Famous 9w8 Individuals (5+ List)

In this short article, we are going to talk about quite a few examples of famous 9w8 people. As you read on, you will learn the names of many 9w8 celebrities and brief descriptions about their lives. We will also explore what traits in these people match with the 9w8 personality.

Here is a List of Famous 9w8 individuals

Our list includes the following famous 9w8 individuals:

  • Ronald Raegan
  • Gerald Ford
  • Lady Bird Johnson
  • Kevin Costner
  • Sophia Loren
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Janet Jackson
  • Ringo Starr

Who are Some Famous 9w8 Individuals?

People with 9w8 personality types are likely to become famous, especially if they are healthy. That’s because the Enneagram Type 9 Wing 8 personality traits include virtues of inner strength, power, and gentleness. 

These individuals seem to be peacemakers and are often seen as similar to ISFP personalities. They can trust people, be supportive, and are full of optimism. They get along well with others and are seen as gracious and cordial. 

Together, these characteristics make them suited for positions of public admiration and respect. Famous 9w8 individuals are quite common in the world. Read on to learn a little about some of the celebrities having a 9w8 personality.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Raegan is often described as a highly influential voice of modern conservatism. He was the 40th president of the USA and was a well-known actor in Hollywood before that. Since 9w8 people have the potential to be good leaders, it isn’t surprising that Raegan was also a union leader and governor before his presidency. 

Earlier, in the 1950s, he was invited to GE factories as a motivational speaker due to his charismatic and inspiring presence. He came from an economically weaker background but managed to make his way to the top. 

This kind of perseverance can be attributed to the endurance that this personality brings. Like a true 9w8, he was very protective of his belief system. Even today, Raegan is considered an icon among conservatives.

Gerald Ford

Gerald Rudolph Ford was another famous 9w8 politician. He was originally an attorney but is quite celebrated for one unique fact. Till today, he is the only American who has served as both the president and the VP without being elected by the Electoral College. 

9w8 individuals can become aggressive when there is an attack on their loved ones. That probably explains why Ford ended up enlisting in the US Navy right after Pearl Harbour was attacked. 

Another typical 9w8 behaviour that Ford displayed was the ability to forge friendships with previous enemies. In his retirement, he set aside his enmity for his Democratic challenger, Jimmy Carter. After the 1976 election, the two formed a deeply close alliance.

Lady Bird Johnson

While we’re on the subject of US presidents, let’s move forward with Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Johnson. She was the First Lady of the United States from 1963 to 1969. The 9w8 qualities of gentleness and inner strength reflect clearly in Johnson’s personality. 

She was famous for being an advocate for beautifying American roadways. Her rationale behind this was that “Where flowers bloom, so does hope”. This kind of resilience stems from the powerful inner strength that 9w8 individuals display. 

Lady Bird managed to support and build the hope of an entire nation in difficult times. She ran Lyndon Johnson’s office while he served in the Navy and used her success in investments to bankroll campaigns.

Kevin Costner

Coming to the world of showbiz, Kevin Michael Costner is a star in Hollywood, known for acting, direction, and production. His trophy cabinet at home is studded with Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

The 8 Wing is known to add to the positives of Type 9 personalities with strength and endurance. This is evident in Costner’s journey to success as he had to struggle quite a bit to make a name. 

With the support of his wife, he worked many kinds of menial jobs that gave him tuition for acting classes. Today, the list of films he has contributed to is endless. Besides Hollywood, he has also made a name in country music and baseball. 

Sophia Loren

Sofia Villani Scicolone, known professionally as Sofia Loren, is an Italian actress famous for her appearances in Hollywood classics. The American Film Institute named her the 2ist greatest female star of the genre. 

Loren has been widely celebrated for her talent and beauty. Despite starting a family in 1970, a career setback for most women in films, she continued to get recognition throughout. Even at the age of 86, Loren has been receiving numerous rewards for her performances. 

9w8 people tend to become  jealous in their romantic relationships. Loren’s famous affair with Cary Grant ended bitterly as Grant was a married man. The tension caused problems in the filming of Houseboat

Type 9 Wing 8 individuals are also very keen to keep their loved ones close. That would explain Loren’s strategic French citizenship in 1965 to secure her marriage with Carlo Ponti.

Whoopi Goldberg

Caryn Elaine Johnson, famously known as Whoopi Goldberg, is another recipient of several accolades. She is an actress, comedian, author, and television personality. Goldberg is also quite vocal in the field of philanthropy and activism. 

She has done tremendous work to fight violent extremism, promote equality for LGBTQ communities, and empower fellow women. This need for a voice differentiates Whoopi as a 9w8 from a 9w1 individual.

9w8 people have very strong feelings of commitment for their families. Goldberg has publicly quoted that she ascribes her inability to sustain romantic relationships due to her overpowering commitment to her family. She said to Piers Morgan in a 2011 interview that she couldn’t love men the same way as she loved her relatives.

Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson is a triple threat in show business. She’s a singer, dancer, and actor in addition to being a songwriter, and record producer. This famous 9w8 is the youngest child of the Jackson family and sister to the King of Pop. 

Traits that match her to fellow Type 9 Wing 8 celebrities include her creativity, optimism, resilience, and charisma. In the early 90s, she signed two record-breaking multimillion-dollar contracts with a popular record company. 

Since then, she is established as one of the highest-paid artists in the industry. Jackson is also an important feminist icon because of her progressive and feisty choreography. Her free and confident moves inspire countless women to fight for their liberation. 

Ringo Starr

The second European in our list of famous 9w8 individuals is the Beatles drummer, Sir Richard Starkey. Better known as Ringo Starr, the now octogenarian is also famous for his singing, songwriting, and acting. 

What’s different about this Type 9 Wing 8 person is that he was unwell for a prolonged period in his life. His childhood was full of life-threatening illnesses and extended hospital stays. Unhealthy 9w8s tend to have a short temper and stubborn behaviour. 

Starr admitted to being a drunk, a wife-beater, and an absent father when his marriage failed in 1975. A lot of people question whether his hippie lifestyle makes him more of an ISTP. Nevertheless, the drummer shows a basic desire for peace like all 9w8 personalities as he is a vegetarian. He meditates regularly and follows the motto of “peace and love”.


In this short article, we talked about quite a few examples of famous 9w8 people. We went through brief descriptions about their lives and explored what traits in these people match with the 9w8 personality.

Famous 9w8 individuals include a lot of people in politics and show business. While Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Lady Bird Johnson represent power, the remaining celebrities are famous for their grit. 

Kevin Costner, Sophia Loren, and Janet Jackson have the 9w8 qualities of endurance and inner strength in common. Whoopi Goldberg, like most 9w8 people, has a great sense of humour. The beloved Beatle, Ringo Starr, the only unhealthy 9w8 on the list, showed typical signs of aggression. 

Nevertheless, they all have the perfect balance of tranquillity and assertiveness. What’s funny about these famous 9w8 individuals, is that Type 9 Wing 8 people don’t really seek fame. But it looks like public admiration for this combination of traits makes them hard to ignore.

FAQs: Famous 9w8 Individuals

What does 9w8 mean?

If you have an Enneagram Type 9 Wing 8, it means that your personality matches Type 9 a lot. But at the same time, you have quite a few attributes of a Type 8 personality as well. 

Having a core Type 9 makes a person peaceful and calm, making them avoid conflict. In contrast, Type 8 individuals are more aggressive and confrontational. As a result, a 9w8 person prefers getting along with people but isn’t afraid to assert their needs.

What are Enneagram 9 Wings?

A lot of personalities don’t fit entirely into one specific Enneagram type. Type Nines are typically motivated to maintain peace and harmony. This makes them very accommodating as they try their best to avoid conflict. 

But someone with an Enneagram 9 Wing will have some characteristics that match a different type. For them, the core is a 9-like peace-loving self, but they have many elements of a different Enneagram type.

Are Enneagram 9 introverts?

Since a Type 9 personality makes people seek calm over chaos, they often have to distance themselves from others. This isn’t because they are not social or active. 

In fact, they are quite likeable, steady, and tolerant in interpersonal relationships. However, to avoid conflict of any kind, many Enneagram 9 individuals like to keep to themselves.


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