15 ESFJ Anime Characters (A list)

In this brief guide, we will discuss 15 ESFJ Anime characters, as well as some traits of the ESFJ personality trait as given by the Myers Briggs Test.

List of ESFJ Anime characters

Here is a list of 15 ESFJ Anime characters:

  • Kurogiri
  • Shaiapouf
  • Mokuba Kaiba
  • Kabuto
  • Dwarf in a flask
  • Kaname Tosen
  • Jaken
  • Monspeet
  • Ren
  • Elizabeth
  • Milly Ashford
  • All for one
  • Kikyo Kushida
  • Enta Jinnai
  • Mami Tomoe

What is ESFJ Personality?

ESFJ stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging, and it is a personality type in the Myers Briggs system of personality.

ESFJ is also known as the Consul, and these are popular, trendsetting, and attentive people.

Often they make up the people that are at the top of the social status and tend to be attention-seeking as well as good, loyal friends.

Due to their Feeling function of judging, which is extroverted in this case, or making decisions, they can reflect other people’s feelings very well and also understand and empathize in a successful manner. 

However, since they are higher on feeling they may not be that great on figuring out the details of things or be that good at the practical aspects of big and creative ideas.

They have a function of introverted sensing as well, and this enables them to perceive and gather information in a subjective manner and may be based in an internal world of personal experience.

They may also use this function to sort of compare and contrast, unknowingly, against the information they have available to each other already, and they may rely on these processes a lot more than they do on gut feeling or intuition.

These individuals may sometimes get too caught up in the show and appearance of things rather than look at the bigger picture or the inner life.

ESFJ Anime characters


Kurogiri appears on the show My hero Academia and is an ESFJ anime character due to his important standing on the show as well as in the League of Villains, and has provided the necessary resources for the group’s survival.

He is a calm and collected person. He is generally respectful towards other people and when meeting new people he greets them in a polite fashion.

He is also a guide or mentor to another character on the show which shows his people-friendly qualities that one might find in an ESFJ personality.


Shaiapouf is a character on the show Hunter x Hunter, and he is an ESFJ anime character due to traits like a calm and composed demeanor, and his affinity to people.

He is also honorable, and even though he usually speaks with logic and reasoning he does tend to act with devotion and affection when it comes to the king, which shows ESFJ tendencies to act with love rather than logic.

He is also an ESFJ anime character given his affinity for creative things like the violin and reading, as these people like to immerse themselves in new sensations that they can learn from.

Mokuba Kaiba

Mokuba is an ESFJ anime character from the Manga and Anime Yu-Gi-Oh!

He is a gamer, which means he shows the sensation-seeking traits that ESFJs often show, that makes them interested in creative things that are good for the sensory modalities.

He is also shown as being mean sometimes he can also be a kind-hearted boy who is quite naïve. He is also able to forgive and gets along well with people he likes, therefore he makes for a pretty good ESFJ anime character.

Dwarf in a Flask

Dwarf in a Flask is a character on Fullmetal Alchemist, and he is better known as “Father”.

In the beginning, he has a very human-like and beautifully charismatic personality, but later he changes to a more stoic, composed, and almost lifeless, sort of person, which can be indicative of how people’s core traits may sometimes change as a result of circumstances or generally over the course of a lifetime. 

Father also shows the negative ESFJ traits that may at times develop in people with this personality type, like narcissistic tendencies, callousness, or mercilessness.

Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi appears in the show Naruto, and he is a good example of an ESFJ anime character.

Most of the time he seems quite open, and he has no problems approaching people, which may be typical of an ESFJ person as these people are always confident in his own words and actions. 

Kaname Tosen

Kaname Tosen is a character on the anime Bleach, and he presents as an ESFJ anime character due to traits such as the kindness he wants to show by taking a path that ensures the least bloodshed at a difficult time.

However, he is also willing to attack his own people at times, but this is due to the loyalty he feels towards his cause, which may be seen in ESFJ individuals quite often.

He is also quite in favor of creative things like cooking, which justify the ESFJ trait of seeking out fun and creative experiences or concepts.


Jaken appears on the show Inuyasha, and he plays a villainous character.

Jaken shows typical ESFJ traits like loyalty, and he shows complete confidence in those he is loyal to, even if it sometimes feels to him like maybe they are faltering.

He does show some traits like cowardice and weakness that may not often be found in ESFJ anime characters, but at the same time, he also wants to achieve his goals and shows some condescension at times.


Monspeet appears on the show Nanatsu No Taizai.

Even though he is a demon, he shows ESFJ traits such as being gentlemanly and a dislike for ill manners and rudeness.

He also shows affection towards those he cares about and takes care of them well, which may also be seen in any ESFJ anime character.


Ren is an alien who lands on Earth and may be found on the show Dears.

She is inexperienced with the Japanese and human things, so to apply the typical ESFJ traits on her would be somewhat difficult, but she does show behavior such as a tendency to enjoy new sensations and experiences that are around her, like trying a new food or absorbing all information possible about a new culture, which she does upon her arrival.

She also loves attention and tends to get emotional and upset when she does not receive enough of it from Takeya, which shows very typical ESFJ behavior as well, and may make her deserving of being categorized as an ESFJ anime character.

Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford

Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford, or just Elizabeth, as she is known, is a character on the show Kuroshitsuji.

She is formally Lady Elizabeth, and she makes a good character study as an ESFJ anime character, as she shows traits like being strong-willed and cheerful, as well as a fondness for cute and beautiful things, as these individuals usually do.

She can also be somewhat extravagant and fixated on her likes and dislikes, which is something that may be seen in a lot of ESFJ characters due to their tendency to be focused on external sensation and a desire to collect as much knowledge as possible.

She also shows a great deal of grace and courage and these are also traits that may be found in a lot of ESFJ people.

Milly Ashford

Milly Ashford appears on the show Code Geass.

She is a typical ESFJ anime character owing to traits such as a good knowledge of other people and her popularity at school.

However, unlike some ESFJ characters, she uses these traits to engage in some negative behavior like bullying or toying with other people’s insecurities.

She has a boisterous personality as well as a tendency to be cheerful most of the time, and while she may be bullying people, it is usually not her intention, and she is actually unaware of her behavior.

She also tends to become rather upset when her kindness is rejected which also makes her a good ESFJ anime character.

All for one

All for one appears on the show My Hero Academia and is a rather unusual ESFJ anime character.

This character also focuses on some of the negative traits ESFJs might have, like megalomania and somewhat psychopathic tendencies, which a lot of these people might end up displaying after particularly bad trauma or life experiences. 

Another malformed ESFJ trait that may be seen in All for One is his obsession with power and status, which may be seen in a lot of problematic ESFJ personality types.

Kikyo Kushida

Kikyo Kushida is an ESFJ anime character on the show You-Zitsu.

She has the typical tremendous popularity that many people with ESFJ traits enjoy and she is also friendly and outgoing, with a desire to be friends with all the people she can find.

She also shows some wretched behavior by falsely accusing someone of sexual assault but for the most part, she is kind-hearted and cheerful, with a problem with one of the other characters on the show, which is revealed later.

Enta Jinnai

Enta Jinnai appears on the show Sarazanmai and has some fairly typical traits of an ESFJ anime character.

He shows the tendency that may be found in many ESFJ individuals, of seeking new sensations, and therefore he is a popular football player.

As an ESFJ, he can sometimes act more according to his feelings rather than actual thoughts or logic, like acting out due to jealousy or anger, which may be seen in a lot of ESFJ individuals, especially ones that are still young.

Mami Tomoe

Mami Tomoe is a character on The Puella Magi.

Mami makes a good ESFJ anime character due to traits like kindness, gentleness, and being cheerful most of the time.

She also feels lonely sometimes though and is generally nice to everyone. 

She is also people-oriented and likes to do new things and meet new people, which are also traits that may be found in many ESFJ individuals.

She is also magical and this may be considered a metaphor for ESFJ personality types, in that they enjoy indulging their sensations by learning and doing new things all the time


In this brief guide, we discussed 15 ESFJ Anime characters, as well as some traits of the ESFJ personality trait as given by the Myers Briggs Test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ESFJ Anime Characters

Who is an ESFJ compatible with?

An ESFJ is compatible with any individual that has the opposite of an Extroverted personality, as well as someone with a more Thinking oriented cognitive functioning, therefore they may get along well with ISFP or ISTP, or even ISTJ.

ESFJ is better off with someone who can complement their dominant trait of extroversion.

What anime characters are Esfp?

Some ESFP characters are as follows:

Present Mike (My Hero Academia)
Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia)
Yuga Aoyama (My Hero Academia)
Seiya Kou (Sailor Moon)
Kallen Kozuki (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion).
Zenitsu Agatsuma (Kimetsu no Yaiba “Demon Slayer”) 

Can ESFJ be leaders?

Yes, ESFJs can be leaders due to their charming and charismatic persona as well as easy-going nature with people.

ESFJs can be rather encouraging and proactive leaders who are able to serve their team well when they facing a crisis.

Due to their highly empathetic nature, the ESFJ leader will be there to support and care in any way they can.

What anime characters are INTP?

Here are some anime characters that are INTP:

C.C. (Code Geass)
Shiro (No Game No Life)
Lain Iwakura (Serial Experiments Lain)
Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)
L (Death Note)
Kusuo Saiki (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)
Ginko (Mushishi)



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