ENTP and INFJ (Friendship, Attraction and Compatibility)

In this brief guide, we will look at the ENTP and INFJ combination; how an ENTP and INFJ friendship would look, what their attraction might be like and how compatible an ENTP and INFJ are.

ENTP and INFJ: Do they get along?

The answer is yes, typically ENTP and INFJ tend to get along very well, because of their opposite function stacks and similar approaches to a lot of other things.

Both ENTP and INFJ have strong intuitions and thinking abilities, which makes these individuals very compatible and friendly, and they might find that while the INFJ finds it much easier to tolerate the ENTP tendency to argue or discuss or do things simply because they find it interesting, the ENTP might be immune to the INFJ tendency to be extraordinary all the time and being so sensitive to criticism.

ENTP and INFJ also get along because of their shared tendency to be thoughtful and to fulfill the other person in a way that other personality types may not be able to do.

Because they are also two intuitive, ENTPs and INFJs can often engage in deep, meaningful conversations about what they think about deep concepts that others may not want to discuss.

One reason the ENTP and INFJ get along so well is that both of them tend to think and view the world in abstract, because of their intuition function and heightened thinking abilities, and talking about ideas and possibilities and not just facts, details and events, is something they both enjoy deeply.

Any INFJ who’s dated an ENTP, and vice versa, would likely remember all the time that they spent talking with their partner about psychology, history, politics, and religion and other things they don’t get to talk about nearly enough, and this is something that may pervade through even the ENTP and INFJ friendships.

ENTPs love to talk and share their ideas, which is great because the INFJ is great at listening and engaging and they may also go an extra mile and help the ENTP fulfill their ideas and make their plans come to life.

INFJ is good at guiding people, which can be a huge on track, but not all will always be great when the ENTP and INFJ is together, and they may also have their fair share of problems.

The biggest problem in an ENTP and INFJ relationship might be the tendency of the ENTP to talk over everyone and everything else and forgetting sometimes that the other person may have things they want to say or things they feel.

The INFJ is an introverted partner which may sometimes not fit into the things that the extroverted, enthusiastic ENTP partner might want to do and while being able to share ideas is a great quality of the ENTP, it might sometimes get to be too much for the INFJ who may just be looking for a quieter time.

For the ENTP and INFJ, it may be all about finding the right balance, because these individuals are capable of great things if they try, and if they are able to overcome their issues, they can have a great relationship.

How Compatible are ENTP and INFJ?

ENTP and INFJ can be very compatible usually, and their function stacks may indicate that they will get along very well, but that does not mean that they will not have their fair share of problems.

To start with, ENTP and INFJ might find that their compatibility is aided by the fact that both of them are Intuitive Feeling types, and both of them may like deep, meaningful connections and they would like to truly understand what drives the people 

Both ENTP and INFJ are capable of being, and drawn to, sensitive, thoughtful, and idealistic, people, and they may both prefer relationships that help you to grow and develop, in fact, they might be best suited for this very reason most of the time.

ENTP wants to grow more than any other personality type, which may often rub people the wrong way, and they may often get left alone because of all the development they seek in their relationship, but they may not experience this with the INFJ who is also someone that seeks growth and development.

Both ENTP and INFJ look, first and foremost, an intellectual connection and they often feel close to someone when they have a meeting of the minds, particularly when they are able to have a discussion that leads them to learn something new or think about things in a different way. 

These people are not devoid of feeling but they are extremely drawn to people’s ways of seeing things and their unconventional opinions and therefore there is a strong chance that they will turn people off by being too blunt, too brash, or too critical. 

Another thing that may cripple the compatibility of the ENTP and INFJ is that while the INFJ is a values-driven, person, the ENTP tends to be a bit more logic-driven, and even though they may both enjoy the process of analysis, their interests may lie in different places.

For all their introverted tendencies, the INFJ cares about people deeply, and they may want to think and talk more about concepts like morality and ethics, whereas the ENTP may often like to talk more about things that are more abstract and difficult to understand in nature.

ENTP and INFJ Friendship

A typical ENTP and INFJ friendship may involve a lot of talking and a lot of discussion of things they like, and these people are likely to have a lot of fun hanging out together.

An ENTP and INFJ friendship may also involve them supporting each other in just the right way; while the ENTP may bring the necessary spark and fun into the life of the INFJ, the INFJ may bring stability and guidance to the ENTP.

These individuals may also often find themselves in situations that are somewhat risky or exciting which were created because of the ENTP tendency to destroy things to see what happens, and then the INFJ might step in to take care of things.

ENTP and INFJ: Reddit Experiences

Given below are some ENTP and INFJ Reddit experiences by real people who identify with either ENTP or INFJ, and what their takeaways and challenges in the relationship have been.

“ENTP married to an INFJ here. We seem like complete opposites sometimes but we compliment each other so well. Also, I remember instant attraction when I first met her. Quiet, soft spoken, intelligent. INFJs are not your duck lip girls. If you think intelligence is sexy then I give you the INFJ.”

“I’m an Infj who’s with an entp for 4 years now. Each day we discover something similar about each other. Never in a million years we would identify as similar when we met.”

“I believe the reason it’s a good pairing is that ENTPs are said to be the most introverted of the extroverts – need your own space etc to reflect and process but also really enjoy socializing too… whereas INFJs are from personal experience the most extroverted of the introverts … I can’t remember where I read this but it’s true for me.

Just means there’s this comfortable middle ground… we both like our alone time, both like seeing stuff in the world too, both pretty complex – lots of head stuff.

Difficult for INFJs to find people actually on our wavelength, people think we’re weird a lot so we shut up and adapt to the room to prevent being labelled this… we never feel that way with ENTPs, cos you’re sort of weird too. lol. We can be abstract and go off on tangents and you go with us and never have a look of confusion, it’s just chilled. It’s nice.

Conversation is a lot like coming home.

My best friends are all ENFPs, but couldn’t date one. Much too feely for me. I need the balance, the more stabilizing one. ENTPs for me, all the way.”

“I don’t get it, personally. I (heterosexual female) have met only one male INFJ, who liked me, but the feeling was definitely not mutual (way too ‘beta’ for me) & he did not take it well.

I’ve met a few female INFJs, but only have a successful friendship with one (out of at least four). In the case of the other three that spring to mind, they’ve liked me, but I’ve found them off-putting.

I’m not too far off in terms of my preferences though. I go for INTJ men & always have great friendships with ENFJ women.”

“I feel like – and some may disagree with me – the pairing is best when it’s ENTP male/INFJ female, because it’s utilising the whole feminine/masculine energy polarities. I also find INFJ men pretty off-putting (no offence to INFJ men) lol. I lived with one and he was afraid to answer the door and so was I so our mail never got delivered hahaha”

ENTP and INFJ Memes

Below are some ENTP and INFJ memes that are guaranteed to get a chuckle out of nearly any ENTP or INFJ who have ever known a person of the other personality type, in a romantic or even just friendly way.


In this brief guide, we will look at the ENTP and INFJ combination; how an ENTP and INFJ friendship would look, what their attraction might be like and how compatible an ENTP and INFJ are.

MBTI personality theory is great for trying to figure out the relationship patterns between different personalities, like in ENTP and INFJ, and it can be very revealing to understand the personality type of friends and loved ones.

Knowing someone’s MBTI might give unique insight into their life and the way they work, which in turn can make it easier to deal with their bad moods or bad phases.

If you have any more questions or comments about ENTP and INFJ personality types, please feel free to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ENTP and INFJ

Are Entp and Infj compatible?

Yes, ENTP and INFJ are compatible, as it can be assumed that the INFJ’s function stack is extremely compatible with the ENTP, or the ENFP. 

INFJ’s dominant function is Introverted Intuition which may be best matched with a personality type that is dominated by Extraverted Intuition, but they get along better with ENTP in particular due to their thinking trait, which is the same in the INFJ.

Why are Entp attracted to Infj?

ENTPs are attracted to INFJ because the INFJ has a powerful vision and unimpeachable integrity.

ENTP appreciates natural idealism and commitment, and the INFJs ability to focus is something that makes the ENTP attracted to the INFJ.

Who Should an Entp marry?

An ENTP should marry an INFJ because of their opposite yet similar function stacks.

The ENTP personality is very well matched with the INFJ, which makes a marriage between them very good, as they will likely have a lot to talk about and they will be able to fulfil each other’s personalities where they lack.

Who are Entp attracted to?

ENTPs may be attracted to someone with a quiet confidence, and they may not be attracted to someone that is boastful.

ENTP is likely to be attracted to someone who is able to hold themselves with a sense of inner strength.

Someone who is constantly turning to others for reassurance, is not very likely to attract and entice the ENTP.

Can Entp fall in love?

Yes, ENTPs can fall in love, and they may actually have some rather deep connections once they get into a relationship with someone.

ENTP is capable of relationships with a great deal of need for growth and development when they are in love, and they may want to talk all the time and spend a lot of time with the person they love.







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