What Is Hermione Granger’s Personality Type?

The article will delve into the topic of what personality type does the character ‘Hermione Granger’ from the famous ‘Harry Potter’ series have. It will also attempt to highlight major traits the character displays in her scenes in the movie. 

What is Hermione Granger’s Personality Type?

Hermione Granger’s personality type is an ISTJ which is also known as ‘The Logician’. These personality types are well known for their intelligence, thirst for knowledge and creativity!

Throughout the series, Hermione is presented as a young, wise and intelligent witch who is well ahead of her time. She is not only resourceful with the knowledge she has up her arms but she is creative, often experimenting to get better results!

Her Dominant Traits.

The article will look at what traits she has all while extracting examples from the series to practically demonstrate the personality type she has.

Logical – They Love Patterns.

Hermione is very observant and there is a reason why. She likes to understand the complex relationships that exist between various things, people and phenomena; this helps her manipulate her surroundings in order to achieve what she is aiming for. The countless times she came up with ideas to help her friends in their journey – her potions and spells and interesting items – shows she uses her intelligent mind very well. 

Being the young wise witch she is, Hermione is well aware of her environment and is quick in coming up with ideas that appeal to her logic and seem rational. To get the best solution they will do all the studying they have to even if it means studying all night or traveling back in time to take extra classes! You clever Hermione!


Ever noticed how Hermione just wanders away in her thoughts and suddenly comes up with a brilliant idea? Well there it is! She is an introvert and finds power in her thoughts where she can get lost but once she is back she has some great ideas. Such people are very useful for finding innovative solutions to everyday problems or coming up with solutions to very complex and difficult problems.

Not Very Emotional.

Although they have much love and commitment to their loved ones, these people focus more on their thoughts and the logic in them compared to emotions they experience. This is why Hermione is able to stay strong and stable in the most dangerous situations she faces as a character in the story. Unlike Ron, who is focused more emotionally, she is able to see the facts and not be blurred by her feelings. 

This is most evident when the trio is in the forest and Ron and Harry have a fight. Even at that uncertain time, Hermione is trying to make sense out of the situation and make Ron see the bigger picture.

The Strengths of Hermione’s Personality.

Abstract and Original Thinkers.

Hermione is able to think of abstract concepts which is very important if you are living in the world of wizards where yes anything is possible if you can think of it. She is abstract but also original. She won’t just take up a spell and use it but manipulate it to suit her situation even better. 

Her examples in the movie are many; from polyjuice potions to change the appearances of Ron and Harry to using time to fix things, Hermione is extremely innovative and has the ability to think beyond others. 

Open Minded.

She is open to new ideas and if she wasn’t she wouldn’t be able to create all those logical connections would she then?

Although they greatly value knowledge and believe in theories of the past which they may use as a reference point, characters with the ISTJ type have a knack for challenging what is going on around them and trying out new things. This is why Hermione, seemingly cautious, takes the boys for unimaginable rides. Just like the one on the dragon when they broke out of the bank!


Although introverts and hence reserved, the enthusiasm is very obvious in these personalities. How Hermione explains her thought process and the conviction with with she describes certain phenomena, it can be easily said that she is quite enthusiastic which is another reason why she is able to face the hardships of the journey she and her friends set out to accomplish.



These individuals may not always be so expressive of their thoughts and yes feelings too! Although Hermione is quite blunt when it comes to her ideas and opinions although there may be an element of hesitation, she is reserved when it comes to her feelings. In the series it can be seen that she has a soft spot for Ron that develops into a deep longing for him. However, she is not able to express that fully especially when he takes an interest in another girl – Lavender Brown. Her reservedness limits her from expressing her feelings of jealousy and irritability when she sees Ron with Lavender.

Insensitive and Condescending.

Sometimes logicians get so caught up in their brilliant ideas that are tangled in logic that they do not realize the impact these ideas have on others. ISTJs oftentimes forget to take into the subjective element of human beings, hence creating great plans that lack the human element of error or perception. 

Absent Minded.

Once they get their interest caught up in something, Logicians are unable to stay in the real world. They are reeled in by their thoughts and the countless possibilities; this results in them being forgetful, skipping important tasks or even meals!

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The Big Five Personality Traits – Hermione Granger.

How does Hermione score on these traits? Well let’s find out!


Hermione is extremely high in conscientiousness because she pays attention to details, likes preparing well before time and prefers structure rather than just going with the flow. She has a habit of getting things done on time and prefers to out things back from where she got them.


This is another trait that Hermione is high on. She thinks in an abstract manner and likes to try new things and is hence open to new experiences. She is welcoming to new ideas and imaginative and has no issue with change especially when it is needed.


Hermione is low in this. She prefers to be alone studying or taking classes or engaging in productive thoughts. She is rarely seen talking with groups of people in the movie except unless she has to explain something of dire importance.

Furthermore, she does not find it easy to make new friends at all and does not like being the center of attention. She would rather sit alone than with people who she doesn’t really consider close. 

People who are low on extraversion find it difficult to make small talk and would prefer getting to the point. Also, they have a habit of thinking more than speaking and also find it hard to initiate conversations. They are more on the responding side.


Neither high nor low, Hermione is a very focused girl who does realize the needs of others and does not mind lending a hand but it is simply not her area of expertise. She would rather be sitting in a room alone thinking on what it is she can propose to do rather than go out and help people directly. These people are not very cooperative as they strongly believe in what they have to offer and may seem a bit competitive as well.


Hermione is low on this scale thanks to her logical way of thinking and focusing more on the facts than her emotions. People with low levels of neuroticism are emotionally stable, don’t worry too much and experience fewer mood swings. They are actually a source of stability for others and do not get upset easily.


The article looked at what personality type Hermione Granger is what traits of hers fit into this category. The article also explored what examples it can choose from the characters behavior that align with this personality type. The MBTI and Big Five traits were also a source of discussion in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is Hermione Granger’s Personality Type?

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