How Does An INFP Show Love?

In this article, we will look at how an INFP shows love and a few signs which show that an INFP loves you. This article also explores the INFP cognitive functions and what makes the INFP personality unique.

How Does An INFP Show Love

Even though INFPs aren’t very open when it comes to showing love because of their Introverted feeling function, once they open up to you,you are likely to be showered with affection. Here are a few ways in which INFPs show love:

  • Sigh softly and cast a glance in your direction.
  • Check in with you and see how you’re feeling.
  • Throughout the day, throw heart emojis at you.
  • Act crazily and not afraid of being themselves.
  • Make small gestures, such as making you a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Edge closer and hug you unexpectedly
  • Look for things that make you happy.
  • Pay close attention to your thoughts.
  • Do small acts of kindness, such as fetching a blanket when you’re shivering.
  • Gladly assist you with your tasks.
  • Turn to you for support.
  • Huge, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, and more hugs

Quality Time

Quality time is the most important love language for INFPs, next to words of encouragement and physical affection. INFPs like to display their affection by spending time with persons they care about and participating in activities they cherish beside them, despite the fact that they feel incredibly powerful emotions inwardly.

Reserve time to spend with an INFP to demonstrate to them how much you care. Participate in their best-loved activities and learn about everything they’re interested in. They will be grateful that you are interested in the issues and activities that are important to them.

Let your INFP know exactly how you feel about them after you’ve gotten to know them a bit better. Tell them on a daily basis that you love and care about them, and shower them with simple acts of physical affection.

Don’t be frightened to accept your INFP’s affection in the very same way that you give it! Though this personality type may not communicate their feelings right away, if they set aside time to be with you and participate in activities you love, it’s their way of confessing “I’m in love with you.”

This personality type enjoys using handwritten words to communicate their sentiments as they will get to know you on a deeper level. They may send you small notes, poetry, or letters expressing their affection for you. Appreciate their words and outward displays of affection at their value; when an INFP claims they love you, they really mean it!

5 Signs An INFP Loves You

Here are 5 signs an INFP loves you:

  • They give up time alone to be with you
  • They pay attention to and remember everything you say
  • They talk a lot when you’re around
  • They go out of their way to help you
  • They give you access to their inner life

They give up their alone time to be with you

Introverts need time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to recharge, and they can only do so by spending time alone. Any Introvert would tell you that squandering this valuable ‘me’ time can make them cranky and restless.

This implies that if an INFP sacrifices their alone time to get together with you, it’s a solid sign that they cherish your presence. Make sure you acknowledge their efforts and tell them how much you like having them around by noting their presence and expressing how much you love having them nearby.

They pay attention to and remember everything you say

INFP personalities are loving and kind, and they appreciate making time for others and assisting them in feeling their best. They are excellent listeners who regard their partner’s needs because of their empathetic disposition.

If an INFP loves you, they will not only pay attention to you but will also recall minor things about you. Things you might not even recall telling them about, like the colour of your first bike or your childhood favourite show. INFPs determine if there is chemistry for a future love connection by carefully listening.

In addition, before entering into any type of personal relationship, an INFP will also want to make absolutely sure they are a good match. As a result, they’ll strive to get to know you on a very intimate level in order to uncover anything you might be concealing beneath the surface. Being softly probed and analysed might be unsettling for some people. However, it’s a clear indication that an INFP loves you.

They talk a lot when you’re around

Introverts, unlike the exuberant and gregarious Extraverts, have a hard time making small talk. As an Introvert: it seems needless and frequently artificial to them. Why waste time conversing about the weather when they know it won’t teach them anything intriguing about you?

Yes, they may accept that a light conversation helps to ease the discomfort of initial meetings, but they aren’t enthused when all they see is people chatting and making conversation without connecting.

Small talk might be a headache if you’re an intuitive sort that enjoys exploring big ideas. INFPs aren’t fascinated by casual conversation. They’re captivated by human psychology and want to know you on a deeper, emotional level being Intuitive Feelers.

If an INFP genuinely cares about you, they will go out of their way to speak to you and have a meaningful discussion with you. It’s their way of expressing their interest and desire to learn more about you.

They go out of their way to help you

Because they are so dedicated to their ideals, INFPs are typically easy to recognize. These are the silent, considerate friends who inform you about a new sustainable clothing line or a charity to which you should donate.

Although some personality types may find the INFP’s constant search for genuineness bothersome and detest receiving unwanted advice, INFPs really worry about their peers’ and humanity’s well-being. As a result, acts of kindness are their preferred love language.

You could notice an INFP begin to do little things for you if they love you. Unexpected acts of kindness, such as leaving you a kind message for no apparent reason, knowing your coffee preferences and getting it for you, or even giving you the name of that song you heard recently but couldn’t recognize the singer.

They give you access to their inner life

An INFP’s ultimate indicator of love is this. When the INFP shares some poetry they wrote, a favourite song, or a film that restores their faith in humanity’s goodness, they’re letting you inside their inner world. They’re revealing their genuine selves to you, and they want you to recognise how important this is to them.

Understand that INFPs choose their friends and lovers wisely, so if they’re discussing anything too private with you, it’s an indication that they love you and see you as a significant person in their lives.

The only thing they ask in exchange is that you acknowledge them. Even if you don’t share their emotions, respect and admire how they’ve exposed their soul and given their hearts to you.


In this article, we looked at how an INFP shows love and a few signs which show that an INFP loves you. This article also explored the INFP cognitive functions and what makes the INFP personality unique.

Frequently Asked Questions: How Does An INFP Show Love

What are INFPs attracted to?

Intellect and somebody who uses their brains in a special way are generally attractive to INFPs. They are attracted to those that think differently than the rest of the world and have their own unique perspective on things.

How does an INFP flirt?

When it comes to feeling at ease before flirting, INFPs are similar to ISFJs and INFJs. They enjoy cyber stalking their romantic interests, but they can be timid around them in person until communication has improved. INFPs are known for their ability to communicate openly and swiftly.

What do INFPs do when they have a crush?

Because of their primary function, Introverted Feeling, INFPs unconsciously attribute a lot of meaning to romantic crushes. Because of their Extroverted Intuition, they become overly absorbed in all of the possibilities (Ne). The tale closes with a brutal battle to genuinely get over this individual.

Why do INFPs disappear?

INFPs may ghost someone because they believe that person’s energy is too overwhelming and oppressive, and they don’t feel secure or comfortable canceling. They don’t want to interact with someone who attempts to persuade them to stay, therefore they’ll occasionally ghost that individual to escape the situation.

Are INFPs hopeless romantics?

INFPs are typically stereotyped as hopeless romantics, which isn’t totally incorrect. They love and care about romance in their lives, but not on a superficial level. It’s about something more for the INFP than what most people think of romance, which can lead to these romantic emotions being misconstrued.

Are INFP males attractive?

INFP men are appealing and should be given a chance because some women like a more emotionally aware, compassionate person who is mature and not too intense. The majority of people who believe INFP males aren’t handsome are INFP men themselves.

How do you know if an INFP is in love?

Here are a few Signs an INFP Likes You

  • They give up their alone time to be with you.
  • They pay attention to (and remember) whatever you say.
  • They talk a lot while they’re near you.
  • They assist you in little ways.
  • They let you inside their inner world.


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