ESFJ Fictional characters (9 amazing characters)

In this brief guide, we will look at some ESFJ fictional characters, and take a deeper look at 5 of the best ESFJ fictional characters as well.

List of ESFJ Fictional Characters

Given below is a list of some great ESFJ Fictional Character:

  • Molly Weasley: Harry Potter
  • Petunia Dursley: Harry Potter
  • Rabbit: Winnie the Pooh
  • Esme Cullen: Twilight
  • Margaret Hale: North and South
  • Sam Dutton: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Effie Trinket: The Hunger Games
  • Diana Barry: Anne of Green Gables
  • Wendy Darling: Peter Pan
  • Malory Archer: Archer 
  • Lucille Bluth: Arrested Development
  • Laurel Lance: Arrow   
  • Dr. Joshua Strongbear Sweet: Atlantis: The Lost Empire  
  • Reiner Braun: Attack On Titan   
  • Kya: Avatar: Legend of Korra   
  • Norma Louise Bates: Bates Motel   
  • Lumiere: Beauty and the Beast  
  • Elinor: Brave
  • Jane: 27 Dresses
  • Charles Boyle: Brooklyn Nine-Nine   
  • Cordelia Chase: Buffy the Vampire Slayer   
  • Imogen Spurnrose: Carnival Row   
  • Zelda Spellman: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina   
  • Dean Pelton: Community   
  • Foggy Nelson” Daredevil  
  • Black Canary: DC Comics   
  • Mera: DC Comics   

5 Adorable ESFJ Fictional Characters

ESFJ personality stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and, Judging, and this personality type in the MBTI system of personality is known as the Consul, because of their orientation to people and their need to help and be around people.

ESFJ fictional characters usually tend to be the sweet people in tv shows and movies that are forever trying to make other people’s lives better, because they are really just slightly more dramatized versions of real-life people, after all.

ESFJ fictional characters tend to be people who are engaged in the community and want to always do things, as their extroverted feeling function is always looking for opportunities to pitch in.

Think of Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation or Jane from 27 Dresses, more than half of their core identity is that they want to help people, and this may be seen in the extent they go to.

These individuals generally tend to be easygoing and lovely to be around, as they make loyal and dependable friends, and the ESFJ personality may actually be compared to the Enneagram 2 personality, as they have a lot in common.

Here are some detailed looks at 5 amazing and lovable ESFJ fictional characters.

Donna Noble: Doctor Who

DOnna Noble is an ESFJ fictional character from the show Doctor Who, and she is characterzied by her ability to get along with pretty much anyone she meets on her travels, and her tendency to speak her mind with ease.

Donna does not care about expressing her opinions, and grievances and she does not care about calling out the Doctor and anyone else who she thinks has done something wrong.

Donna shows this the first time we meet her, when she first tells the doctor he has done enough to the villain in that episode and when she tells him to take someone with him on his travels because he needs someone who can tell him no.

However open she is, Donna’s ability to tell poeple things and make up her mind about others can sometiemes make her a little judgmental and difficult, and she may sometimes become too bossy.

Donna is also able to engage in every adventure immediately with some gusto and she usually uses her functions to immediately interact with everyone and everything she meets.

Becasue she is able to connect with people easily, Donna can help people and this is her own superpower in the TARDIS, but this also leaves her a little hard-pressed to navigate through her own independent emotions and her feelings are usually projected outward.

Donna also likes a sense of consistency and routine which is due to the introverted sensing function, and which is also what initially makes her not want to travel with the Doctor. 

However because her dominant function is so focused on the outer world she is not able to forget the encounter and starts to desire a new routine., but she shows the desire to also keep this new routine, which is seen in how she wants to keep traveling forever.

Donna is also able to come up with creative solutions and her clever comments which comes from her extroverted intuition function, which leads her to have a somewhat “cemented” world view. 

There is also some uncertainty in her worldview because of this function and it may be seen in The Fires of Pompeii and The Planet of the Ood, where she feels that if the universe is filled with such pain and hardship where would one even go for relief.

Dean Winchester: Supernatural

Dean Winchester defines himself by his relationships with others and his social roles, which is something a lot of ESFJ fictional characters as well as ESFJ people may find themselves doing, and this character from the show Supernatural is therefore a good perosnality type to study this character in.

A big source of pride to hi, and a big part of his very identity, is the joy or feeling he gets from being a son and a big brother and he often displays the tendency to put any social roles in his life before himself. 

This tendency is also visible in how much surprise and confusion at feels at the idea that his brother would want to leave their family business of hunting or just leave the family in general for personal pursuits. 

Dean is also someone who is extremely concerned about other people’s opinions about him, and he often wonders how he is coming off in the eyes of others.

Sometimes he may hide his inner feelingswhile other times he may just be completely unaware of his own feelings completely, which may actually make him appear very selfless.

Dean also needs social harmony and peace desperately, and he is actually quite like an enneagram type 9, and sometimes when people like Dean crave harmony so much it may be because they are a little afraid of conflict and may not deal with it very well.

Dean is also the kind of socially pushy that so many ESFJs may be accused of, and he tends to often make decisions for Sam and others in order to help and he may genuinely think that he is doing the right thing for everyone 

Draco Malfoy: Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy with his sneering face and his somewhat evil activities may not immediately come to mind as an ESFJ fiction character, but there are actually several reasons why this character from Harry potter is actually ESFJ, as there are no rules about ESFJ always being nice people.

FOr one thing, Draco defines himself by his relationships and he can go to absolutely any lengths to maintain his socia status and family name.

His tendency to fall back on the security of his relationships is seen all too frequnetly in his (“my father will hear about this” line, which shows just how much he feels that he needs to uphold social traditions. 

He has a need to feel superior and stay on top because he has been fed the narrative of “purebloods are best”, and this is evident in his competitive tendency and his will to do anything to make sure Slytherin Quidditch team or just about any of his other endeavors, wins or succeeds. 

Draco’s struggle throughout the series revolves around two main goals, which are to make his father proud of him or just generally respect him, and to come out on top in the society, which is likey why he turns to the dark side because he doesn’t know what else to do.

Being too deep into the narrative of being a pureblood he can’t hang out with Harry and his friends, and there is nothing esle he can think of to be popular or get things going for him socially, so he gets stuck in becoming a pawn in Voldemort’s game. 

Even though many people would never think of Malfoy as an ESFJ because his extroverted feeling works in such mysterious and crooked ways, but one needs to remember hwo important it is to him to uphold the Malfoy Family Values, which is why he revels so much in being a Prefect and why he becomes a part of Umbridge’s team.

The kind of person Draco is shown to be, he shouldn’t ca\re about anyone in authority, whether it is Umbridge or voldemort, and he should instead just be on the sidelines, but it is because he is an ESFJ that he chooses a side at all, and he couldn’t if he didn’t have an orientation to people or his own community.

He is also very socially fluent and is able to understand the outward behaviors and interpret these behaviors which may be seen in his first interaction with Harry Potter, where he may be seen feeling for Harry’s reactions. 

Draco is also constantly engaging harry, trying to read him and because Harry is an ISFP, he does not engage with Draco because their ideologies are so different and their approach to the world is so different from each other.

Lando Calrissian: Star wars

Lando Calriassian is an ESFJ fictional character from the series Star Wars, where he may be seen engaging in many bnehaviors that would make someone a typical ESFJ person or ESFJ character.

Lando is very good at social languages, which means that his extroverted feeling function allows him to successfully read body language, tone, and so on, which he can then use to mimic someone’s expectations of him and play with them. 

His fluency with extroverted feeing function is seen in his moments of genuine feeling as well as in those of manipulation.

In a manner typical of most ESFJs, Lando also understands people, what makes them tick, what motivated them and and he uses this to his advantage constantly as a smuggler, and this is also what makes him such a god survivor

Lando’s relationships and status are also very important to his core beliefs and to his self-identity, which are more reasons for why he makes for such a good ESFJ character.

Leslie Knope: Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope from the show Parks and Recreation is one of the best examples of an ESFJ fictional character, which is seen over and over again in how she likes to engage with people andn how much she genuinely wants to do for her little town that not a lot of poeple care very much about.

She understands people very well, and she is usually a central figure around which her entire social system revolves.

She is also very honest and says exactly what she is thinking, but she is also capable of diplomacy when it is needed, even though it may bother her trmemndously on the inside.

Leslie also tends to be very perceptive and understanding of poeple, which is evident in how she torments and then pleases Ron on his birthday, giving him exactly what he would like and leaving him alone to enjoy it, even though she herself enjoys being with people so much.


In this brief guide, we looked at some ESFJ fictional characters and took a deeper look at 5 of the best ESFJ fictional characters as well. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have about the ESFJ personality type and related concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ESFJ Fictional Characters 

Who is the famous ESFJ?

Here is a list of some famous ESFJs:

Chris Farley.
Rachel McAdams
Eva Longoria
Danny Glover
Jennifer Garner
Hugh Jackman
Mary Tyler Moore

Who Should an ESFJ marry?

ENFJ should marry someone like ISFP, as they have complementary function stacks.

ESFJ’s gets along most with people with an introverted feeling function as theirs is an extroverted feeling function, which means that a typical ESFJ will likely get along best with someone like an ISFP or the INFP.

What kind of person is an ESFJ?

ENFJ is the kind of person who likes to hang out with a lot of people and help people and their community in some way or another.

ENFJ is an extremely social and outgoing personality and this forms a big part of who they are.

How rare is ESFJ?

ESFJ is not very rare, and it makes up about 12.3% of the population.

The rarest personality types are ENTJ (1.8%), INTJ (2.1%), and ENFJ (2.5%).


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