholic Filipino). I’ve known one other woman to pull this as well.

Two women who confided in me that they hadn’t been truthful about being on birth control. I know you hear how women do this for money but neither of the men involved was anything but dirt poor so no. That was not their motivation for it.

Of course, I’ve also known men who’ve done this so…. reproductive coercion is genderless however women haven’t institutionalized it.

I’ve known more people to get pregnant due to bc failure or misuse than this though.”

“A man who was about to break up with his girlfriend was informed that she was pregnant. He felt he had to do the honorable thing and marry her. Fortunately, his mom became suspicious of the situation and encouraged him to go to doctor appointments with his girlfriend. The girlfriend couldn’t let that happen since she wasn’t really pregnant, so eventually, she had to spill the beans and admit it was a lie.

Unfortunately, there are a multitude of easily obtainable products to help women pull off the “You’re a daddy” Scam.

I had heard of women selling positive pregnancy tests on Craig’s List. To investigate this I googled fake positive pregnancy tests.”


In this brief guide, we looked at the question “How to trap a guy into getting pregnant?”, as well as other relationship problems that revolve around having children, like some signs that he is trying to get you pregnant, and some signs that she is trying to trap you. 

Trapping somebody by getting pregnant, or Baby trapping, is thankfully an uncommon thing, and it happens very rarely. 

If you think that getting pregnant will trap a guy or if you want to trap a guy into getting you pregnant, you are not in a healthy relationship and you need to rethink your behavior.

Trapping someone into a relationship, with a baby, is a very horrible thing to do, and in most cases it will not help the relationship anyway, if things are not going well, they will continue to deteriorate anyway.

If you have any comments or answers of your own about the question “how to trap a guy into getting you pregnant?”, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to trap a guy into getting you pregnant?

What are the chances of a guy getting pregnant?

The chances of a guy getting pregnant are good if they have female reproductive organs and ovaries and they are not on testosterone, and identify as men or just not as women, and wish to become pregnant. 

Usually, the process of pregnancy in someone who identifies as a guy but has not started the complete process of gender reassignment can easily become pregnant (provided that there are no other physical problems)

What should I do to get pregnant faster?

Here are some things to try to get pregnant faster:

Monitor ovulation process
Record menstrual cycle frequency.
Strive for a healthy body weight. 
Take prenatal vitamins. 
Eat healthy foods.
Don’t do strenuous workouts. 
Be aware of age-related fertility declines.
Have sex every other day during the fertile window. 

How do guys feel about an unplanned pregnancy?

Guys may feel differently about unplanned pregnancy depending on their personality and where in their life they are.

If they are accomplished or have a decent job and are able to sustain themselves, they may greet the news of an unplanned pregnancy with a mixture of fright and excitement. 

In some cases guy may feel badly about an unplanned pregnancy if they are not in love with their partner and the pregnancy is a result of casual sex that they had not seen going anywhere.

How can a man tell if he is fertile?

A man can tell if he is fertile through these methods:

Hormone testing
Scrotal ultrasound.
Genetic tests.
Testicular biopsy.
Specialized sperm function tests. 
Transrectal ultrasound.

How can a man tell if he infertile?

A man may be able to tell if they are infertile with the help of special tests that aim to find out this exactly.

Some common signs of infertility in men include an inability to smell, abnormal breast growth called gynecomastia, decreased facial or body hair or other signs of a chromosomal or hormonal abnormality. 

Usually, a sperm count lower than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen or a total sperm count of less than 39 million per release implies infertility in a man, and this can be found out with the help of any doctor that specializes in fertility.


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