How do INTPs express love? (3 ways)

This blog will answer the question, “How do INTPs express love?”. it will discuss the ways an INTP expresses their love for someone. It will give a brief description of the INTP personality, list the traits of an INTP.

 How do INTPs express love?

INTPs are not very expressive of emotions though they are very alive to them. They are introverted and very logical and so matters of the heart are not exactly their forte.

However, they express their love for persons of interest by doing the following:

●     Attempting to make a good impression

●      Becoming inquisitive about a person of interest.

●     Committing to memory details about a person of interest

●     The INTP will allow people they love into their personal space

As introverts, INTPs are not particularly gifted in the area of self-expression.

Nonetheless, they have their way of expressing their love to a person of interest because as much as they are introverted they too desire companionship.

Below are some of the ways that an INTP will show that they love someone.

The INTP will attempt to make a good impression.

An INTP usually tries to make a good impression by showing off their intellectual abilities and mastered skills to a person.

They will begin to share some of their innovative and creative ideas to show their genius.

INTPs are not the type to be concerned about how others perceive them because they are constantly preoccupied with their thoughts and ideas and they generally wouldn’t care less.

But when they value a person they tend to make an exception.

The INTP becomes inquisitive about a person of interest.

 Again, due to their introverted nature and lack of social skills, INTPs are unable to engage a person they like in a conversation.

And often the best way to start a conversation for the INTP is to ask a series of unrelenting questions.

An INTPs questioning style sadly is more like an interrogation and can get uncomfortable and intrusive.

They also, unfortunately, tend to go on and on about topics only they like and so they can easily put someone off.

However, this is just one of their ways to show that they like someone because they would not bother to learn irrelevant information.

The INTP commits to memory details and facts about a person they love.

 INTPs are largely uninterested in details about anything that is not within their set of interests.

But when it comes to people they love, an INTP will become fixated on things about them such as their birthdays, their favorite food, and their hobbies.

The INTP will even form a mental catalog indexing all types of subtle details about someone they love that will either.

The INTP will allow people they love into their personal space.

 INTPs are introverts and so they thrive on spending time alone and anyone who infringes on their precious alone time will be seen as a nuisance.

They get energized by spending time alone organizing their thoughts and contemplating events. However, for someone, they love they may be willing to allow or tolerate having them around or in their time and space.

An INTP will show their interest by sticking close to a person longer than would like and not actively telling that person to leave alone.

What is the INTP personality?

The INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) is one of the 16 personality types on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The INTP enjoys being alone (Introverted), is prone to believe information even when there is no evidence (Intuitive).

Additionally, the INTP makes decisions after critical analysis and logical reasoning (Thinking). The INTP is flexible and adaptable rather than planned and organized (Perceiving).

What is an INTP like? 

The following list is an overview of what an INTP is typically like:

  • They are complicated and generally hard to understand
  • They are vague and ambiguous people
  • They are very detail-oriented.
  • People have a difficult time understanding them or their needs.
  • INTPs value their privacy.
  • Do not like to attract any unnecessary attention. 
  • Their introverted nature compels them to avoid crowds and people.
  • INTPs do not do well in mundane and repetitive tasks but thrive in constantly changing environments. 
  • They are very independent and go to great lengths to attain personal freedom. 
  • They are autonomous and like to work and act alone with little or no consultation from other people.
  • They do not like to be micromanaged and supervised constantly. 
  • They struggle with expressing their emotions. 
  • INTPs live inside their minds which are full of imagination and excitement.
  • They lack the necessary motivation to form and maintain relationships. 
  • INTPs are not sensitive to other peoples’ emotional feelings and needs. 
  • They are secretive and mysterious people.
  • They tend are very faithful 
  • They are loyal 


This blog answered the question, “How do INTPs express love?” It gave a brief description of the INTP personality, listed the traits of an INTP, and discussed the ways an INTP expresses their love for someone.

These methods mainly include:

●     Attempting to make a good impression

●     Becoming inquisitive about a person of interest

●     Committing to memory details about a person of interest

●     Allowing people they love into their personal space

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Frequently Asked Questions: HOW DO INTPs EXPRESS LOVE?

 What are INTPs attracted to?

They are often attracted to people who are on a constant quest for new and exciting knowledge just like them.

Are INTPs jealous?

 Yes, the INTP may become jealous when they perceive that their partner is not respecting or is not focused enough on the relationship.

How do you kill an INTP?

This can be done by paying no mind to their ideas and not believing in them. You can also dismiss, interrupt or patronize them.

Do INTPs care about looks?

Yes, though INTPs place little importance on appearances, they are generally neat and organized and do not desire to be seen as dirty.
 Do INTPs like music?
Yes, INTPs like music and are usually fascinated by it.

Are INTP good liars?

Yes, INTPs are excellent liars because they can rapidly model several lies with their ability to think up ideas rapidly

Is INTP emotionless?

No, INTPs are emotional but lack the skill to properly and appropriately express these emotions. INTPs repress their own emotions but can understand the emotions of others.

Are INTP clingy?

No, INTPs are the least clingy people out there. INTPs enjoy plenty of time alone, and will often become irritated with people who attempt to cling to them.


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