ENTJ Spirit Animal (A 7 Point Guide)

In this article, we will look at the spirit animal of ENTJ personality type. This article will reveal the ENTJ spirit animal and also their shared characteristics.

What is the spirit animal of ENTJ Myers Briggs personality type? 

Your spirit animal is the mighty bear!

ENTJ stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging personality traits. The ENTJ are also known as Commanders and for good reason! They are second to INFJ when it comes to being rare (they make up about 1.8% of the total population)

Common Traits of the Bear and ENTJ personality type:

  • Strong
  • Assertive
  • Natural Leaders
  • Strategists
  • Outspoken
  • Confident
  • Intimidating


You must have heard the phrase ‘Strong as a bear’. Bears are both admired and feared for their strength at the same time and the case is pretty much the same for ENTJs. It is common knowledge that bears are the most strong and powerful beasts out there. ENTJs are similar in this regard as they are as they possess unmatched strength and robustness. 

They are possessors of the true warrior spirit which gives them the courage to fight. What they choose to fight for depends totally on them. Just like the bears are known to be thick skinned, ENTJs are also known to be thick skinned because they take criticism well and don’t whine when being criticized. 


ENTJs are very assertive people. They know how to get what they want and have the drive to pull through. Bears display a similar assertive swagger and assert their dominance in this manner. ENTJs are very vocal about their needs and ideas in general so if something bothers them they are not likely to hush up about it and sulk in the corner. Their most likely response in such a scenario would be to step up at the front and voice their opinion on the matter because that’s just how they are. They are incredibly vocal about their opinions.

Natural Leaders

If you observe a bear you will notice that they possess a certain kind of bravado that few other animals possess and same is the case with ENTJs. They possess a magnificent bravado that makes them naturally inclined to leadership roles. Ever had a friend who would almost never miss out on an opportunity to lead or become a leader? They must be an ENTJ!

Leadership comes as second nature to ENTJs and they are most likely to take charge in even the most difficult of situations where other people might cower or back off. ENTJs are built this way, they love being in control and unlike most people who consider giving orders to be a difficult and draining task ENTJs will just make it seem effortless.


Since ENTJs are Extraverted Thinking types, they are seen as master planners and strategists by people around them. As much as we humans have observed bears we have come to learn that they are highly intelligent creatures who tend to employ their intellect to solve problems and make their lives easier. 

ENTJs also have Introverted Intuitive function which helps them understand things on a deeper level than most other people. Thinking and Intuition combined make ENTJs very futuristic and people tend to count on them to intuit the results or foresee outcomes of their plans. They can also be trusted to create the most successful plans of action.

Bears are known to be very intelligent animals. In the animal kingdom, they have one of the largest and most convoluted brains, relative to their size. ENTJs are smart and action oriented types.

Being thinker types ENTJs choose to be led by their head instead of their hearts since the feeling function is last in their function stack. This means that they take a logical and rational approach to life instead of being swept away by emotions.


ENTJs are thinking types which means they are quick thinkers and logical and rational in their approach. They also possess the ability to think and dissect any situation critically. Being a quick thinker also makes them great communicators and very outspoken. 

Don’t confront the bear especially when it comes to arguments, you might never want to end up in an argument with an ENTJ they will not only will they pummel you but they will also knock you to the ground and finish you off. This is because the argumentative style of ENTJs is quite similar to a bear attack. Scary, right?

So it is in your best interest to never get into an argument with the ENTJ personality type. It’s in your own best interest.

In normal social settings ENTJs tend to be talkative and expressive. They have a lot to say and people usually stay around to listen because they want to.They are also Extroverted and social gatherings tend to energize them.


Ever seen the bear swagger? 

You must have noticed the bold manner of the bear, it’s hard to miss isn’t it? ENTJs are very much like the mighty bear in this regard too. When they walk, they walk with a swagger that makes them seem important or very important if you will. Of course, it’s not like it’s just an act. People do tend to think of ENTJs as very important people and it’s not just an impression they give. ENTJs are very confident and self assured people which is why they don’t back away from stepping up and taking charge.


The large looming frame of the bear comes to mind when you think of the ENTJ personality. That’s how ENTJs are, large and looming but more so in terms of their personality. Their bold and sometimes aggressive style may seem intimidating to some people especially to the meek submissive types and it might even coerce them into taking orders from ENTJs.

ENTJs can be lovable pandas at best and gruff aggressive Grizzly bears at worst. 

It depends on what side of their personality they choose to show, which is obviously based on circumstances. For the people they love they might be seen as cuddly lovable pandas who are as peaceful as can be but when threatened or instigated their personality might morphe into that of a Grizzly bear feared for its ferociousness, ready to fight anyone who presents as a threat.

It is safe to say that the bear can be considered ENTJs alter ego and it is the animal that most accurately signifies the ENTJ Myers Briggs personality type. Bears are large and have a great presence. 

They are intimidating and ferocious when instigated. They are incredibly intelligent and sentient beings. The ENFJ are very similar to this great beast in every aspect and may find that they strongly identify with the mighty bear. All in all the bear is a pretty impressive animal to have as your spirit animal. 

Here are some fun facts about your spirit animal:

  • All polar bears alive today can trace their ancestry back to one female brown bear who lived in Ireland 50,000 years ago.
  • Bears have favorite trees and will walk for miles just to scratch their backs on them. 

Who would’ve thought of that!

  • The original word for “bear” has been lost. Medieval people thought that saying the ferocious animal’s name would summon it, so they used a euphemism that meant “the brown one” (“bear”). 

Talk about fear!

  • The giant panda is actually a bear. 

Adorable aren’t they?

  • Bears can run up to 40 miles per hour, fast enough to catch a running horse. The fastest known human alive today is Usain Bolt, who can run 27mph.


In this article we explored the spirit animal of the ENTJ Myers Briggs personality type and their shared characteristics. If you have any questions or views on this topic please feel free to reach out to us!

Frequently Asked Questions: ENTJ Spirit Animal: The Bear

Is ENTJ the most powerful?

ENTJs are definitely the strong and dominant type and they feel the most powerful when things are going according to their plans.

Why are ENTJs so mean?

The reason behind ENTJs being mean is most probably because they have the feeling function last in their function stack. When they set their sights on a goal they might become a bit cruel in the way they get things done.

Are ENTJs protective?

ENTJs are extremely protective people and they don’t mind getting into a fight to protect their loved ones.

Who should ENTJ marry?

The best matches for ENTJ are INTP and ISTP because their Extroverted thinking is best matched with Introverted thinking types.

What makes ENTJs happy?

ENTJs gain the most happiness from being in the inspiring leader role. They love being in command, leading teams and getting things done by employing their leadership prowess.

What hurts an ENTJ?

Betrayal is one thing that hurts ENTJs the most. Since they themselves are incredibly loyal, they cannot tolerate betrayal, especially if it comes from those who are closest to their heart.

Are ENTJs aggressive?

ENTJs may sometimes struggle to understand people’s emotions and express their own. Their tendency to jump headfirst in arguments and confrontations may also make them seem aggressive.

Are ENTJs famous?

ENTJs are very likely to be famous. Some famous ENTJs include:
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Jim Carrey
Vladimir Putin
Napoleon Bonaparte

Who are ENTJs attracted to?

ENTJs are most likely to be attracted to people who are great conversationalists and good thinkers and they hate small talk.


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