ENTJ Career Matches (5 suitable jobs)

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This blog will answer the question, “What are the best career matches for an ENTJ?”. It will define the ENTJ personality, list some of their characteristics, and elaborate on which careers suit the ENTJ better.

What are the best career matches for an ENTJ?

The following are the best careers for an ENTJ:

  • Managers
  • Politicians
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business Consultant
  • Psychologist


ENTJs enjoy being in charge of things and giving others orders. Leadership roles like management provide a platform for them to use and showcase their natural leadership skills. 

They enjoy making long-term plans and leading others to fulfill those plans.


A career in politics offers the ENTJ the high status and reputation they desire. Politicians are leaders and the ENTJ happens to be a natural-born leader. 

Politics require a person to be very outgoing and inspiring. Politicians must be great problem solvers and be able to execute big projects on a very big scale.

Chief Financial Officer

The position of a chief financial officer is a leadership role that involves controlling and accounting for money generated in an organization. 

The ENTJ is a great planner who is able to keep track of the expenditures of an organization regardless of its size.

Additionally, ENTJs love to spend and make money appropriately, therefore a career in financial management is a good match for them.

Business consultant

A career in business consultancy offers the ENTJ the creative freedom and autonomy they love. 

They will be able to share and teach others their management and planning skills.

 It is a platform to empower others who struggle to manage their finances and come out on top.


The field of psychology offers an intellectual challenge and earns them the respect of others. 

It is a job that allows the ENTJ to apply their knowledge to real-life situations when dealing with people. 

Additionally, their great social skills make it easy for them to easily interact and engage with people in need of psychological help.

ENTJs at work

ENTJs value efficiency. They are really difficult to impress in the workplace especially when they are in a supervisory position.

Their deposition attracts them to leadership roles. In these roles of leadership, they focus on developing strategies to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Their contribution often initiates and leads to organizational change.

ENTJs are problem solvers’ and they enjoy the challenge. They enjoy the challenge of understanding difficult problems’, and determine where improvement is possible.

ENTJs naturally see opportunities to improve systems and want to lead teams to carry out their vision. They appreciate an environment where innovation is encouraged, and where traditions not held as important. This is mainly because they are highly adaptable and very dynamic.

ENTJs enjoy structure in their work. They prefer that their work and that of their colleagues be evaluated based on a set of clear guidelines.

They appreciate an environment that is business-like and fair, where performance is evaluated objectively and rewarded generously. Therefore, great performance appraisal tools are more attractive for them.

 ENTJs are typically motivated and hardworking and want to be recognized for their efforts with money, power, and prestige.

An ideal organization for an ENTJ values competence and logical thinking, and includes co-workers who are intelligent and ambitious. An ideal job for an ENTJ is one that challenges them to address complex problems with strategic planning and clear goal-setting.

What does ENTJ mean?

ENTJ stands for Extroversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Judging. It is a personality type on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). ENTJs can quickly spot illogical and inefficient procedures.

This is because they are quite invested in following rules. They are known for being well-informed and they enjoy expanding their knowledge and passing it on to others.

What is an ENTJ like?

The characteristics of an ENTJ include:

  • They are frank
  • They decide very quickly
  • They can assume leadership roles with no hesitation
  • They act independently 
  • They rarely admit when they are wrong
  • They are extroverts and so they get energized by socializing with people
  • They are skilled at planning and management
  • They base their decisions on logical facts
  • They are good at handling crises
  • They love to follow and make rules and regulations
  • They can easily come up with strategies and interventions
  • They have the ability to forecast the future needs of an organization
  • They like to be in high positions of leadership, influence, and power
  • Communicate and understand their emotions poorly

How to identify ENTJ personality

People with this personality type enjoy spending time with other people. They possess strong verbal skills and interacting with others is something they particularly enjoy.

ENTJ types are not focused on the here and now but rather like to think about the future and plan meticulously regarding their future. They often find abstract and theoretical information more interesting than concrete details.

Regarding making decisions ENTJs place lesser emphasis on subjectivity and a greater emphasis on objectivity and logical information. Personal feelings and the emotions of others tend not to be a huge factor in their choice making.

ENTJs are detailed planners. They are good with aspects of planning. They enjoy being foresighted. Predictability and making decisions and having a schedule of course of action planned out gives them a sense of control.

They are great problem solvers and are highly rational people. They enjoy taking charge as well. These strengths make leadership easy for them tendencies make them natural leaders who are focused on efficiently solving problems.

 ENTJs are viewed as cold and ruthless. This stereotype comes about due to their ‘emotionless’ disposition. Though they are generally not great with emotions it does not mean that they are intentionally cruel. It just merely means they are great at hiding their emotions and often don’t like to display weakness.


  • Great leadership skills
  • Self-assured and very assertive
  • Well-organized and are great planners.
  • Good at making decisions.
  • They are very outspoken and confident.
  • Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills


  • Are quite Impatient
  • Can be very Stubborn and often don’t change their mind easily on things, especially that which they strongly believe in.
  • Insensitive as they don’t display their emotions often sometimes even in situations that call for it.
  • Aggressive and domineering
  • Intolerant, they tend not to be very accommodating.

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ENTJs You Might Know

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. President
  • Bill Gates, Microsoft founder
  • Vince Lombardi, football coach
  • Carl Sagan, astronomer
  • Lex Luthor, Superman character
  • Barack Obama, former US president
  • Salma Hayek, actress
  • Charlize Theron, actress
  • Nancy Pelosi, former US house of representatives
  • Harrison Ford, actor
  •  Margate Thatcher, Former British Prime minister
  • George Clooney, actor 


This blog answered the question, “What are the best career matches for an ENTJ?”. It defined the ENTJ personality, listed some of their characteristics, and elaborated on which careers suit the ENTJ better.

The following are the best careers for an ENTJ: Managers, Politicians, Chief Financial Officer, Business Consultant, and Psychologist

Frequently Asked Questions: What are the best career matches for an ENTJ?

Who are ENTJs attracted to?

ENTJs are attracted to people who are capable of deep and meaningful conversations. They enjoy people with who they can brainstorm ideas.

How do ENTJs show affection?

ENTJs show love by taking care of the people they love and spending a lot of quality time with them. They create new and exciting experiences for them.

Are ENTJs smart?

Yes, ENTJs are often viewed as intelligent people by others because they are so knowledgeable about most topics.

Is Entj jealous?

Yes, ENTJs get jealous because they tend to be overly competitive and so if someone does better they try to outdo them

What do Entj hate?

ENTJs hate the following:

Sharing their feelings with people
Being managed and supervised
People who are always whining and complaining
Doing things another person’s way
Taking care of the sick

Are ENTJs arrogant?

Yes, ENTJs are obnoxiously arrogant compared to other Myers-Briggs types


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