15 ENTP Anime Characters (A complete list)

In this brief guide, we will discuss 15 ENTP anime characters, and some features of the ENTP personality type.

List of ENTP anime characters

• Rintaro Okabe

• Ryuk

• Shigure Sohma

• Shougo Makishima

• Lloyd Asplund

• Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV

• Kensuke Aida

• Usopp

• Hohenheim

• Diethard Ried

• Orochimaru

• Satoru Asahina

• Hideyoshi Nagachika

• Marucho Marukura

• Mayuri Kurotsuchi

What is ENTP?

ENTP stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting, and it is one of the 16 personality types in the Myers Briggs theory of personality.

ENTP is also known as the Debater, due to their tendency to be bold and creative, and they are able to deconstruct and rebuild ideas with great mental speed due to the dominant trait of thinking that they possess.

They also tend to pursue their goals well despite any resistance they might encounter.

These people also love the process of mental conversations and discussions or arguments that involve a great deal of intellectual prowess.

The ENTP is blessed with a quick wit which helps them with this mental sparring tremendously, and their broad accumulated knowledge base, combined with a capacity for connecting distinct ideas to prove their points, often brings them success in any arguments they enter.

ENTPs may be considered the ultimate devil’s advocate, as they thrive on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and making their points with ease.

This tendency may not even be for the sole purpose of achieving a goal or fulfilling a strategy or anything, sometimes it may just be because they are bored and want something to do.

ENTPs also tend to be extroverted, but not in the loving people sense of the ENFPs or the commanding respect and leading people way of the ENTJs, but they have their instincts and thought processes turned outwards, and they like having people around to talk to or mingle with or learn from. 

The tendency they have to attack and defend ideas may be seen as a manifestation of the extroverted traits, this is how they accumulate fodder for their massive internal lives that are always turmoiled and thirsty for knowledge, and this is the only way they know how to collect it.

Though they are excellent thinkers and can be very energetic and charismatic as they brainstorm ideas, ENTPs can also be too cold and rational due to their stark thinking processes, and may sometimes forget to concentrate on practical matters and real-world scenarios due to the intense thinking that is always going on in their minds.

ENTP anime characters

Rintaro Okabe

Rintaro Okabe features on the show Stein’s Gate and is the main protagonist of the show.

This character shows some ENTP traits which may classify him as an ENTP anime character, such as his melodramatic behavior and his eccentricity.

He calls himself a mad scientist, which suggests the classic ENTP trait of thinking far too much and rationalizing things in stark terms.

He also doesn’t call anyone by their real names, mostly for fun, and this may be seen as the ENTP trait of sometimes getting into things that may lead to discussions or arguments simply for the sake of them.

Okabe is also unaware, many times, of exactly why his word and attitudes may hurt others, especially Feeling dominated people, and often wonders why he has made someone feel bad.

ENTPs may often feel this way, they can be so rational sometimes that they may not realize that not everyone has the same analytical and logical thinking process they do, and what may simply be a honing of ideas for them may be hurtful to other people.


Ryuk is a character from the popular show D-Note, where he plays sort of the Antihero.

Ryuk has been discussed before as having traits from other personality types as well due to his tendency to be heavy on thinking, but perhaps he makes sense most as an ENTP anime character.

Ryuk is a classic debater, not in the sense that he loves mental sparring, but in the sense that he likes getting into things simply for the sake of fun.

He gets bored with his routine life in his own realm and ends up dropping the D-Note in the human world, simply for fun, and he is constantly following Light Yagami, the protagonist around, trying to learn about humans and curious about them.

He is always curious about humanity and often wonders why they do what they do and tends to get into philosophical questions with Light for the sake of getting into them.

He also tends to be cold and calculated when he wants to just mix things up for the sake of learning something new about the humans and to do so doesn’t tell Light valuable things about the D-Note till it’s quite late.

Shigure Sohma

Shigure Sohma is an ENTP anime character from the show Fruits Basket.

Shigure initially seems like an easy-going and laid-back character, and even though he seems a bit more sinister as things progress, it is shown time and again that he does not actually mean any malice, and actually has a good heart deep down inside.

Shigure can be quite insightful, possibly owing to the ENTP personality trait of Thinking, and often and gives advice to the other characters, however, possibly because of the same trait, he can also be cunning, manipulative, and deceptive. 

He’s willing to use and hurt others to achieve his goals, which is another thing that the ENTPs may be capable of due to their focus on goals rather than the process involved. 

Because he is not doing it out of malice towards other people but rather a focus on himself, he also admits to feeling guilty about using Tohru, when he does so.

Shiguro shows the typical ENTP trait of believing that the ends justify the means.

Shougo Makishima

Shougo Makishima is a classic ENTP anime character on the show Psycho-Pass, which can be seen first and foremost in his primary story arc: The liberation of Japan due to his belief that the people are being turned into the hopeless machine-like individuals with no capability for independent thinking.

Shougo shows his love for thinking and the ability to do it for oneself in the very first glimpse into his character, and additionally, he also has the ability to manipulate people to do his bidding and is shown as having a great deal of charisma.

Shougo also has the typical ENTP gift for persuasive speech. 

Like many other ENTP comrades of his, he loves reading dystopian literature and Shakespeare, which may satisfy his thirst for knowledge.

He states time and again how much he believes that people should be living by their own will, but of course, due to his logical thinking process, he remains unaware of the fact that he is essentially forcing the people to live according to his will even if he liberates them.

However, due to a lack of feelings and the ability to understand the deeper nuances of humanity which may not be covered by his great mental speed, he is not able to understand this.

Lloyd Asplund

Lloyd Asplund is a character on the show Code Geass, and he is an ENTP anime character with some traits from other personality types as well.

Lloyd claims to be a sociopath, which sadly, is something many ENTPs may be accused of given their highly rational and logical tendencies.

Because they are so heavy on the thinking traits, they may sometimes come across as too-rational and maybe even cold, and when they are ignorant of the feelings of other people it may seem like they are doing it because they don’t care, but the truth is they may not even know they are hurting others, and therefore they may get branded as a sociopath.

Lloyd is dedicated to science, which also shows love for learning and a will directed towards the logical and analytical. 

Like a true ENTP, Lloyd often comes across as uncaring and sometimes even rude, and as it is with most ENTPs, this is unintentional. 

He also prefers not to divulge information about personal details, which may also be seen in ENTPs on occasion.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivurski IV, or Ed, which is her actual name, is a character from the show The Cowboy Bebop.

She is an ENTP anime character with traits like being eccentric, resourceful, giggly, childlike, and odd.

Ed tends to have a susceptibility to distraction, and she seems quite eccentric most of the 

time, doing things such as talking to herself out loud as well as talking about herself in the first person.

These traits may signify a higher level of thinking and processing that may be going on in the ENTPs’ mind, that they have to deal with and sort through their quick thoughts in a manner that may seem odd to people who do not relate to it.

She also seems to withdraw from conversations frequently which may also signify a tendency to be far too involved in what is happening in her mind.

Ed also has a typical Extroverted sensation aspect to her personality, in that she is fond of nature and open spaces. 

She also enjoys classic mental speed things like Chess and is very good at it as well, as can be seen in one of the episodes where she defeats a chess-master. 

This is also something many ENTPs may relate to, given their mental agility and preference for things that indulge it.

Kensuke Aida

Kensuke Aida is a character from the show Evangelion.

Kensuke Aida is shown to have some classic ENTP traits like confidence and objectivity. 

He is also seen as an ENTP anime character due to his tendency to be self-dependent and willing to acquire knowledge, as well as big ambitions.

Kensuke is keen, friendly, and talented but due to his heavily Thinking Oriented cognitive functioning, he can sometimes be intense, manipulative, and a little selfish, particularly where his ambitions and his own needs are concerned.

However, he is not malicious, and he understands the importance of being with his friends when they need him, which makes sense given the introverted Intuitive tendencies of the ENTP personality types.


Usopp is a character on the show One Piece, and he shows some distinct ENTP personality traits.

Although he is shown as telling lies and embellishing the truth rather frequently, he does also tend to be quite friendly and compassionate.

Usopp is also very hardworking towards keeping the crew safe and help his fellow crew to achieve their dreams and works just as hard towards their own.

Usopp is the kind of ENTP that may not be able to be at one with their constant and intense thinking processes.

In the real world, someone like him might lie and be insecure and anxious al the time due to their constant thoughts that they are not able to turn off, and they bother these people because they are constantly on the foreground of their mental activity.

This kind of tendency makes Usopp a rather unusual ENTP anime character.


Hohenheim is a character from the show Fullmetal Alchemist, and he is the father of the two Alphonse Elric, the protagonist.

He gives the impression that he is cold, but this is simply because of his losses and the way he feels on the inside, but otherwise, he is unexpectedly softhearted and kindly.

He is also smart and thoughtful and seems to care very little about his own well-being and dignity.

The most notable trait that makes Hohenheim an ENTP anime character is his preference to rather talk out disputes than fight.

This is the kind of behavior that may be expected from these individuals who lay such a high premium on thinking and talking, aptly earning the name of Debaters. 

He also becomes quite angry when taunted about ignorance or lack of knowledge, as this is something ENTPs hold very dear to them, and any attack on this may feel extremely personal to them.

Diethard Reid

Diethard Reid is a character on the show Code Geass.

Diethard is presented as a zealous journalist with unique motivations, which is something that is truly notable and makes him a good candidate for the ENTP anime characters list. 

Like any true ENTP, the only thing really important to him is a grand and captivating narrative. 

Due to his extroverted sensation tendencies, he is driven to documenting and personally witness great history as it is being made, which satisfies his thirst for knowledge.

Furthermore, in the spirit of the true ENTPs, he also tends to desire the victory of those that can cause the most upheaval, due to the amount of knowledge and information he may receive from such a thing.

What is probably one of his most obvious ENTP traits is his belief that there is no one objective truth, and that all information is a product of a subjective human mind. 


Orochimaru appears on the show Naruto, and while he is not a typical ENTP character, he still shows some major ENTP traits and has therefore been considered an ENTP anime character.

Orochimaru is often described as “twisted”, likely because of his behavior, and in part due to the suspected trauma of his parents’ loss when he was younger. 

He also seems to disdains the fragility of human life and while this supposedly leads him to desire immortality, it may also be due to his extroverted sensation nature as well as his constant thirst for knowledge and new experiences.

He also has a twisted sense of ambition which makes itself known I his constant desire to modify his body in order to make it stronger each day.

Orochimaru also has the classic ENTP trait of causing conflict just to see what happens if he feels bored, and this does not arise out of his need for conflict or problems, simply due to his tendency to want excitement and something new to look forward to.

He is also charismatic and seems to attract a number of followers, in whom Orochimaru seems to have a great deal of interest and he also seems to care about what happens to them, which also suggests kindness under the seemingly malicious traits on the surface.

Even when he is defeated or in a problematic situation, Orochimaru seems to be curious to see what happens, which falls in line with typical ENTP personality types.

Satoru Asahina

Satoru Asahina appears on the show Shin Sekai Yori, and shows a lot of ENTP traits.

Satoru says at some point “We cannot allow them to control our thoughts and feelings forever”, and this alone should justify why he is a strong ENTP anime character.

Satoru is seen as an energetic, lively, and happy person overall, full of stories and pranks. 

He usually disagrees and fights with the protagonist a fair bit, and has the tendency to argue and disagree constantly, in typical ENTP fashion.

However, at the same time, he is also loyal and protective, which is also something one may see in ENTPs, as despite their cold and rational logic, they are still very good friends who want the best for those they care about.

Eventually, as he grows up, some of his cognitive functions that seem to balance out the Thinking processes develop, and he argues less and becomes more mature and thoughtful about those around him.

He is also incredibly quick-witted and intelligent, which is another typical trait that can be found in many ENTPs.

He is also optimistic and believes in science and relies on it to provide a better future, which again reiterates the tendency of the ENTPs to lay their belief in facts and logic.

Hideyoshi Nagachika

Hideyoshi Nagachika is a character on the show Tokyo Ghoul.

Hideyoshi is seen as having a carefree attitude, always joyful and friendly most of the time.

Hide is also very observant, in a true ENTP manner, due to his extroverted sensation, and can figure things out about people in a good detective manner.

He is easily interested in things and works hard towards them until he finds something else that interests him.

Like a true ENTP, Hide also has a very “determined” behavior. He sticks to his goals right up until the end and follows through on pretty much all his ideas and concepts.

Hide is also loud and outspoken, which are some characteristics that may often define the ENTP personality type.

Marucho Marukura

Marucho Marukura is a character on the show The Vestroia Chronicles.

Marucho makes for a very good ENTP anime character which is evidenced in the fact that he is full of knowledge and information and can even be called a walking encyclopedia.

He cares deeply about his parents and is very obedient and polite. 

He also tends to talk a lot and uses formal language in the Japanese version, which may be seen in a lot of ENTP people.

ENTPs have a love for language quite often, given that they love to discuss things so much and argue their ideas. Language is a medium through which they do it, and expression being so important to them, language is also equally important, which can be seen in Marucho.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Mayuri Kurotsuchi is an ENTP anime character in the Bleach anime.

The researcher aspect of Mayuri, as well as his fitting into the stereotype mad scientist, puts him squarely into the knowledge loving personality type of ENTP.

He is rational and pragmatic to the point of cold aloofness, seeing everyone as an object about which he has to learn more and not living beings. 

He also believes that perfection is not good because it leaves nothing to strive for, which may imply boredom, something that the ENTP personality type simply abhors.

Imagination, knowledge, and improvements are Mayuri’s driving factors, and this makes him a great study as an ENTP anime character.

He also consumes knowledge at a rapid pace and enjoys toying with his opponents in a fight, which is something one may see in an ENTP, as these people enjoy getting out on top of other people quite often.


In this brief guide, we discussed 15 ENTP anime characters as well as some features of the ENTP personality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ENTP Anime Characters

What anime characters are Entp?

These are some anime Characters:

• Ryuk
• Orochimaru  
• Lloyd Asplund
• Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV
• Kensuke Aida
• Usopp
• Hohenheim
• Diethard Ried

Who has Entp personality?

Some people that have ENTP personality are:

• Thomas Edison
• Richard Feynman
• Benjamin Franklin
• Leonardo da Vinci
• Steve Wozniak
• James Dyson

Are ENTPs dangerous?

No, most ENTPs are not dangerous, however, they may appear dangerous due to their somewhat combative style of talking and discussing things, but this doesn’t come from their malicious side, rather from a love of challenging ideas and concepts in order to learn more.

In some cases though, the ENTPs may be dangerous when they’re underestimated or forced into a corner. 

Are ENTPs geniuses?

ENTPs may or may not be geniuses, but all of them have a thirst for knowledge and they consume information at a rapid pace. 

The ENTP may also seem like a genius due to their propensity for seeing patterns, connecting dots, creative thinking, association, and vision, but at the same time, they may be bad at seeing details and the finer aspects of things.



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