ESTJ Careers (A list of 19+ careers)

In this brief guide, we will look at ESTJ careers, and ESTJ careers to avoid.

ESTJ Careers

ESTJ careers are the best fit when there is a level of planning and execution of said plans involved, and bearing that in mind some of the best ESTJ career are as follows:

  • Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Statistician
  • Pilot
  • Surgeon
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Stockbroker
  • Lawyer
  • Office Manager
  • Public Administrator
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Headhunter/Recruiter

An ESTJ individual is usually very good at figuring out what they want and they are always likely to go after it with no limitations whatsoever, which means that they are very well suited to careers which are cut-throat and ruthless, and they may often feel right at home in these places.

These are also individuals who reach the top more easily than many others do, and they tend to stay there with very little unease, because they have the tendency to be perfectionists and they will rarely let things interfere with their career if it matters enough to them.

ESTJ is called the Executive because these individuals do make the best executives, and it is likely that no other personality type has such an accurate moniker, because these people will almost always have executive roles.

Because these people are so good at making things happen there are many ESTJ careers related to public service as well, but not in humanitarian ways, more in policymaking or running things, like governmental or bureaucratic roles.

ESTJ Careers and Personality Traits

ESTJ personality tends to excel at organizing, and this is a skill that comes in handy no matter what career they choose, they will always end up organizing people, projects, and operations with a deft hand that leaves people stunned.

ESTJs have a thing for control as well, which the people closest to them can attest to, and these individuals will usually also seek out management positions for the same reason, which explains why so many ESTJ careers tend to culminate in these roles or these positions.

The ESTJ personality loves to make decisions and this may also lead them to roles where they may be able to enforce policies and procedures, and as mentioned above, this is often why they find themselves in governmental or bureaucratic roles so very often.

Most ESTJ personalities get noticed whenever they go, their confidence and quiet air of satisfaction usually gives them away and it does not matter if they ar at the top or not, the ESTJ will get noticed one way or another, and this may often be why they also quickly develop a reputation in the workplace.

These are people people who can be trusted to deliver whatever it is they have promised, because they take great pride in their ability to get things done, and they will likely always do things on time and as requested. 

In many ways the ESTJ has a similar work ethic to that of their opposite, the ISTJ personality, which may seem odd till you realise that they have the same sensing function and thinking function, it’s just that their orientations are reversed.

Both these personalities tend to be amazingly reliable which is probably because they gain satisfaction from bringing a project to completion, and this makes them some of the most dependable and sought after people in most workplaces.

ESTJ is also extremely eager to take on responsibility, and though they may sometimes become overworked because of it, they will ensure that the work never suffers.

A highly structured work environment is a very strong need for an ESTJ and whatever career they choose, they will almost always need a clear set of expectations and an organized authority structure. 

The best ESTJ careers will make ample use of their organizational skills and allow them to take care of whatever standardized procedures they are trained in and efficiently produce a tangible product.

Based on these personality features of the ESTJ, some of the best ESTJ careers may be the following:

  • Sales Engineer
  • Stockbroker
  • Insurance Agent
  • Insurance Adjuster
  • Management Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Vocational Teacher
  • Farmer or Rancher
  • Chef
  • Attorney
  • Paralegal
  • Financial Counselor
  • Project Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Military Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Airline Pilot
  • Judge
  • Auditor
  • School Principal
  • Cost Estimator
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Building Inspector
  • Factory Supervisor
  • General Contractor
  • Funeral Director
  • Property Manager
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Pharmacist
  • Dentist
  • Physician
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Flight Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Real Estate Appraiser

ESTJ Careers to Avoid

Most ESTJ careers to avoid will be the type that involve too much chaos and too many loopholes in the processes, because these individuals need clear hierarchy and clear structure, and when they don’t get that, they may leave that condition right away.

Other aspects of any job that may make it an ESTJ career to avoid may be simply the fact that it involves too much abstract knowledge or sitting around and thinking, because these people are doers and they need to be creating or executing things.

Careers that involve little possibility for growth or where there is no possibility for these individuals to take on a leadership role may also be avoided very staunchly by an ESTJ.

Therefore, some of the major ESTJ careers to avoid are as follows:

  • Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Writer
  • Physical Therapist
  • Child Care Provider
  • Social Worker
  • Nurse’s Aide
  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Art Director
  • Cosmetologist
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Psychologist
  • Librarian
  • Restaurant Host
  • Recreation Worker
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Social Scientist

ESTJ Weaknesses

To understand better what ESTJ careers should be avoided by these people, it may be important to know some of the ESTJ weaknesses, which are as follows:

  • They can be rigid.
  • They have difficulty expressing their emotions even though they feel things very intensely.
  • They can be condescending.
  • They may sometimes be too serious in their pursuit of goals, which can stress them out.
  • They can be rather inflexible and not listen to others at all.
  • They may sometimes be too harsh on those around them.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

ESTJ Famous People

Here are some of the most amazing ESTJ famous people which may give one the idea of what these individuals might fit into, career wise.

  • Andrew Jackson
  • George W. Bush
  • John. D. Rockefeller
  • Billy Graham
  • Bette Davis
  • William Henry Harrison
  • Michelle Obama
  • Saddam Hussein
  • George W Bush
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Lyndon B Johnson
  • Elliot Ness
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Ivanka Trump
  • Megyn Kelly
  • Judge Judy
  • Sandra Day O’Connor
  • Sonia Sotomayor
  • Rose Kennedy
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Bernard Law Montgomery
  • Bette Davis
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Pat Summitt
  • Robert Alphonso Taft
  • Carrie Nation
  • James Monroe

ESTJ Careers: Reddit

To understand what some of the real, everyday ESTJ personalities do, here are some ESTJ career reviews from Reddit:

“I’ve always said if I had a trust fund or something that allowed me to ignore salary considerations for my career that I’d do something far more creative and fulfilling for my Ne and Fi.

I think that part of being a Te dom for me means I need to be doing work in some capacity but the career I chose was influenced most by financial needs, stability, etc. stuff that satisfies my Te and Si. However, when I was younger, a lot of the career ideas I had and things I wanted to do weren’t realistic or stable at all.

I had interest in journalism (specifically music journalism), I fantasized about doing wildlife photography or something like that, I wanted a career that was really flexible or something that allowed me to work more for myself.

All that to say, I’d still see myself with a career but likely one that is more fun lol.”

“I would work on some sort of art, probably change mediums all the time but not sitting at a desk all day that’s for sure”

“I have so many things on my to-do list it’s kind of overwhelming me. I don’t want to start half of them, knowing it will take more time to finish than I have available and I don’t need anxiety from half-completed projects.

I started a new job after leaving my career of 13 years. I’m struggling to find motivation working from home, but I am being successful in my current role, regardless.”

“I’m teaching myself how to code/web design.

Graduating in the ongoing lockdown was rough. Then my parents decided COVID wasn’t real and they decided my brother and I had to leave. I had just graduated and my brother was on unemployment, which they claim was stealing and being lazy.

We moved halfway across the country together to Texas where I had lived in the past and had connections. It was extremely tough and I lost almost $4000 trying to find a new place to live and get settled. I’m glad I had that money but it brought me to absolutely nothing.

Got a full-time job as a barista which I actually really enjoy, but I am 50k in debt from school and I obviously am going to need a better salary.

I have a degree in Marketing but it’s a broad degree and I needed to find a way to specialize. I had experience working on my mom’s business, with branding and some web design.

So I decided to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript and then React later on. I’ve been spending about 20 hours a week on top of 40 hours of my regular job. It’s been rough, but I’m actually picking it up and I’ve talked to a few others in the industry who’ve told me what to focus on and what to skip.

I would personally like a job by December/January as that’s when I have to start paying back school loans. I know it’s a reach, but I’m really determined, I’ve put more effort and time into programming/design then any of my college courses.”


In this brief guide, we looked at ESTJ careers, and ESTJ careers to avoid.

ESTJ personality is known as the Executive, and because of their personality traits sometimes this is actually the best field for them too, because they need to have multiple challenges at the same time to focus on and they need to know that they are at the top or are in the process of getting there, at the very least.

If you have any more questions or comments about ESTJ careers, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ESTJ Careers

Who Should an Estj marry?

An ESTJ should marry someone like an ISTP, because these individuals have a dominant function of extraverted thinking which will get along well with someone whose dominant function is introverted thinking, like an ISTP. For the same reason, an ESTJ can also marry someone like an INTP, because these individuals may also have complementary function stacks.

Is ESTJ a Type A personality?

Yes, ESTJ may often be considered a Type A personality, because these individuals are driven, ambitious, keep to get ahead in whatever they take on and they often tend to be self-satisfied and practical.

Both ESTJ and Type A personalities also tend to be individuals who are content with what they do have and are very energetic about getting what they still want, which are great traits in people who want to accomplish things.

What jobs are good for Type A personality?

Jobs that are good for Type A Personality include:

Public Relations and Fundraising Manager. 
School Administrator.
Architectural and Engineering Manager. Marketing Manager. 
Chief Executive. 
Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner. 


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