ENTJ vs ENTP: (A Comparative Analysis)

In this article, we will compare ENTJ vs ENTP personalities from the MBTI types. We will do that by initially describing both personalities in-depth including their four cognitive functions.  This will follow up by comparing and seeing how these personalities are similar and different from each other.


 If we consider ENTJ vs ENTP  and compare them, we find that they have similarities as well as differences. Both personalities are similar as they are extroverted, intuitive, and thinking types i.e. they like socializing, thinking about complex ideas, and are logical. They are different as well since ENTJs are judging types. Compared to them, ENTPs are perceiving types. 

MBTI: Four Cognitive Functions

 Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types, approaches personality to be composed of four cognitive functions that govern how people think, process, and make decisions. The top two cognitive functions play a dominant role in guiding a person’s personality. Whereas, the latter two play less of a role. However, they still have some impact or influence on how a person behaves in certain situations. ENTJ and ENTP are two personality types out of the 16 types. Their cognitive functions are discussed in detail as follows.

ENTJ: The Commander (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)

The ENTJ personality type from the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types. It describes people who are straightforward, confident, have strong opinions, and assertive. Only 2 percent of people are estimated to have an ENTJ personality type.

Four Cognitive Functions of ENTJ

Four cognitive functions that guide how ENTJ personality type processes information includes:

Extroverted Thinking

ENTJs are quite rational, objective, and logical. They tend to think things but speak without listening. They are quick to make judgments and decisions before gathering all information. They have a tendency to focus on organized plans and have certain standards that they expect others to abide by. Setting and reaching goals is quite important to them.

Introverted Intuition

ENTJs tend to think about the future and consider multiple possibilities. They are open to change. Although they trust their thinking and judgment, sometimes they regret being impulsive when jumping to a decision too soon. 

Extroverted Sensing

ENTJs are open to new sensory experiences particularly adventure and thrill. They enjoy the beauty in life and like to keep themselves surrounded by interesting things that stimulate their senses.

Introverted Feeling

ENTJs particularly find emotions and feelings difficult to understand. They tend to keep this part separate when making any decision. Situations that call for emotional expression are pretty uncomfortable for them and they find it difficult to give the right emotional response. 

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 ENTP: The Debater (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

The ENTP personality type from the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types. It describes people who are sharp/intelligent, innovative, and good at communicating their thoughts. Their focus is on ideas, theories, and possibilities. However, they pay less attention to details and practicality. Thus, they may have creative plans but lack action to execute them. Only 2-5 percent of people are estimated to have an ENTP personality type. 

Four Cognitive Functions of ENTP

Four cognitive functions that guide how ENTP personality type processes information includes:

 Extroverted Intuition 

ENTPs gather information quickly and understand it easily through their ability to make connections or links between things. Their focus is on future possibilities and innovative & new ideas which makes them quite open-minded and accepting of new perspectives. They are considered to have a strong entrepreneurial mind. 

Introverted thinking 

ENTPs spend a lot of time thinking about the world. Whenever they want to understand a concept, they prioritize learning the why and how of it to fully understand its functionality. Generally, they are objective and rational in their approach which makes them skilled in putting their emotions aside when making a decision. 

Extroverted feeling 

ENTPs know how to get along with other people. They can be charismatic in social situations but since the feeling part of their personality is weak, other people may perceive them to be insensitive and aloof at times. 

Introverted sensing 

Since ENTPs are focused on possibilities and ideas rather than details or practicality of their plans, they often fail to use their past experiences in improving the present outcome or predicting the future outcome. This can cost them quite a lot in life.

A Comparison of ENTJ and ENTP

Personality: ENTJ vs ENTP

ENTJ personalities like change in life. They perceive things in a conceptual manner and tend to look at the big picture. It is easy for them to devise long term plans that are systematic. You can count on an ENTJ to drive towards the final goal and make sure that things reach completion. They are confident, authoritative, and straight-forward which makes them good leaders who don’t get fazed by obstacles in their way.

ENTP personalities are open to new challenges. They are good at communicating and are inquisitive and curious by nature. They are considered good debaters who don’t shy away from an intellectual debate. ENTPs can hold strong opinions but are always open to new and fresh perspectives. They enjoy new experiences and are always on the lookout for the next big idea.

Workstyle: ENTJ vs ENTP

Both ENTJ and ENTP personalities have different working styles in their workplace. 

ENTJs are usually team leaders at their workplace whether or not he/she is formally elected. An ENTJ is motivated, driven, and strategic. They lead their team members in reaching the final goal at a good pace along with tackling any hurdles in the way with ease. They are passionate about structure, goals, rules, and clarity at their workplace and expect others to follow a similar standard in their professional behavior.

At their workplace, ENTPs try to make an effort to bring new ideas to the table. They can push through obstacles and be assertive with their team. Yet, they may not always follow through since they are easily distracted by new ideas and challenges. They like space, flexibility, and healthy challenges at the workplace. However, slow-paced schedules, being overly controlled, and excessive rules and regulations at their work may irritate them greatly.

Conflict: ENTJ vs ENTP

Attitude towards conflict and its management by both personalities can vary.

ENTJs perceive conflict as an opportunity for discussion and getting work done. They like a good argument and usually stick by their views. However, they don’t hold on to the conflict for long and forget it soon after. Their general attitude is of dislike for any factors preventing them from reaching their final goal. Hence, their focus is to make their opinions clear and direct so that change can happen immediately. Their language during conflicts is usually direct and factual which makes them seem insensitive and inconsiderate to other people.

ENTPs are open to conflict. They can easily engage in debate and to and fro of verbal statements. However, they may not fully understand the emotional element underlying the conflict. Hence, their focus would be on proving the other person wrong and winning the argument by using logic which can strain their relationship. When the conflict ends, they don’t hold on to it rather move on to the next thing.  

Interpersonal Skills: ENTJ vs ENTP

The interpersonal skills of both ENTJ and ENTP are similar in some respects and different in others. Particularly, the manner of relating to others, perceiving other people, and how others perceive them is distinct for both personalities. 

ENTJs are usually energetic, assertive, confident, and straightforward. Their conversation with other people is centered on good arguments, debates and discussion backed up by logic. Due to this, they can be insensitive or fail to take into account the feelings of other people. So, people get upset and perceive them to be critical. Their emotional side is pretty weak and they perceive problems in the form of concepts. Although they can share their thoughts easily and are clear in their communication but it lacks the emotional component. They are mostly concerned with getting the work done and find it hard to wait for others to reach their understanding. Nor do they accurately perceive the actual meaning of silence in a situation.

ENTPs have a good sense of understanding of their surroundings. They can engage, entertain, and charm people. However, their focus is on logic and evidence rather than emotions. As a result, they are unable to grasp the emotional layering of situations and may be perceived as cold and inconsiderate by others due to their hard-wired factual approach. If something is not intellectually stimulating, they get bored and move on since they always need something incredible to channel their energy.


Are ENTJ and ENTP compatible?

Yes, ENTJs and ENTPs can be compatible. Although they are not each other’s ideal partners, they can still enjoy a healthy relationship. They have more similarities than differences and both partners can draw from each other’s opposing trait and learn. 

Who should an ENTP marry?

ENTP should marry INTJ or INFJ. This is because their dominant extroverted intuition can be matched well by the dominant introverted intuition of such partners. However, they can enjoy good relationships with other personality types as well.

Who should an ENTJ marry?

ENTJ should marry an INTP or the ISTP. This is because their dominant function of extraverted thinking can be matched well by the dominant introverted thinking of such partners. However, they can enjoy good relationships with other personality types as well.

Do ENTJs fall in love easily?

No. ENTJs do not fall in love easily. They take their time since they are not too emotional when it comes to feelings. 


In this article, we compared ENTJ vs ENTP  personality types.  We found they have similarities as well as differences. Both personalities are similar as they are extroverted, intuitive, and thinking types i.e. they like socializing, thinking about complex ideas, and are logical. They are different as well since ENTJs are judging types. Compared to them, ENTPs are perceiving types. 

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