Gratitude Meditation Script (A list)

In this brief guide, we will take a look at some great gratitude meditation scripts and also consider some short gratitude meditations scripts.

Gratitude Meditations Scripts

Gratitude meditation scripts are ways to practice gratitude meditation and they allow therapists or meditation teachers to lead the meditation in a way that is based in gratitude.

Gratitude meditation is a type of meditation that seeks to fill the person with positivity and feelings of gratitude as a way to remove the negativity from their mind, and it is a positive psychology method to aid relaxation.

Gratitude meditation may involve being actively conscious of the good things around the person and it may also involve being thankful for things that one sees.

Gratitude meditation can be long or short depending on the person, and it is completely open ended and not based in rules and regulations.

According to Jack Kornfeld, a gratitude meditation expert, this process has its basis in buddhist and spiritual philosophies, and it may often be compared to mindfulness practices, but it does not involve focusing on the self as much as mindfulness does.

Another difference between gratitude meditation and mindfulness is that while mindfulness seeks to get the person conscious of both positive and negative and then let it go, gratitude meditation might seek to only get them focused on the positive that they can be thankful for.

Here is a sample Gratitude meditation script to give you an idea of what they are like:

“This is a great meditation to do at the beginning of the day, or very end.

Turn off your phone and free yourself of interruptions.

Please don’t listen to this recording while you are driving.

Either sit or lie down, whatever is most comfortable.

Now close your eyes.

Take a long slow, deep breath in and slowly exhale.

Feel any tension melting away as you gradually relax deeper with each breath.

Take another long slow, deep breath in and exhale.

Feel yourself drifting into a state of deep relaxation. 

Continue to breathe slowly and gently as you bring your awareness to the top of your head.

Picture a warm, loving golden light spreading from the top of your head down to your toes.

Feel your muscles relax as the light washes over you, surrounding and protecting you.

Take a few more deep breaths and relax deeply.

In this safe, relaxed state, reflect on all the things you’re grateful for: loved ones, breath in your lungs, sunshine, fresh air, the tasty dinner you had that evening, a nice compliment from a coworker—whatever comes to mind. 

As each gratitude appears, visualize yourself saying the words thank you to each.”

This meditation is by Josie Robinson, who is a prolific figure in te field of gratitude meditation, and you may find her full gratitude meditation here.

Short Gratitude Meditation Script

Gratitude meditation from Berkeley:

This gratitude meditation only takes about 10 minutes, and makes for a great 10 minute gratitude meditation for when you are in a hurry.

This meditation is meant to promote resilience by using imagery of heart-centered gratitude, and it is led by Dr. Kathi Kemper at the Ohio State University’s Center for Integrative Health and Wellness.

Here are some excerpts from this short gratitude meditation script:

“Now think about all the things we have today that make our lives easier and more comfortable than they were for our great-grandparents.

We flip a switch, and light appears.

We turn a tap and clean, drinkable water flows.

We adjust a thermostat, and a room grows warmer or cooler.

We have a roof to keep us dry when it rains, walls to keep out the cold wind, windows to let in the light, screens to keep out insects.

We enter a vehicle and it takes us where we want to go.

We have access to machines that wash our clothes. And we have clothes to wear, places to store them.

There are machines that store our food at just the right temperature and help us cook it without us having to gather wood.

We have indoor plumbing.

We have public libraries that have thousands of books and recordings, free for anyone to borrow and read.

We have public schools that can teach us to read and write, skills that were available to only the very few just a few hundred years ago [5 seconds].”

“Now, consider the people and pets you know who enrich your life, those who smile at you and cheer you on, those family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and peers, those ancestors who worked so you could live well, those friends who support you when you need a shoulder or a hand [5 seconds].”

You can listen to the full tape of this gratitude meditation here.

15 minute Gratitude Meditation Script

This 15 minute gratitude meditation script is from a website that does great work for gratitude meditation, and it is called Change to Chill.

This particular gratitude meditation script is meant to promote the resilience mechanisms that help individuals cope with stressful situations in their life.

Resilience is something that is innate to us but like muscles that we are born with, our resilience capacity can also be honed and practiced, and this meditation helps with that.

“Take some time to place yourself in a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths

and let your chest rise and fall with each inhalation and exhalation. When you are ready,

let your eyes drift closed.

As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, let your attention rest gently on your

breath. Feeling the movement as it enters and exits your body. Each time you exhale, let

go of any tension. Relax your face, your shoulders, your belly, your legs.

On your next exhale, settle your attention to the area around your heart. Focus on the

feelings of love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness.

With your attention on your heart center, bring to mind something or someone you are

grateful for.

As you continue with your easy, relaxed breathing, perhaps you feel gratitude for being

alive, or healthy.

Perhaps you are grateful for the abundance of nature that produces food to nourish

your body, and beautiful scenery to nourish your soul.

Bring your attention to people who truly nourish you in your life and how they bless you

with their presence.

Feel gratitude for your own life and the many gifts you have been blessed with.

Now bring your attention to how this gratitude feels in the area around your heart. With

each inhale, let this feeling grow outwards. Expanding to fill your chest, your arms and

hands, your legs and feet. With each inhale this feeling grows, filling you up.

And now, even as you return your attention to your breath, let your body remember the

sensations of your gratitude.”

To find more gratitude meditation scripts and audios from Change to chill, you should check them out here.

Resilience Meditation Script

Resilience meditation scripts may involve a focus on building the individual’s capacity to deal with the adversities of life in a constructive way.

There are some great resilience meditation scripts by the Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience center of the Arizona State University, and excerpts from one of these scripts are given below.

“Bring yourself to mind now. And seeing if you can offer loving kindness to yourself, by letting these words, become your words 

May I be happy

May I be healthy

May I ride the waves of my life

May I live in peace

No matter what I am given

And noticing the feelings that arise and letting them be, as you look within yourself with mindfulness and equanimity.”

“When you are comfortable, try offering loving kindness to someone who supports you, who has always “been on your side.” Bringing this person to mind, imagining them perhaps across from you, and letting these words become your words…

May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you ride the waves of your life

May you live in peace

No matter what you are given

Once your feelings flow easily to a loved one, turn your attention now to someone with whom you have difficulty – it’s best not to start with the most difficult person, but perhaps someone who brings up feelings or irritation or annoyance. And seeing if you can let these words become your words as you keep this person in awareness…”

These excerpts are from the resilience meditation called Loving Kindness, and you may find it here in completion.

If you would like to check out more amazing resilience meditation scripts, you can check out this website here.

Mindfulness Meditation Gratitude

Headspace, a service devoted to the practice of mindfulness meditation, also has great scripts and paid as well as unpaid plans for mindfulness meditation and gratitude meditation.

They offer a wide range of services related to gratitude meditation, and you may find a great short mindfulness meditation for gratitude here.


In this brief guide, we took a look at some great gratitude meditation scripts and also considered some short gratitude meditations scripts.

Gratitude meditation is a great way to get some calm and relaxation in your life and it can be a very good way to get rid of stress and anxiety.

If you have any questions or comments about gratitude meditation, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Gratitude Meditation Script

What is gratitude meditation?

Gratitude meditation is a type of meditation that focuses primarily on expressing gratitude for the things in your life, so that you may fill your mind with positivity rather than trying to remove the negativity.
According to Jack Kornfield, gratitude meditation can be very beneficial, he says “Buddhist monks begin each day with a chant of gratitude for the blessings of their life.”

How do you lead a 5 minute meditation?

To lead a 5 minute meditation, you may do the following:

Minute 1: Ask the people you are leading to rest their hands on the tops of their thighs with their legs hip-distance apart and their feet flat on the floor.

Minute 2: Ask them to stop counting and allow their breathing to fall into a natural and easy rhythm.

Minute 3: Ask them to continue to be aware of their breathing. 

Minute 4: Release their focus and simply let them sit in silence.

What is a meditation script?

A meditation script consists of practical words, descriptions or recordings that are carefully selected with the purpose of providing relaxation practices. 

Meditation scripts help therapists or yoga teachers and other individuals that guide meditation to incite an innermost perceived peaceful state in their students or clients. 

A meditation script should take one to a place where they can only feel the sounds of their soul and where they may find it very easy to relax.

How do you practice gratitude?

To practice gratitude you may do the following things:

Consciously notice good things in your environment and appreciate them.
Savor the best qualities of things around you and try to absorb the goodness
Try to really pay attention to all the good things.
Express gratitude to yourself and write it down.
Thank people for doing nice things for you.


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