How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Death

In this article, we will explore how each zodiac sign deals with death and what their grieving process and mourning period is like, and how well and quickly they bounce back.

How Do The Zodiac Signs Deal With Death?

  • Aries (Bravest in the face of death)
  • Taurus (Withstand death with resilience)
  • Gemini (Traumatized by death)
  • Cancer (Death has them fall apart)
  • Leo (Mourn for the dead)
  • Virgo (Inconsolable)
  • Libra (Mourn for ages)
  • Scorpio (Recover faster than others)
  • Sagittarius (Put on a brave face)
  • Capricorn (Devastated by death)
  • Aquarius (Disconnect from the world)
  • Pisces (Isolate themselves to mourn)

In the face of death, Aries are the strongest whereas Cancerians are known to react with an emotional breakdown and the longest mourning period.

Some people will carry on easily, while others get depressed and become closed off, based on their zodiac sign’s character traits. Some people experience resentment and rage, while some want to reach out for help to someone who requires help through trying situations.

When anyone you care for dies, it will turn things upside down for us. It’s difficult to deal with mortality, and people grieve and cope with death in a variety of ways. 

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.


Even when faced with the most painful aspect of life, death, Aries remains one of the most brave-hearted zodiac signs. 

When a loved one passes away, anyone born under the sign of Aries may continue to speak about them frequently and come to grips with their death as swiftly as possible. They can be enraged and irritated at first, but their anger will pass quickly.

Aries is indeed one of the zodiac’s most positive signs, but still has a very heightened level of anxiety. Death is not accepted in their way of thinking, and when a loved one passes away, this symbol finds it impossible to cope. 

If Aries does not manage to tone it down and calm themselves after losing someone, they will experience extreme anxiety.


In the most stressful of conditions, Taurus people are typically very resilient and collected. They will try to console anybody who seeks support, even though those around them are collapsing, and they will be the pillar of support. 

Taureans have the ability to withstand whatever life can throw at them with grace and composure, and death is no different.


Death has a profound effect on anyone born under the sign of Gemini, whether it belonged to a personal acquaintance, a friend or relative, or somebody they hadn’t seen in ages.

Geminis have more difficulty processing death maturely and, as a result, may not recover from their trauma well in the long term. It’s very normal for a Gemini to experience trauma as a result of the death of a loved one. 

Loss necessitates time and distance, which is incompatible with Gemini’s personality. Death, on the other hand, is one of Gemini’s biggest lessons.

Geminis will be grumpy and prone to melancholy when dealing with death and grief, even if they want to remain optimistic and continue to celebrate the person’s life.


Cancerians, being one of the most emotional and sensitive astrological signs, will be heartbroken and melancholic when facing the death of a loved one.

They may become antisocial and hide at home, attempting to escape contact with others at all costs, but when they’re able to recover and speak about their suffering, they’ll need the support of a friend or confidant.

Cancerians will need a great deal of care to get through this difficult time, and they will need to be supported by friends and relatives. They’re still a sign of nostalgia, and revisiting the past memories will enable them to make sense of their absence. 

The death of a loved one impacts people born under this sign immensely, and losing a person so close to Cancer makes them feel as if their entire life has fallen apart.


Leos are renowned for being direct and expressive, however when it comes to suffering and death, they prefer to keep their feelings to themselves.

This restrained demeanour can eventually lead to breakdowns. And, since they’re both very compassionate people, they’ll use their kindness and support wherever they can, even in tough times.

Leo’s outward confidence conceals a vulnerable core that is unready for separating. When a loved one dies, Leos frequently mourn in a painful manner, and their inability to cope with the loss manifests itself in emotional scars that take ages to heal.


Faced with the loss of a loved one, Virgos become heartbroken. When it comes to the loss of someone they love deeply or care for, Virgos will be absolutely devastated and in need of endless reaffirmation that things will be alright.

They are unable to be consoled and will spend days overthinking things. After several days of intense despair, they might eventually be able to collect themselves.


One sign that takes forever to mourn is Libra. Libra is unable to be soothed for months after the loss of those dear to them.

They will become moody and withdraw from the society since they understand that recovery is a lengthy road for them and that they may take time to recuperate from the death of a loved one.


Scorpios have a strong emotional response to death, and they will weep and mourn for a longer period when anyone dear to them passes away.

Scorpios are renowned for being brave and courageous people who realise that mortality is a fact of life, thus they are able to recover from losses faster than most of the other astrological signs.


Sagittarius people tend to be around their friends and families when a loved one dies, and they will strive to pull on a bright face and to be as cheerful and hopeful as can.

It isn’t to say that Sagittarius do not have any feelings or aren’t disturbed by death; it only means that they cope with grief in their very own unique manner.


Capricorns can feel heartbroken and devastated if they lose a loved one.

During these testing moments, they will be lonely and mourning for a long time. They will lose interest in things they used to enjoy, and pull away from friends and families. It’s difficult to drag them out from the shadows until they’re willing because of this.

Those around see a part of them that doesn’t match their independent nature and meticulous, hard-working, and focused personality.

Capricorn is a highly sensitive sign that grieves deeply when a loved one passes away. Saturn-ruled people want time to grieve and heal the loss of a loved one, but often strive to mask their sorrow.


Aquarians become physically withdrawn and disconnected from the world outside themselves throughout periods of grief and suffering. They will put on a happier face especially in public, but they will continue to cope with the loss of a loved one in their own unique way, by assisting and supporting those around.

They may accept responsibility, prepare the food, or invite friends or relatives to live with them over a period of time to support them in their recovery.


Pisceans are emotional people, and when they lose a loved one, they always weep and withdraw into their caves, wishing to stay in isolation to recover.

Pisceans will come out of this self created isolation and begin speaking to their relatives and friends concerning their suffering until they actually feel like they can move forward with their life and manage things a bit easier.


In this article, we explored how each zodiac sign deals with death and what their grieving process and mourning period is like, and how well and quickly they bounce back.

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Frequently Asked Questions: How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Death

What zodiac sign represents death?

In Astrology, the Scorpion represents Scorpio, an intense Water sign that is also synonymous with death. But not the kind of death that brings tears and gravestones — think more in terms of restorative forces and progressive regeneration!

Which zodiac sign is more evil?

Scorpio is without a shadow of doubt the most evil of signs.

Which zodiac is honest?

Virgo is the epitome of trustworthiness because they are solid, dependable, and trustworthy. Their meticulous minds make them sticklers for promptness. This characteristic also aids them in remembering nearly anything you say, making them excellent advisors.

Which zodiac sign is multi talented?

People born under the sign of Pisces excel at anything that involves imagination. They can write poems, draw, and play an instrument well. They have creative, innovative, and imaginative abilities.

Which zodiac sign is talkative?

Gemini is the most talkative of the zodiac signs. With Mercury, the god of contact and wisdom, as the reigning planet of this symbol, it’s only fitting that Gemini comes in first. A Gemini is an adaptable zodiac sign that can speak for hours about any topic with even a random person they encounter earlier in the afternoon.

Which Zodiacs are Ambiverts?

People born under the sign of Virgo are ambiverts. They have both introvert and extrovert personalities. They love being by themselves and are also socially adept.

Is Scorpio the most dangerous zodiac sign?

Cancerians can be extremely dangerous. Scorpios as well as Pisces are irritable as well. Cancers seem to be the most violent criminals of all the zodiac signs, according to the FBI website, preceded by Tauruses. The signs of Sagittarius and Aries are in the third and fourth places, respectively.

Are Leos introverts?

There are different classes of Leos: introverts and extroverts, regardless of how they want to flourish in this universe. Leos that are more introverted will shine. If it’s artistic or intellectual, they’ll have some talent.

Are Pisces shy or outgoing?

Pisces is no stranger to being shy, owing to its proclivity for overthinking everything. Pisces has a hard time trusting himself, despite the fact that he can trust anyone else in his life. When he has these near-paralyzing spells of shyness, it’s because he does not really believe that he’ll be okay no matter what.


How Zodiac Signs Deal With Death

How Does Each Sign Cope With The Loss Of A Loved One?

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