How can empaths set boundaries? (A Complete Guide)

In this article, we will answer the question “How can empaths set boundaries?”. We will do that by describing empaths and their difficulty with setting boundaries. We will also discuss different strategies they can employ to be comfortable with setting boundaries.

How can empaths set boundaries? 

There are different ways empaths can use to set boundaries. It involves practicing self-awareness and being okay with the idea of boundaries. They need to decide the limits of what is acceptable and unacceptable for them. It is important that they learn to practice saying no and trust their judgment. They need to put themselves first before others and practice setting boundaries with people until they get comfortable with it.

Empaths and boundaries 

An empath refers to a highly sensitive person who is sensitive to the emotions of others. They are able to understand the world from another person’s perspective. They can pick out their feelings and thoughts. They are also highly compassionate and helpful. Sometimes, they absorb the emotions of people and carry them around which can be harmful to their mental health. Being among emotionally stimulating environments can be exhausting for them.

Empaths find saying no to someone who needs help quite hard. They forget to set boundaries and view them as restrictive and a means of pushing people away. It is important that they redefine the meaning of boundaries as something that allows them to explore their inner world.

Personal boundaries refer to a line a person draws to distinguish between themself and other people. Setting limits means one is making the decision of what is acceptable and unacceptable to them. It is about knowing you have a choice, being clear about your responsibilities, and the amount of control you have over the external and internal world.

Having boundaries means one is in charge of one’s own feelings, thoughts, and energy. It is a personal choice of not taking on the emotional load of another person. It does not mean that such a person does not listen to others or process their emotions with them, rather it means that one does all that but at the same time doesn’t allow those emotions to stay with them and consume them.

Empaths need to learn that they can be empathetic and set boundaries at the same time. They need to understand that boundaries do not mean separating other people from them, a lack of compassion or empathy. It also does not mean that one does not care or blocks the energy of other people. Once they understand the concept of boundaries and be comfortable with setting them, they would realize the benefits it would have on their mental health especially in freeing up their energy.

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In order to create boundaries, empaths can engage in different exercises such as visualization, to gradually integrate boundaries in their life with practice. These include the following:

Practice self-awareness

It is important that empaths start to be conscious of who they are and where they lack boundaries. They need to figure out what works for them and what doesn’t. This requires self-reflection on the current boundaries they have, which boundaries to abandon and which to adopt. One can practice self-awareness through visualization techniques.

 It can start by imagining yourself in a situation where you are facing trouble with setting boundaries. Notice your thoughts, feelings, body energy, and overall perception of the experience. Note down your difficulties and record your observations. After being comfortable with visualization, one can shift this experience to real-life people and do the same with them. Visualization and direct encounters may help empaths be self-aware and figure out their limits.

Be in charge of your boundaries

An empath needs to understand that boundaries are their right since they are responsible for their energy and protecting it is their responsibility. It is important that they own their body and not let anyone hijack their emotions and physical energy. An empath can use visualization techniques to imagine boundaries around their body and feel the energy coming back to them in the form of light. Repeat positive affirmations in their head that include telling themself that their body is theirs and they are in charge of it.

Decide limits of acceptability and unacceptability

As empaths get comfortable with the idea of personal boundaries, they need to identify what is acceptable and what is unacceptable for them. These limits may vary from one person to another as we are comfortable lending our energy to some people and uncomfortable with others. For people in our life that are energy vampires, we need to decide to set assertive boundaries with them. 

It is important that empaths do not let their emotions rule their judgment. Their decision should be based on what is best for their mental health. Contemplating these limits of acceptability and unacceptability may strengthen their boundaries and enhance their self-awareness about certain people and certain situations. It is important that during this self-reflection, an empath takes notes for future reference.

Learn to say No

For empaths, it is important that people around them are happy and pleased with them. This makes it difficult for them to say no to people. They keep allowing people to drain them due to the fear of making a fuss and troubling others. They carry on with their negative feelings and reactions and don’t say no, which ultimately comes at the cost of their personal freedom. 

They need to learn that saying no is equivalent to respecting themselves and knowing it’s their right and freedom of choice. People who actually accept them will stay in their life. In other words, it will be a chance to find authentic friendships and lose people that are unauthentic and harmful to them. 

If an empath needs to say no to someone, it can be done by using words carefully and respectfully expressing their message. For example ‘I understand your approach, but I see this matter differently’ or ‘I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the way you said that’. In other words, they have to express their message in a nonthreatening manner.

If someone still does not understand their message, it is better to be direct with them and communicate honestly. They need to practice this ability by using visualization and coming up with the courage to say no. Imagine what you would say, how would you feel and how would you respond. With time, it will become easier.

Trust yourself

An empath may have a tendency to doubt themselves and their feelings. They need to trust that their intuition, feelings, and opinions about people can be right. If they are still in doubt,  they can ask for advice from a close person. But constantly asking or doubting themself can be a sign of needing validation. It is time to own their judgments and take the responsibility for their actions.

Put yourself first before others

Empaths have the tendency to put the needs of others ahead of their own. They need to decide to turn this attention to themselves. It is important that they engage in self-care activities and be mindful of their daily experiences. Doing something nice for themselves, every day can be helpful for them. 

Practice setting boundaries

It is important that data collected from daily observations, visualization strategies, and self-awareness exercises suggested above are brought together. An empath needs to put all of this into action. They can start by setting boundaries with someone on something small and move their way up till they get comfortable.

FAQs: How empaths can set boundaries?

How do you develop emotional boundaries?

One can develop emotional boundaries by learning to say no to tasks they cannot overtake. They need to learn to say yes to receiving help and appreciating their gratitude. They should limit apologizing and protect their time and energy by not over committing to others. Learning to ask for space from others is also part of developing emotional boundaries.

What are unhealthy boundaries?

Unhealthy boundaries refer to disregarding your own needs and limits and valuing what other people want. Not saying no and going along with what others want is a sign of unhealthy boundary.

How does one set boundaries?

One can set boundaries by naming their limits and using their own feelings as a guide. One needs to give oneself permission, practice self-awareness, make self-care a priority, seek social support, and be direct with others as part of setting boundaries with other people.


In this article, we discussed How empaths can set boundaries?. We found that There are different ways empaths can use to set boundaries. It involves practicing self-awareness and being okay with the idea of boundaries. They need to decide the limits of what is acceptable and unacceptable for them. It is important that they learn to practice saying no and trust their judgment. They need to put themselves first before others and practice setting boundaries with people until they get comfortable with it.

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