Ginny Weasley’s MBTI Type (An Overview)

The following article will explore the Myer Briggs type of Ginny Weasley, one of the interesting characters of the Harry Potter series, and highlight what traits, strengths and weaknesses of her personality make her who she is!

What Is The MBTI Type of Ginny Weasley?

Ginny Weasley is an ESTP or ‘Entrepreneur’ which describes an individual who is extroverted, sensing, thinking and perceiving. These personality types are lively, energetic and take on matters while being in them hence figuring things out along the way; they love to uncover life’s opportunities!

Who is Ginny Weasley?

Ginny Weasley is the daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley, the parents of Ron Weasley. Surprisingly, she is their only daughter who grows up amongst 6 brothers! She is a core character of the movie series and plays a significant role in the chamber of secrets where she ends up being misguided by Tom Riddle however heroically saved by Harry himself.

Ginny loves to intermingle with different types of people and this can be observed by her dating behavior which is a central theme in a few of the series due to Harry’s interest in her. She is popular and well known and has a way of dealing with people better than most. 

Although not shown much, the scenes in which she appears show her as a straightforward and decisive woman that does not hesitate. She is blunt and is not scared of asking or showing what she wants.

Ginny Weasley – An ESTP or Entrepreneur!

She has an extroverted personality in that he is good at dealing with people; her first appearance in the chamber of secrets shows that she is able to tell lies in order to get what is done. She likes to play quidditch and does not mind going out with any guy just for the experience of it – not to mention the Yule Ball. 

She has a good sensing nature. She is able to identify what is going on in the environment quickly and make sense of things – she is able to logically reason. Furthemore this ability of hers not only defines her as a thinker but she is also a perceiver – she doesn’t mind little or no plans, appears to approach things casually and likes to take work and play hand in hand.

The Strengths of Ginny – An ESTP.

Bold and Confident.

Yes. People like Ginny are very bold and confident. They do not shy away easily and have no problem expressing what it is that they want. Her desire for her Harry is quite obvious where she approaches him multiple times; either at their home where Ron interrupts them and sits on the couch right in between them, early morning in the kitchen while one of the twins watches or in the Room of Requirement, it always seems as if Ginny is the dominant one although we do not see her speak much and Harry doesn’t mind this.


Yes she is. In the series, it is unfortunate we do not see her talk much but her activities are more than enough to describe her as a social person. Her dating behavior, interest in sports and friends circle not to mention her comfortable approach to Harry shows that she does not mind interacting with people and it comes to her naturally!

Rational and Practical.

Ginny has control over her emotions because she focuses her energy on logic and rationale. She likes to see the sense in things and hence plans her moves accordingly which is why she seems very composed. 


She goes for what she wants. Rather than get into the mess or game of things she prefers a straightforward approach. When Harry is trying to keep Hermione from taking the Half Blood Prince’s Diary from him, Ginny goes for it and snatches the diary without hesitation, reads it and hands it back to Harry. Like we said, she just goes for it.


Go Against The Flow.

People with this personality prefer a hands on approach rather than one that is covered in rules, guidelines and restrictions. Ginny is defiant and will go for what she wants even if it means breaking the rules. Her casual approach to matters also supports this side of her personality. In the scene where Harry runs after Bellaxtrix when a ring of fire is cast around the Weasley’s house, Ginny defies all odds and runs after him. She is also quick to stand next to Harry in any situation.


Ginny’s relation with Harry throughout the series best defines this trait of hers. She does not really have a long term plan for things and her approach is not very clear. In and out of the series, her feelings for Harry are apparent from the very start but her approach to him is not. Sometimes she prefers to stay back hence dating other boys and sometimes she is very hands on approaching Harry in a surprising but very confident manner.

Danger Lurks Nearby – Risk Prone.

The general behavior and attitude of Entrepreneurs makes them risk prone. They are curious and want to learn new things or try new experiences and this can land them in deep waters. Her experiences with Tom Riddle’s diary is a good example. She was trapped by him through his interests in her and once she befriended Tom, the Dark Lord was able to push her to do nasty and scary things which eventually landed her in the Chamber of Secrets

Her curiosity and temperament is hence dangerous for her as it can lead to situations or behaviors that do not have good consequences or outcomes.

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What Are Entrepreneurs Like?

Entrepreneurs are easily spottable in a crowd as they are usually the ones who are at the center keeping the conversation going. Ginny became quite popular in her circle. If anywhere she could easily be spotted; the episode when Ron saw her with Dean Thomas shows that not only is she good at getting on with people but she doesn’t mind standing out in the crowd.

Furthermore, these personality types have a sense of humor that is combined with a twist of bluntness. Ginny never hesitated to say what she thought although she may put it out on the table with some humor to make things more easy to digest. This not only makes them more interesting people but people who others can get along with hence fulfilling their need to be social.

Ginny and others who fit this personality type are not interested in long, theory based discussions. Yes they do appreciate logic and rationale but it should not be turned into a class lecture that never ends. These individuals like to navigate through situations as they arise rather than plan for them and hence are good problem solvers although they may create some loopholes in which they fall later.

Romantic Relationships.

One of the central themes of Ginny’s character in the series is her romantic relation with the boy who lived – Harry James Potter. As Entrepreneurs, individuals are very much open to relationships in that they present new opportunities and the chance to get to know a person. They enjoy open and fun relations where the couple can try new things that create excitement, suspense and fun.

Entrepreneurs easily get bored so they look for adventure. They want to try new things and be kept interested by their partner with maybe little surprises, a date out or maybe a gift. If they can’t keep up, ESTPs may get bored and start considering other options.

These personalities however do give their best in relations, they try to mould themselves in terms of long term commitments and try to develop a deeper level of emotional stability.


This article explored the MBTI type of Ginny Weasley, a central character in the Harry Potter series especially known for her romantic interest in the Chosen One. The article attempted to highlight the dominant traits, strengths and weaknesses of her personality type and also explored what type of people Entrepreneurs generally are.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ginny Weasley’s MBTI Type.

What personality type is Ginny Weasley?

She is very perceptive and understood Harry better than others hence she is an ESTP.She is very perceptive and understood Harry better than others hence she is an ESTP.

What MBTI type is Hermione Granger?

Hermione Granger is a Logistician who appears to value logic and rationale when it comes to evaluating situations.

What MBTI type is Draco?

Draco is an INTJ as he is quick and clever and is able to think of good strategies


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