Famous INTJs (7 unique cases)

Who are famous INTJs?

In this article we will look at the list of famous INTJ personalities. A brief introduction of INTJ, its strengths and weaknesses.

Who are the famous INTJs?

Famous INTJs includes:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bill Gates
  • Al Gore
  • Sir Issac Newton
  • Stephen Hawkings
  • Issac Asimov
  • Lewis Carrol
  • Mark Zukerberg

What is INTJ?

INTJ is called the Architect Personality type which is amongst 16 personality types introduced by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers which opened a new window to the study of a unique and different personality type. INTJ means Introverted. Intuitive, thinking and judging personality traits. INTJs are referred as masterminds and known for their thinking pattern to be a very specific pattern as they think out of the box and would come up with a new perspective for everything. Each of the four letters in the INTJ code represents a key personality trait associated with this personality type.These astute strategists enjoy perfecting the finer points of life, combining imagination and logic with everything they do.

What are the strengths of Architect (INTJ)?

Following are the strengths of Architect (INTJ):

  • Rational: Architects always take pride in their skills. Almost any scenario will provide them with an opportunity which would allow them to extend their expertise and sharpen their critical thinking skills. Because of this particular mindset, they will come up with creative solutions against even the most complicated problems no matter what quantum they may carry.
  • Informed: Architects are one of the few personality groups committed to forming sound, evidence-based decisions which is based purely on rational judgement. They base their findings on study and analysis rather than hunches or half-baked theories. This gives them the trust they need to defend their beliefs in the face of opposition.
  • Independent: Conformity is more or less associated with mediocrity with these personality styles. Architects are self-motivated, innovative individuals who like to do things their own way. Allowing laws or traditions to hinder their success irritates them more than anything else.
  • Determined: Architects have imaginative and goal-oriented personalities. When a concept or pursuit captures their imagination, architects dedicate themselves to mastering the subject and acquiring practical skills. They typically have clear ideas about what it takes to be good, and few obstacles stand in their way of realising their ambitions.
  • Curious: Architects are open to new concepts that are rational and backed up by proof. Since they are sceptics by default, these personality types are drawn to offbeat or contrarian points of view. When facts contradict their beliefs, they may also change their minds. 
  • Versatile: Architects enjoy working on a wide range of projects which is instrumental in increasing their versatility in getting the job done. People with this personality style will excel in a number of endeavours due to their passion and determination.
  • Innovation: Although this INTJ seems so inexorable on the ground surface, they are genuinely very sensitive to and encouraging of reform and progress as a personality type, and this flexibility assists in their problem-solving skills. They acknowledge that most individuals, procedures, and structures can be strengthened, and they will look for innovative solutions to do so.

What are the weaknesses of Architect (INTJ)?

Following are the weaknesses of Architect (INTJ):

  • Arrogant: Architects are smart, but they’re not infallible. Their self-assurance may cause them to miss out on useful feedback from others, particularly from those they perceive to be intellectually inferior. These personalities may become overly critical or single-minded in an effort to prove others wrong.
  • Dismissive of Emotions: Rationality reigns supreme for architects. However, emotional context is always more important than people with this personality style accept. Architects may become irritated with someone who seems to place a higher importance on emotions than reality. Unfortunately, ignoring emotion is a type of bias in and of itself, and it can cloud an architect’s judgement.
  • Overly critical: These individuals have a lot of self-control, particularly when it comes to their thoughts and feelings. Architects can be harshly critical when the people in their lives struggle to match their level of restraint. However, this criticism is often unjustified, since it is focused on abstract criteria rather than a comprehensive understanding of human existence.
  • Romantically clueless: Architects may be irritated by romance because of their persistent logic. They can struggle to understand what’s going on and how to act, particularly in the early stages of a relationship. If their relationships end for reasons they don’t understand, they can become distrustful about matters of the heart, even challenging the worth of love and attachment.
  • Superiority: The INTJ’s excellence in the fields of knowledge, intuition, and reasoning is unparalleled, and it is inarguably one of their best attributes, alongside their belief in their own thoughts. These qualities, however, can become shortcomings if they evolve into a persecution complex. They could be rude and dismissive, as well as annoyed with someone who doesn’t understand the definition as readily as they’d like.
  • Imbalance: Leadership is very important to the INTJ, and he or she might dedicate a lot of effort and time to it. Even so, this comes with a cost in terms of time with relatives, important relations, and pleasure. It is just too convenient for the INTJ to build skewed expectations and, as a result, relationship conflicts.

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Famous INTJs:

According to most research only 2% of the total population in the World are INTJs. Due to their forceful nature and unique behaviour they become highly influential amongst the people they live in and their immediate social circles.

Most INTJs are found in different professions such as Politicians, Athletes, Scientists, Authors, Philosophers, Business and Musicians.

Following are the famous INTJs:

Mark Zukerberg

Mark Zukerberg who is an internet entrepreneur and philanthropist mostly known for his achievement as the founder of Facebook, a widely used social networking site. He is reported to be INTJ as evaluated from his behaviour in public and in person.

Issac Newton

Issac Newton was the physicist, english mathematician and Author. He’s known for his work in law of motion and universal gravitation. He is also known to be INTJ.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is an American Politician and a diplomat. She was the first female senator from New York. She’s the author of many books including Dear Socks and Beatrice Goat.

Bill Gates        

Bill Gates is an American Business Magnate and Software Developer. He was Dropped out from Harvard University and now he’s the chairman and founder of Branded Entertainment Network.

Stephen Hawkings

Stephen Hawking was an English Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist. He was the director of research at the center of research Cosmologist at University of Cambridge. He suffered through progessive motor disease. He was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease at the age of 21. One of the best known discoveries of Hawkings is Black Holes, which emit radiations and can only be studied through special instruments.

Lewis Caroll

Lewis Caroll was an english writer. He was known for his fictional stories he wrote for children. He was also a mathematician, teacher, poet and a photographer. He suffered from acquired stammering which troubled him in his life but despite his weakness he excelled in every field. 

Issac Asimov

Issac Asimov was an american writer and he was the professor of biochemistry and human metabolism. He was considered one of the big three writers of science fiction. He wrote and edited more than 500 books. He also wrote hard science fiction.  

What are the top careers for INTJ?

Best careers for INTJ which allows them to use their unique behaviour and traits in a most logical, orderly reasoning fashion and in which they can think out of the box are very few.

Following are the suitable careers for INTJ:





Software or mechanical engineer

Environmental Scientist 


Technical writer


What are the other names for INTJ?

INTJ  is also referred as:

  • The conceptual Planner (MBTI)
  • The Architect (16 Personalities)

How to identify  Personality type INTJ?

Myers and Briggs created 16 personality types, with the help of their assessment tool that is MBTI Assessment tool personality type can be identified. It’s a short questionnaire, which focuses on people’s preferences for how they want to live their life and concentrate attention, get information, make decisions, and orient their lives are measured and described using a self-report questionnaire.

Why to find personality type?

When one discovers his or her personality type, it’ll be more clear or understandable why one does things they do. Person will gain confidence about their strengths and will be able to make healthy decisions. Knowing one’s own personality helps them to be more efficient in their work and enhances the strengths by fading away the weaknesses. 

How INTJ thinking functions Displays itself?

While some personality styles prefer to use their cognitive abilities, others will have them in novel ways. Individuals have almost the same processing features; they only use them in distinct destinations in their function frames, resulting in different behavior patterns. These patterns depict the true personality of these individuals.

What are the five most important needs of INTJ personality?

Following are the five most essential needs of INTJ Personality:

  • Time Alone
  • Independence
  • Challenges
  • Honesty
  • Understanding

How is the attention span of INTJs?

INTJs will spend many hours exploring or researching new topics and learning new knowledge. They take advantage of this opportunity to concentrate on the things that concern them and to work on expanding their minds. Since they spend so much time alone with their thoughts and inner worlds, the INTJ can be considered a dreamer. They still value their alone time and become exhausted when constantly surrounded by people. These qualities of INTJ can sometimes also cause misunderstandings, especially when they’re younger. They doesn’t struggle to focus on things they aren’t interested in. Their behaviours can cause them to be misdiagnosed with hyperactivity, as they might have ADHD or ADD. 

FAQs: Famous INTJs

Is INTJ the rarest personality type?

 INTJ is the third rarest type in the population, and the rarest type among women (with ENTJ). INTJs make uP 2% of the general population.

What is an INTJ personality type?

INTJs are analytical problem solvers which have a very indifferent analytical skill set that are often looking for new ways and unique ways to develop structures and processes which would help solve the biggest problems. They have an uncanny ability to find areas where they can change, whether at work, at home, or in themselves to bring out a productive outcome through their input.

What is the IQ of an INTJ?

According to this, ~60% of INTJs are gifted, meaning they fall in the 98th percentile on aptitude tests. This translates to an IQ of 130.

Is Maria Shriver also an INTJ?

Maria Owings Shriver is an American journalist, author, member of the Kennedy family and former First Lady of California. Owing to the observations of the local populace and heractions in public, She is also enlisted in famous INTJs of the world.

Are INTJ Socially awkward? 

Since people experiencing INTJ personality types are not used to following the routine like normal people and also are not accustomed to what others are to. They don’t follow what others anticipate and instead follow what is factual and real. Therefore, INTJs can be seen as unusual and this plays a major role in making INTJ bold, self-made and upright at times, which makes them look unpleasant or peculiar to others.

What are INTJ attracted to? 

INTJs are mostly attracted to people who have the same interests and attitude and particularly to those people with whom they can have interesting conversations of their interests which are mostly regarding their passion and goals.


In this article we have covered famous people with INTJs and their discoveries along with an overview of INTJ personality traits and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of INTJs.