ENTP Famous people (11 incredible people)

In this article, we will discuss Famous people with ENTP personality. We will do that by giving a brief overview of the ENTP personality type and describe famous people most likely to have an ENTP personality.

ENTP Famous people 

Famous people most likely to have an ENTP personality includes the following:

  • Matthew Perry
  • Hugh Grant
  • Gillian Anderson
  • Stephen Fry
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Amy Poehler
  • Salma Hayek
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Stephen Colbert 
  • Steve Wozniak
  • Elizabeth Olsen

 ENTP: The Debater (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

The ENTP personality type from the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types. It describes people who are sharp/intelligent, innovative, and good at communicating their thoughts. Their focus is on ideas, theories, and possibilities. They pay less attention to details and practicality. Thus, they may have creative plans but lack action to execute them. Only 2-5 percent of people are estimated to have an ENTP personality type. 

Four Cognitive Functions of ENTP

Four cognitive functions that guide how ENTP personality type processes information includes:

ENTPs gather information quickly and understand it easily through their ability to make connections or links between concepts. Their focus is on future possibilities and innovative & new ideas. This makes them quite open-minded and accepting of new perspectives. They are considered to have a strong entrepreneurial mind. 

  • Introverted thinking 

ENTPs spend a lot of time thinking about the world. Whenever they want to understand a concept, they prioritize learning the why and how of it to fully understand its functionality. Generally, they are objective and rational in their approach which makes them skilled in putting their emotions aside when making a decision. 

  • Extraverted feeling 

ENTPs know how to get along with other people. They can be charismatic in social situations but since the feeling part of their personality is weak, other people may perceive them to be insensitive and aloof.

  • Introverted sensing 

Since ENTPs are focused on possibilities and ideas rather than details or practicality of their plans, they often fail to use their past experiences in improving the present outcome or predicting the future outcome. This can cost them quite a lot in life.

ENTP famous people

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry is an American actor best known for his role as Chandler in the TV show Friends. He is also a producer, screenwriter, and playwright. He can be described as someone with a great sense of humor who is witty and has quick thinking. It appears that he is open to trying out different things as indicated by his interviews and participation on various guest shows. 

In addition to that, he seems flexible and easy-going in his overall approach. It appears that he values his independence and likes to keep life interesting rather than mundane. This is backed by his statement when he said  “Being on autopilot is the worst thing possible.”. He is also an empathic and sensitive person who acts based on his feelings and is attentive to the emotions of others. This is supported by his statement when he described himself by saying that ‘I’m a sensitive guy. If you are a woman and you’re in any kind of emotional duress and you write a song about it, I’ll buy your album.’

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is an English actor who is popular for his roles in Four Weddings and a funeral, About a Boy, Bridget Jones Diary, and Love Actually. He is considered by others as a meticulous performer who prefers spontaneity in his roles. His comedy has a sense of sarcasm and comes with physical mannerisms. He openly expresses his displeasure towards acting and the celebrity culture. Furthermore, like typical ENTPs he has difficulty buckling up and following his creative plans with action. He says “I rather hate acting. … I cling to the fantasy that I could have done something more creative, like writing a book. But … I don’t have the discipline.”

He has played multiple roles and added uniqueness to each of it. We can say that he is the opposite of a serious, organized, and disciplined person. Rather, he likes to keep things light and have humor in life. He says ‘The reason I turn down 99% of a hundred, I mean a thousand, scripts is because romantic comedies are often very romantic but seldom very funny.

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson is an American actress. She is popular for her role in The X-Files. She is currently famous for her role as a sex therapist in Sex education. She also plays a character in the hit TV series ‘The Crown’. She can be described as someone who is independent and likes to have autonomy. She makes her thoughts about different situations quite expressive. Anderson has an empathic side and seems to possess emotional intelligence. She has multiple tattoos and sees them as a form of art that gives her peace of mind. She also practices meditation daily. 

Apart from that, she stands up for the rights of women and is known for being open to trying different things. Regarding her sexuality, she said that she is willing to have a same-sex relationship ‘ “To me, a relationship is about loving another human being; their gender is irrelevant.”. This indicates that she is open-minded and thinks about things from multiple perspectives. She is also enthusiastic and someone who takes risks. This is backed by her statement when she said that “I’m a more spontaneous person [than my ‘X-Files’ character]. I laugh. I’m crass. I’m raunchy!”

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is an English comedian, actor, and writer. He is best known for his work in Fry and Lourie, Blackadder, and multiple other roles. He has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and openly spreads awareness about it. He can be described as a person who is creative and imaginative which is indicated by his written and acting work. He is known to be innovative, intelligent, and open to trying out different things. This is demonstrated by his work in comedy, drama, documentaries, radio, game show, film, video games, theater, audiobooks, writing, and active work on Twitter. His statement suggests a similar idea when he said: “I like to wake up each morning and not know what I think, that I may reinvent myself in some way.”

Stephen is known to lighten situations by using humor and making people laugh by his quick thinking. He is someone who tries to be true to himself and openly expresses his ideas in an honest manner. This is supported by him identifying openly as a humanist, atheist, and homosexual. He values originality in whatever he does. He says “Seriousness is no more a guarantee of truth … than humor is a guarantee of superficiality.”. He has also worked and contributed to multiple charities and can be considered a philanthropist.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is an American actor and award show host. He is best known for his role of Barney in the TV series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ among other roles. He can be described as a person who tries to stay true to himself. He is creative as an actor. In a way, he likes to be innovative and tries something new. This is supported by when he said, ‘”I think it’s important … to not just use your same tricks over and over.“. 

Neil is also famous for his sense of humor, quick thinking, and musical stage role.  In addition to that, he is also a magician and comedian. So, we can say that he is open to multiple experiences. This is supported by his statement “I’m like a plate-spinner. … I’ve got a lot of little plates that I’m trying to keep spinning at the same time.” This also indicates that like ENTPs, he may have difficulty disciplining himself and paying attention to details.

Amy Poehler

Amy Meredith Poehler is an American comedian, actress, writer, director, and producer. She is best known for her acting role in Parks and Recreation. She also does voice acting for cartoon characters. This indicates that she has multiple talents, is interested in acquiring new skills and adopting multiple roles. She appears to be a creative person who is innovative in her work and good at communicating her thoughts. Her prior history shows that her father encouraged her to take risks and be spontaneous. This may have contributed to her enthusiasm for trying out different things in her profession and being open to multiple experiences. Her statement supports this when she said, “Keep your mind open to possibilities, and your mouth closed on matters that you don’t know about.”

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is an American and Mexican actress. She is also a producer and stars in different movies like Wild Wild West, Frida, Spy kids 3, After the sunset, etc. Despite having limited command over the English language and being diagnosed with dyslexia, she has done amazing work as an actress. In her roles, she adds creativity and a personal part of herself. She does active work for increasing awareness for women’s rights, discrimination, and humanitarian work. She can be described as someone who is independent, expressive, and likes autonomy in whatever she does. She does not hesitate to make her own decisions and is flexible in her approach. About herself, she says

‘People always underestimate me. But if you stick around long enough, act out of conviction, and try to be honorable in everything you do, good things will come to you.”

Apart from this, Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephen Colbert, Steve Wozniak, and Elizabeth Olsen are other famous people with ENTP personality.

FAQs: ENTP Famous people

IS ENTP rare?

Yes, ENTP is considered a rare personality from the 16 types of MBTI personalities. Only 3 percent of people have an ENTP personality in the general population.

Can ENTP fall in love?

Yes, ENTPs are just like any other personality and capable of falling in love. They like being open to multiple experiences and may have difficulty settling down but they make good partners who keep life interesting.

Who should ENTP marry?

An ENTP should marry an INFJ or INTJ because their dominant extroverted intuition matches well with the introverted intuition of such partners. However, they can enjoy a good relationship with other personality types as well.


In this article, we discussed ENTP Famous people. We found that Matthew Perry, Hugh Grant, Gillian Anderson, Stephen Fry, Neil Patrick Harris, Amy Poehler, Salma Hayek, Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephen Colbert, Steve Wozniak, and Elizabeth Olsen are a few famous people with ENTP personality.

 I hope you found this article interesting. If you have any queries or comments, please state them in the comment section 😊





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