ENTP Spirit Animal (A 7 Point Guide)

In this article, we will look at the spirit animal of ENTP personality type. This article will reveal the ENTP spirit animal and also discuss their shared characteristics.

What is the spirit animal of ENTP Myers Briggs personality type? 

Your spirit animal is the clever fox!

ENTP, The Debater (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting) is a person who possesses the Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting personality characteristics. 

The ENTP are also relatively rare personality types and they are known for being calm yet spontaneous, and creative, and they approach everything that they do with great optimism and energy. 

The ENTP are also known as Virtuoso’s and for good reason! ENTPs make up about 3% of the total population.

You can’t come up with an animal that matches the ENTP personality type than the Fox, who is charming, agile, and an extroverted animal. Let’s further explore what makes the two alike.

Common Traits of the Fox and ENTP personality type:

  • Charming
  • Agile
  • Clever
  • Enthusiastic
  • Curious
  • Playful
  • Resourceful


They are self-assured fast thinkers who have an ability to connect diverse ideas innovatively and this results in a style of communication that is both appealing and insightful. The ENTP or Debater personality type are good with words and are also incredibly witty and this makes most people view them as charming. 

Similarly being the ENTP spirit animal, foxes are often depicted as clever con artists in folklore and pop culture, and can be very pleasant and charismatic.

Calling someone a fox can mean two things, it implies that the person is clever and attractive at the same time.

ENTPs are charmers and pros at flirting. An ENTP,  will pick you out if they are interested in you. Since they’ve been picking up details of you ever since, they will know what will spark a reaction from you, their teasing will mostly come off as more flirtatious, and at times, more annoying. You may also get frustrated with them until they give in and tell you flat out that you amuse them.


Foxes are known for their stride, which is graceful and agile, similar to that of a cat. Many foxes are also great climbers, climbing trees and roofs on a regular basis to hunt prey like birds and squirrels. They have a reputation for scaling trees at incredible speeds.

ENTPs possess a similarly agile-minded personality and always like to be on the move. ENTPs can also be genuinely inspiring in their passion and energy, they may be willing to work endlessly for days and nights to obtain a much needed result.

ENTPs mental agility is seen in the way they process information. They are efficiently and continuously processing information about their object of interest. They take in everything they see and learn in one go, which shows that their processing speed is really quick. 

There’s more to just learning information for ENTPs; they also feel the need to take the time to look further and evaluate things in detail.


ENTPs can be witty and clever oftentimes, and it’s something that makes them feel a connection to the fox spirit. They take pride in being clever and skilled enough to assess a scenario in a special and insightful way.

The fox is a representation of cunningness and perception of one’s environment. Their shrewdness and desire to look through what some want them to see connects them to the ENTP personality type who are also adept at looking past facades. 

Now you must have heard the phrase ‘as crafty as a fox’, which comes from Aesop’s Fables. “The Fox and the Crow” portrayed the fox as a sly and crafty hunter.

Despite the fact that there are many other species that are clever predators, the fox has been connected with deception.

ENTPs are called Debaters and rightly so, they are extremely agile minded, and they can seamlessly move from one idea to the next, relying on their extensive knowledge to justify their own arguments or simply to prove a point if they have to.


ENTPs are people who prefer to go with the flow.They are  especially cooperative people, but they can adjust and aptly respond to their surroundings and deal with issues that surface in their personal and professional life. 

ENTPs will quickly restructure and generate new ideas with their out of the box thinking in times of need. They thrive well in environments that are constantly changing and fast-paced, and they love the possibilities and opportunities that come with it.

Foxes are much the same and know how important adaptability is to their survival. Over the time foxes have adjusted to urban settings by making dens beneath garden sheds or hedges. 

They burrow deep underground to stay warm and cosy and protect their young from any likely predators. This is an indicator that they have evolved and adapted to live in close proximity to people.


Foxes are reported to be adventurous and friendly. They have been observed playing with each other as well as with other species. 

They adore balls and beware they might even run off with your ball from your backyard. While foxes are feral animals, they have a long history of interaction with people and have also been domesticated in some cases.

ENTPs possess an insatiable curiosity, to the point that they sometimes find themselves in perilous circumstances. 

Instead of rejecting a potential start out of fear, most ENTPs will become even more intrigued to pass up the opportunity.

ENTPs will venture into something solely out of curiosity and may discover themselves in a position in which they must figure out how to make it out of the mess they have created safely. This indeed makes their curiosity a double edged sword.


Debaters know how to have a good time and dread being confined to one place. When they’re with the right people, they constantly find fun in life and can be very playful and enjoyable.

ENTPs are realistic and creative people who are often searching for new ways to improve themselves. ENTPs are knowledgeable people who enjoy learning, but they are also very fun people to be around. 

Foxes have a playful side just like the ENTP personality type and they enjoy playing very much. They’ve even been known to steal balls to play with them! Foxes like playing together, with other foxes, and even with other species like deer!


Foxes are resourceful and clever animals who have a great capacity to adjust and adapt to a wide range of habitats and environments. ENTPs are highly resourceful people and are known for coming up with novel, unconventional solutions to problems.

ENTPs are also characterised as intelligent, they are quick mentally and verbally, energetic, agile, dedicated, and resourceful. ENTPs are guided by a need to learn about and change society in which they live and this is where their resourcefulness comes in handy. 

ENTPs excel in viewing a scenario from multiple perspectives, which allows them to address challenges in novel ways. Their brains are capable of seeing a wide range of possible consequences and directions, providing them with a remarkable insight. Whereas some may choose to address an issue from a single point of view, the ENTP is able to consider a range of approaches and theories.


In this article we explored the spirit animal of the ENTP Myers Briggs personality type and their shared characteristics. If you have any questions or views on this topic please feel free to reach out to us!

Frequently Asked Questions: ENTP Spirit Animal: The Fox

Are ENTPs dangerous?

Playing devil’s advocate and debating pre-established laws and customs excite ENTPs. When these people are overlooked or backed into a corner, they can be dangerous. They can potentially dislodge an entire company or organisation by disrupting one tiny portion of it using their advanced mental faculties.

Are ENTPs flirty?

Since they are naturally outgoing and playful, ENTPs can actually be very flirtatious. ENTPs are always polite and flirty, even though they are merely chatting or engaging with others. Flirting with others, particularly someone they admire, is usually an easy breezy affair for them.

Are ENTPs lazy?

ENTPs are not lazy individuals, but they do deal with low motivation at times. In fact, ENTPs fail to remain motivated while working on things that do not genuinely impress them. Although they can fail with these tasks, this does not imply that they are slackers.

Are ENTP rare?

ENTP is one of the uncommon personality types. They account for 3% of the total population.

What are ENTPs afraid of?

ENTPs take great pride in their abilities to be innovative, authentic, and efficient. They are afraid of being incompetent or unable to access their normally creative thought processes quickly. They really don’t want to be judged as incompetent or dumb.

Are ENTPs attractive?

ENTPs search out opportunities that encourage artistic growth. Their self-assured manner and quick wit usually draw people like moths to a flame, as long as they don’t unintentionally harm those who are more fragile.

Do ENTPs get bored easily?

ENTPs are prone to boredom, particularly if their environments aren’t constantly stimulating. To avoid boredom, it is best for the ENTP to keep lots of excitement in their life. They have a need to be pushed and challenged in both their professional and personal lives.

Can ENTPs be introverted?

ENTPs need a lot of space and are extremely self-reliant, which is a common characteristic among introverts. Although they love being around people and draw energy from engaging with them, they still require a bit of alone time.



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