ESFP Fictional Characters (List of 7 detailed Character Profiles)

In this brief guide, we will look at some of the most entertaining ESFP fictional characters that delight people, and also look at 7 ESFP fictional character profiles that give us an in-depth look into the ESFP personality.

List of ESFP Fictional Characters

Here is a list of some of the most entertaining ESFP fictional characters:

Dudley Dursley Harry Potter

Alexei Vronsky: Anna Karenina

Daisy Buchannan: The Great Gatsby

Rue: The Hunger Games

Lydia Bennet: Pride and Prejudice

Jamie Lannister: Game of Thrones

Peregrin Took: The Lord of the Rings

Jenna Rink:13 Going On 30   

Tess:27 Dresses   

Jenna Maroney:30 Rock   

Finn Collins: The 100   

Octavia Blake: The 100   

Will: About A Boy   

Finn the Human: Adventure Time   

Magic Man: Adventure Time   

Jasmine: Aladdin   

Ginny Weasley: Harry Potter

Gaston: Beauty and the Beast, Disney’s   

Dave: Begin Again   

Penny: The Big B. Theory

Fred: Big Hero 6 

Linda Belcher: Bob’s Burgers   

Freddie Mercury: Bohemian Rhapsody   

Bojack Horseman: Bojack Horseman   

Maui: Moana   

Cynthia: Mozart in the Jungle   

Mushu: Mulan  

High Priest Imhotep: The Mummy

Porthos: Musketeers

Thor: Marvel’s Cinematic Universe 

7 Character Profiles of ESFP Fictional Characters

The ESFP personality in MBTI theory of personality which is based on the Jungian principles of cognitive functions is also known as the Entertainer, and due to their functions of extroversion and wanting to be around people and seeking out new things, they are very true to their name.

The ESFP personality is most well known for the fact that these are artistic people who seek out others expressly, which also makes them some of the most outgoing and extroverted people in the MBTI personality types.

These people may be the more positive and people-seeking of all the personalities, and they may want people around for the attention rather than the help or the resources they might provide, which is how someone like an ESTP may want them.

The ESFP personality is also known to be very set in their beliefs as they have an introverted feeling function, and they have the adventurer, cannot-be-happy-in-routine side to them due to their extroverted sensing function, and with that in mind, let us look at some of these entertaining personalities.

Jenna Rink form 13 going on 30

Jenna Rink is a character from the Rom-Com 13 going on 30, and she is the typical bubbly and cheerful person people tend to associate with the entertainer ESFP personality, which puts her on the list for the ESFP fictional characters.

Jenna is often seen revelling in her job and her lifestyle, but at the same time as exploring her surroundings and all the things that have seemingly changed as she grew up overnight, she is also seen as being deep and sentimental because she has introverted feelings.

She can capture the emotions and feelings of people at her job as well, and she associates with her best friend on a deep level both when they are children as well as when they are older, which makes the case that she is in fact deeply sentimental.

Jenna is also rather funky and enjoys being practical about things, which may be seen in the way she approaches work and her sense of fun at all the things about her life.

Jenna Maroney form 30 Rock

Jenna Maroney is the epitome of the narcissistic artist who does not care about anything but themselves and apart from that she shows some very good ESFP fictional character traits.

Jenna wants to sing, all the time. When she is being kept from singing it bothers her deeply, and it’s a running gag in the show that she can erupt into a sort of annoying, faux-opera tone at any point.

However, her introverted feeling function is evident in the fact that she has developed this attitude to seek attention due to her mother pushing her to do it all the time, and she remembers all the times that her friend Liz was mean to her after her performances as well.

Jenna also tends to be a somewhat abnormal ESFP fictional character as she is incredibly sensitive to the minimum criticism and she can be very attention-seeking and clingy and needs people to look at her and talk about her literally all the time.

Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter

Ginny is fearless, wants to go exploring at any moment possible, and definitely does not like to be left behind by her brothers or her friends.

Ginny is a good ESFP fictional character because she displays the most important trait, extroverted sensing, all the time.

She may not always see her own potential and power of her skills to understand others and how quick she is to establish rapport. 

She is socially awkward and shy as a young child especially when she is around Harry, who she already likes very much, but she eventually comes out of her shell when her extroverted sensing traits begin to develop.  

She also becomes more aware of her strengths and skills and realises that she is a lot more than some shy girl who wants this boy to like her, and she truly comes into her own around book 6, the Half-Blood Prince as an ESFP. 

Like a true ESFP, Ginny also becomes the popular girl in school and she is able to talk to anyone, even Harry, without any problems.

She also has a very practical and keen approach to things and she is often extremely daring and open-minded.

The older Ginny becomes more and more action-oriented and she always wants to be in the middle of things, like fighting in the war or fighting with the Order of the Phoenix.

Ginny does not take kindly to being left behind and she shows her temper very strongly, especially when it is her brothers leaving her behind to do what they want to do.

Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thor is another great ESFP fictional character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he has a very boisterous approach to nearly everything around him, while at the same time being very open to new possibilities and trying to do the best for everyone.

Many people might consider Thor to be a little protagonist like in his attitudes, what with his idealism and his tendency to want to protect people, but he actually has the charm and twinkle that makes the entertainer personality who they are.

He also shows a need for attention and being liked, which are also things that one might find in an ESFP fictional character.

Sterling Archer from Archer

Sterling Archer is an ESFP fictional character from the show Archer, and he cares most about the present, not caring very much about planning for the future or regretting the past.

Archer is very skilled at seeing the possibilities in the now, which is due to his extroverted sensing function, and he shows the typical ESFP tendency to move on to the next things when he is bored of something because he thinks that he has fully experienced it.

Things that Archer likes make sense to him and appeal to him because they “feel” good to him personally. 

His understanding of things is very experiential because he has the function of introverted feeling, and his belief system, his values and his emotions are of paramount concern to him.

Like a true ESFP Archer is also very people-focused, and he seems to need constant attention from everyone around him, and while this trait may sometimes make him appear somewhat selfish, the really ESFP thing is that he really does care about the people close to him and will 

offer practical help because he is all about the extroverted sensing.

He is usually also seen as being resistant to question other meanings and viewpoints or seeing things from another perspective because he is a typical ESFP who has an inferior Intuition function, so making giant networks of information is not his priority; what is is what he will see and consider.

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

“No one’s slick as Gaston, No one’s quick like Gaston”, if these lyrics from the popular Gaston-praising song do not prove he is a truly ESFP fictional character then nothing will.

Gaston shows the vanity and self-love of a true narcissist who is really in love with themselves, a little bit like Jenna Maroney mentioned earlier, which may be a problem with many ESFP personalities that have deep-seated insecurities and need for attention.

These personality types may seem attention all the time to distract themselves from the fact that they are not, in fact, quick or slick and they are actually quite ordinary and therefore, not worthy of the attention, which is also why some of the unhealthy ESFP people may also bristle at the slightest criticism.

Gaston talks about himself constantly and believes he should get everything he is due, and while some attributes of his feed into his narrative, for the most part, he just creates the more unhealthy and dark picture of ESFP personalities.

Maui from Moana

Maui from Moana is a nicer version of Gaston, he is not quite so narcissistic but he does still have a need for attention and he wants praise for literally everything he does, feeling like people are being mean if they don’t thank him and praise him.

Maui is also fearless and independent, though, and while he likes peoples’ attention and praise, he also truly wants to help, which is evident in the fact that he tried to steal the heart of Te-Fiti to help them in the first place.

Maui is also boisterous and fun in a way only ESFPs can be, and while he has very true and tested practical approaches to things, he also knows how to enjoy the finer things in life.


In this brief guide, we looked at some of the most entertaining ESFP fictional characters that delight people and also saw 7 ESFP fictional character profiles that gave us an in-depth look into the ESFP personality. Please feel free to reach out to us wif you have any ideas about which fictional characters might be ESFP according to you, or if you have any questions or comments about the ESFP personality type.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ESFP Fictional Characters

Who gets along with Esfp?

ISTJ gets along with ESFP very well due to their complementary function stacks.

ESFP may also get along very well with any individual with an introverted sensing function, like ISFJ.

How rare is Esfp?

ESFPs is not very rare, as they make up about 11% of all 16 personality types. 

ESFPs are not considered to be a rare personality type and are the fourth most prevalent personality type. ESFP stands for Extraverted, Sensing and Thinking and around 8% of all males are considered to be ESFPs.

What is the rarest personality type?

The rarest personality type is INFJ, followed by ENTJ and INTJ.


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